MGM Grand Last Updated 05/18/05 MGM Grand Buffet 702-891-3110 Breakfast 7:00am - 11:00am $12.50 Lunch 11:00am - 2:30pm $14.99 Dinner 4:30pm - 10:00pm $21.99 Weekend Champagne Brunch 10:00am - 2:30pm $14.99 Breakfast until 10:00am Saturday & Sunday Dinner until 10:30pm Friday & Saturday $26.99 Children under 4: Complimentary Mirage Last Updated 05/18/05 Cravings Buffet 702-791-7111 Breakfast 7:00am - 11:00am M-F $12.50 Lunch 11:00am - 3:00pm M-F $17.50 Dinner 3:00pm - 10:00pm $24.19 Sat and Sun Champagne Brunch 8:00am - 3:00pm $22.50 Discounted pricing for children 10 and under. Monte Carlo Last Updated 05/18/05 The Buffet 702-730-777 Breakfast 7:00am - 11:00am $11.29 Lunch 11:30am - 3:30pm $11.77 Dinner 4:00pm - 10:00pm $17.15 Sunday Champagne Brunch 7:00am - 3:00pm $18.22 Children under 4 are free! Mt. Charleston Hotel Last Updated 03/19/05 Sunday Brunch 702-872-5500 Sunday Brunch 10:00am - 2:00pm $14.00 We are serving brunch every Sunday in our canyon side dining room, with live entertainment; Harpist Caryn Wunderlich Gott. Children $7.00 Reservations (702)872-5500 Nevada Landing Last Updated 02/14/05 Bayou Belle Buffet Lunch 11:00pm to 4:00pm $6.99 Dinner 4:00pm to 9:00pm $7.99 Saturday & Sunday Brunch 7:00am to 1:00pm $6.99 Friday - All-You-Can Eat Crableg Buffet 4:00pm to 9:00pm $9.99 Orleans Last Updated 05/18/05 French Market Buffet 702-365-7111 Breakfast 7:00am - 10:00am $6.45 Lunch 11:00am - 3:00pm $7.45 Dinner 4:00pm - 10:00pm $12.95 Sun Champagne Brunch 1:00pm - 3:00pm $12.95 Monday Night Seafood $12.95 Wednesday Night All-you-can-eat Steak $10.95 includes a glass of wine. Featuring Italian, Mongolian, Barbecue, American, Seafood, Mexican and Chinese cooking, as well as an oversized dessert bar. This all-you-can-eat, every-meal-every-day restaurant is sure to satisfy any appetite. Palace Station Last Updated 05/18/05 The Feast Gourmet Buffet 702-367-2411 Breakfast 7:00am - 12:00am M-F $4.99 Lunch 12:00am - 3:00pm M-F $6.99 Dinner 4:00pm - 10:00pm $6.99 Sat & Sun Champagne Brunch 7:00am - 3:00pm $8.99 3yrs and under free, 4-10yrs $1 off regular menu price Palms Resort Casino Last Updated 05/22/03 Festival Market Buffet 702- Breakfast 7:00am - 10:30am $5.99 Lunch 11:00am - 3:00pm $6.99 Dinner 4:00pm - 10:00pm $10.99 Sunday Champagne Brunch 7:00am - 3:00pm $8.99 Paris Las Vegas Last Updated 05/18/05 Le Village Buffet 702-946-7000 Breakfast 7:00am - 11:30am $12.95 Lunch 11:30am - 5:30pm $17.95 Dinner 5:30pm - 10:00pm $24.95 Sunday Champagne Brunch 11:30am - 4:30pm Sun $24.95 Featuring dishes from five French provinces, the Village Buffet offers classic French foods made to order. Seating is arranged in a village setting, and patrons may sit in a town square or French country home. Dinner until 11:00 on Fri & Sat. Dinner starts at 4:30pm on Sunday. children 3 and under free Primm Valley Last Updated 05/18/05 The Greens Buffet 702-382-1212 Breakfast 7:00am - 11:00am $7.00 Lunch 11:00am - 4:00pm $8.65 Dinner 4:00pm - 8:00pm $9.52 Champagne Brunch 8am-8pm $10.70 childrens costs: Breakfast... $3.50 Lunch... $4.25 Dinner... $4.30 Brunch... $5.37 Resort At Summerlin Last Updated 05/18/05 Rampart Buffet 702-507-5700 Lunch 11:00am to 3:00pm $7.85 Dinner 4:00pm to 9:30pm $10.95 Sunday Champagne Brunch 9:30am to 3:00pm $10.95 Tuesday - Hawaiian Luau Night - $12.95 Thursday - Seafood Dinner - $15.95 children 4-7 are 1/2 price, children 8 and up are at normal costs Rio Last Updated 05/18/05 Carnival World Buffet 702-252-7777 Breakfast 7:00am-11:00am $12.99 Lunch 11:00am - 3:30pm $14.97 Dinner 3:30pm - 10:00pm $22.99 Weekend Brunch 9:00am - 3:00pm $22.99 Children four to eight years of age eat dinner at only 15.99. Children three years of age or younger eat free. Rio Last Updated 05/18/05 Village Seafood Buffet 702-252-7777 Dinner 4:00pm - 10:00pm $34.99 Open until 11:00pm Friday & Saturday children four to eight years of age recieve dinner for only $22.99 Riviera Last Updated 05/22/03 World Fare Buffet 702-734-5110 Breakfast 6:00am - 11:00am $8.50 Lunch 11:00am - 2:00pm $9.50 Dinner 4:00pm - 10:00pm $12.99 Weekend Champagne Brunch 10:00am - 3:00pm $12.99 Champagne Dinner Fri 4pm-10pm / Sat & Sun 3pm-10pm $15.99 Late Night Buffet 10pm to 6am $8.50 Closed Friday Nights Sahara Last Updated 07/08/05 Sahara Buffet 702-737-2111 Breakfast 7:00am - 3:00pm $7.99 Lunch 7:00am - 3:00pm $7.99 Dinner 4:00pm - 10:00pm $10.99 Weekend Champagne Brunch 8:00am - 3:00pm $9.99 Weekday Brunch 7:00am - 3:00pm $7.99 Saturday Night Prime Rib, $9.99. Sam's Town Last Updated 05/18/05 Firelight Buffet 702-456-7777 Lunch 11:00am - 3:00pm M-F $7.99 Dinner 4:00pm - 9:00pm $9.99 Saturday & Sunday Brunch 10:00am - 3:00pm $8.99 Sunday BBQ 4:00pm - 9:00pm $9.99 Monday Mexican 4:00pm - 9:00pm $9.99 Tuesday Italian 4:00pm - 9:00pm $9.99 Wednesday Steak 4:00pm - 9:00pm $12.99 Thursday Dinner 4:00pm - 9:00pm $9.99 Friday Seafood 3:00pm - 9:00pm $16.99 (Lunch ends at 2:00pm) Saturday Island 4:00pm - 9:00pm $10.99 Discount for children 4-10, kids under 3 eat free! Discount for seniors for lunch M-F. Santa Fe Last Updated 05/22/03 Capri Italian Ristorante 702-658-4900 The Capri Buffet and Champagne Brunch will be discontinued until further notice. Silverton Last Updated 05/18/05 All American Buffet 702-263-7777 Breakfast included in brunch $0.00 Lunch included in brunch $0.00 Dinner 4:00pm - 8:00pm $8.99 Daily Champagne Brunch 8:00am - 3:00pm $8.99 Friday & Saturday Dinner 4:00 - 9:00pm Discount for children 4-6 yrs of age eat for 1/2 off Fridays and Saturdays are seafood nights from 4-9pm for only 13.99 Stardust Last Updated 05/18/05 Coco Palms Buffet 702-732-6111 Breakfast 7:00am - 11:00am $7.99 Lunch 11:00am - 2:00pm $8.99 Dinner 3:00pm - 10:00pm $12.99 children 3-10 yrs old 14.99 Seafood night is on Fridays! Stratosphere Last Updated 05/22/03 Courtyard Buffet 702-380-777 Breakfast 7:00am - 11:00am $6.99 Lunch 11:00am - 4:00pm $7.99 Dinner 4:00pm - 10:00pm $10.99 Sunday Champagne Brunch 11:00am - 3:30pm $10.99 Friday & Sunday - Seafood and Steak Fantasy Dinner Buffet $16.99. Suncoast Last Updated 05/18/05 St. Tropez Buffet 702-636-7111 Breakfast 7:00am - 10:00am $5.95 Lunch 11:00am - 3:00pm $7.95 Dinner 4:00pm - 9:00pm $11.95 Sunday Champagne Brunch 8:00am - 4:00pm $10.95 Tuesday Steakout Dinner 4:00pm-10:00pm $11.95 Friday Seafood Buffet 4:00pm-10:00pm $15.95 Sunset Station Last Updated 11/04/04 Feast Around The World Buffet 702-221-6698 Breakfast 8:00am - 11:00am $5.99 Lunch 11:00am - 3:30pm $6.99 Dinner 3:30pm - 10:00pm $8.99 Weekend Brunch 8:00am - 3:30pm $9.99 Steak Dinner Thursday-Saturday $12.99 Terrible's Hotel * Casino Last Updated 05/18/05 Terrible's Buffet 702-733-7000 Breakfast 7:00am - 10:00am $5.36 Lunch 11:00am - 3:00pm $7.51 Dinner 4:00pm - 9:00pm $10.74 Sunday Brunch 7:00am - 3:00pm $8.99 Thursday Dinner Seafood Extravaganza $13.93 children ages 5-10 eat for half price of regular buffet price Texas Station Last Updated 05/18/05 Feast Around The World Buffet 702-631-1000 Breakfast 8:00am - 10:30am $5.99 Lunch 11:00am - 3:00pm $6.99 Dinner 4:00pm-10:00pm M-Th $8.99 Weekend Brunch 8:00am - 3:30pm $9.99 Dinner Friday-Sunday $9.99 $1.00 discount with Board Pass Card. children 4-12 yrs eat $1 off. Treasure Island Last Updated 05/18/05 Dishes Buffet 702-894-7111 Breakfast 7:00am to 11:00am $12.00 Lunch 11:00am to 4:00pm $15.00 Dinner 4:00pm to 10:00pm $20.00 children from the ages of four to eleven eat at $15 for dinner Friday & Saturday Seafood nights for only $26.00 Tropicana Last Updated 05/18/05 Island Buffet 702-739-2222 Breakfast 7:30am - 11:00am $10.99 Lunch 11:00am - 4:00pm $11.99 Dinner 4:00pm - 10:00pm $15.50 Weekend Champagne Brunch 11.00am- 1:30pm $11.99 Dinner buffet includes all-you-can-eat Prime Rib & Shrimp. children eat dinner for $8.45 Westward Ho Last Updated 06/27/05 Ca-Fae Buffet 702-731-2900 Breakfast 7:00am - 1:00pm $6.95 Lunch only off menu $0.00 Dinner 4:00pm - 10:00pm $6.95 Pasta and Salad Bar for 5.95! A great value! Children under the age of six is prohibited. Whiskey Pete's Last Updated 05/28/03 Wagon Wheel Buffet 702-382-1212 Breakfast 8:00am - 11:00am $6.38 Lunch 11:00am - 4:00pm $6.70 Dinner 4:00pm - 8:00pm $7.43 Wynn Las Vegas Last Updated 05/18/05 The Buffet 702-770-7000 Breakfast 8:00am - 10:30am M-F $14.95 Lunch 11:00am - 3:30pm M-F $19.95 Dinner 4:00pm - 10:30pm $27.95 Weekend champagne Brunch 8:30am - 3:30pm $29.95 Friday & Saturday Dinner until 10:30pm Weekend Brunch with champagne $29.95 children 3 and under are free! [ Las Vegas Restaurants ] [ A2Z Las Vegas ] This Web Site Developed And Maintained By Charleston Communications. Questions or Comments About This Web Site? E-Mail Webmaster. Copyright © 1995-2005 Charleston Communications All Rights Reserved Disclaimer PHP Code Last modified: April 19 2005 19:18:37. Search Las Vegas This page powered by PHP and mySQL! Vacation Packages and Cruises Looking for a Condo? Click Here! Las Vegas Discount Hotel Room Guide Find your Las Vegas hotel room below! Check-In Date: Check-Out Date: # of Rooms: Discount Reservations (Toll-Free): 1-800-818-0494 We are pleased to offer you, the Las Vegas Visitor, the most informed choice of hotel availability and pricing. We provide links to the top 7 Reservation Companies to allow comparison shopping and let you book the best rate. We also offer unbiased ratings and comments from past visitors - this won't be found elsewhere on the net. Please be sure add a rating on Rate Las Vegas after you've returned from your Vegas Vacation. * Click on HOTEL NAME for expanded hotel and entertainment information. * Click on Rating DETAILS for visitor's ratings and comments for that property. * Click on one of the 7 hotel reservation companies to COMPARE and book your reservations. Online Air Reservations Online Car Rental Las Vegas Show Guide DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS LAS VEGAS STRIP LAS VEGAS Downtown Las Vegas Hotels Overall Rating Rooms From* i4vegas Lodging BookVegas LV Travel HRN Travel Now Expedia One Travel Fitzgeralds 7.30 Details $25.00 Compare Four Queens 7.28 Details $42.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Golden Gate 6.70 Details $38.00 Compare Compare Golden Nugget 7.99 Details $99.00 Compare Compare Compare Lady Luck 6.49 Details $37.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Las Vegas Club 6.99 Details $29.00 Compare Compare Compare Main Street Station 7.43 Details $44.00 Compare Compare Plaza 7.10 Details $45.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Las Vegas Strip Hotels Overall Rating Rooms From* i4vegas BookVegas LV Travel HRN Travel Now Expedia One Travel Aladdin 7.57 Details $115.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Bally's Las Vegas 7.51 Details $69.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Barbary Coast 6.85 Details $59.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Bellagio 7.54 Details $159.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Boardwalk 6.78 Details $45.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Bourbon Street 3.68 Details $55.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Caesars Palace 7.56 Details $129.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Circus Circus 5.66 Details $35.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Excalibur 6.88 Details $69.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Flamingo Las Vegas 7.22 Details $59.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Four Seasons Hotel 6.80 Details $249.00 Compare Frontier (Atrium) 5.80 Details $59.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Frontier (Standard) 5.80 Details $45.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Harrah's Las Vegas 7.39 Details $69.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Hotel San Remo 6.12 Details $59.00 Compare Imperial Palace 6.79 Details $49.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Luxor 7.16 Details $65.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare MGM Grand 7.47 Details $90.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Mandalay Bay 6.81 Details $80.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare The Mirage 7.68 Details $99.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Monte Carlo 7.58 Details $89.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare New York - New York 6.77 Details $79.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Paris Las Vegas 5.91 Details $125.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Riviera 5.91 Details $59.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Sahara 6.15 Details $31.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Stardust 6.87 Details $65.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Stratosphere 6.38 Details $29.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Treasure island 7.26 Details $99.00 Compare Tropicana 6.58 Details $45.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Venetian 7.40 Details $155.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Westward Ho 6.56 Details $45.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Other Las Vegas Area Hotels Overall Rating Rooms From* i4vegas BookVegas LV Travel HRN Travel Now Expedia One Travel Alexis Park 4.96 Details $49.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Amerisuites 5.50 Details $49.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Blair House N/A Details $79.00 Compare Compare Gold Coast 7.46 Details $56.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Hard Rock 5.10 Details $76.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Hawthorn Suites 5.60 Details $102.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Hotel San Remo 6.12 Details $49.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare La Quinta Inn N/A Details $84.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Las Vegas Hilton 6.81 Details $59.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Palace Station 5.69 Details $25.00 Compare Quality Inn/Key Largo 4.88 Details $46.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Rio Suites 7.37 Details $69.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare The Orleans 8.10 Details $49.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Sams Town 7.15 Details $75.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Silverton 5.83 Details $45.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Suncoast 7.27 Details $60.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare Sunset Station 7.28 Details $36.00 Compare Compare Compare Compare *Prices listed are best case weekday rates and vary according to demand. Find the best rates on Hotel Rooms in Reno and Lake Tahoe from Nevada Destinations. 1-888-794-7913 Reno Lake Tahoe 2855 visits (263 today, 790 this week) Home Las Vegas Hotels Advertisement for Las Vegas Hotels Featured Restaurant No other fine dining room in Las Vegas offers such an inviting assortment of steaks, chops, chicken, seafood and pasta as William B's at the Stardust. Comfortable furnishings, tasteful decor and matchless service provide a completely satisfying dining experience in this highly acclaimed restaurant, a favorite gathering spot for local residents and visitors since 1987. Online reservations available. News & Notes Vegas is experiencing another round of “Celebrity Chef Mania.” Top California chefs Thomas Keller and Bernard Keller (no relation) plan to open restaurants, while famed Bay Area chef Bradley Ogden recently opened his place at Caesars Palace. Also expected in the future are Daniel Boulud from New York and the legendary Alain Ducasse from France...more news Recent Site Additions The Duke revisits the first restaurant to bring high end French dining to Vegas 26 years ago, Andre’s, as well as the modern French cuisine of Lutece, the first hotel restaurant to offer the flavors of India, Gaylord, and the Maccioni family’s (of Le Cirque fame) first try at a casual local restaurant, Tre. Also new: our editor gets religion at the House of Blues’ Gospel Brunch and the staff goes out on the town to three new nightlife hotspots. Now offering online reservations at the following restaurants: Aureole Battista's Charlie Palmer Steak Eiffel Tower Restaurant Gilligan’s HideAway Hugo’s Cellar Pamplemousse Rosemary's Tillerman William B’s Making a reservation for more than 10? Group Reservations For Restaurateurs: Contact us for more information on our online reservation services for your restaurant Taste of Vegas would be happy to help make your dining experiences wonderful in the hottest and fastest growing restaurant city in the world! E-mail our staff with your restaurant related questions or for help in booking private parties. Home | Dining Guide | Reservations | Reviews | Feature Stories | Chef’s Corner News & Notes | Annual Event | Print Guide | About Us Reservations technology provided by Las Vegas Restaurants Online Las Vegas has quickly become one of the hottest restaurant cities in the world. This website highlights the best in Vegas dining, and that's all we focus on. Taste of Vegas promises to give you options when dining out in Las Vegas. New restaurants are opening daily, and we're here to be your mouth, eyes and ears when choosing where to spend you hard earned dollars. We only list and accept sponsorship from restaurants that our staff recommend. On other Las Vegas websites, you'll find any restaurant willing to pay. We thank you for browsing our website and urge you to patronize the restaurants we're highlighting. They promise you a great dining experience. HOME Las Vegas Nevada Travel Guide Go to the Las Vegas Leisure Guide For More Las Vegas Information Tell-a-Friend Feedback Site Map Help Las Vegas Dining & Restaurants lasvegas los vegas las vagas las vegas travel Featured Las Vegas Restaurants American/Continental Gourmet Steak Seafood French Italian Chinese Mexican Japanese & Sushi Bars International and Misc. Coffee Shops Advertise In This Box Las Vegas Buffets Las Vegas Restaurant Reviews Location reviews available whenever you see this icon $ - <$10 $$ - $10 - $15 $$$ - $15 - $20 $$$$ - >$20 Average prices do not reflect bar tabs, tips, tax or dessert. Buy: "The Zagatsurvey 2004 Las Vegas Restaurants" RELATED TOPICS: Vegas Buffets - Las Vegas Entertainment News - Las Vegas Shows - Laughlin Restaurants Our Featured Las Vegas Restaurants - Menu - Browse and book over 200 shows, 50 hotels, 40 tours, 8 golf courses and 200+ restaurants - 1-800-871-7127 Fatburger Restaurants - Sure it's not your typical name, but we're not your typical burger - we actually taste GOOD! The Grove Garden Bistro - Secluded and unique atmosphere for your gourmet dining experience. Fine dining for two thru reception. - 702-645-5818 Lawry's The Prime Rib - Warm and elegant art-deco styled, featuring Prime Ribs of Beef roasted to perfection and carved tableside. - 702-893-2223 American / Continental Dining in Las Vegas - Menu Fatburger Restaurants - Big, juicy, cooked-to-order burgers made with fresh, lean beef. Tastebuds REJOICE! * = Bar/lounge on premises. $ - See price codes at top * All American Bar & Grille (Rio) - $-$$ - 734-5110 * Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar - o 3501 S. Rainbow Blvd - 220-3070 o 4760 W. Sahara Ave - 878-3399 o 500 N. Nellis Blvd - 452-7155 o 699 Stephanie - 433-6339 o 3340 S. Maryland Pkwy - 737-4990 o 2070 N. Rainbow Blvd - 648-1065 o 820 E. Warm Springs Rd - 837-8733 * Aureole (Mandalay Bay) - Soaring wine tower with flying wine stewards - $$$$ - 632-7777 * Bella Luna Ristorante Italiano (7905 W Sahara) - $$ - 227-7900 * Big Dog's Cafe & Casino* (6390 W. Sahara Ave.) - 876-3647 * Bob Taylor's Ranch House (6250 Rio Vista) - $$-$$$ - 645-1399 * Bradley Ogden* (Caesars Palace) - $$-$$$ - 731-7731 * Bugsy's Deli (Flamingo Las Vegas) - $ - 733-3671 * Cafe Bellagio (Bellagio Resort) - $$ - 693-7223 * Cafe Largo (Caesar's Palace) - $$ - 731-7731 * Cafe Michelle* (1350 E. Flamingo Rd) - $$ - 735-8686 * Cafe Nicolle* (4760 W. Sahara Ave.) - $$ - 870-7675 * Cafe Siena (Suncoast) - $ - 636-7111 * Canter's Deli (TI aka Treasure Island) - $$- 894-7223 * Casa di Amore (2850 E Tropicana) - $$ - 433-4967 * Center Stage (Jackie Gaughan's Plaza) - $$ - 386-2110 * Ceres (JW Marriott) - $$-$$$ - 869-7381 * Champagnes Cafe (3557 S Maryland Pkwy) - $ - 737-1699 * Chicago Brewing Company - (2201 S Fort Apache) - $$-$$$ - (702) 254-3333 * Cili (5160 S Las Vegas Blvd) - $$$ - 856-1000 * Cosmo's Continental Ristorante (Royal Resort - 99 Convention Center Drive) - $$ - 369-4179 * Courtyard Cafe (Orleans) - $ - 365-7111 * Cypress Street Marketplace (Caesar's Palace) - $-$$ - 731-7731 * Draft House Barn & Casino* (4543 N. Rancho) - 645-1404 * Dugout, The (Las Vegas Club) - $ - 385-1664 * Durango Lodge (3399 S Durango Drive) - Gourmet Chicken Fingers and great bar fare - $ - 242-5533 * Embers (Imperial Palace) - $$ - 794-3261 * Emperor's Room (Lady Luck) - $$$$ - 477-3000 Fatburger Restaurants - Forget the brunches and buffets, friends. Las Vegas has a REAL burger restaurant! o 3763 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas (On the Strip by MGM Grand) - 736-4733 o 4851 W. Charleston Blvd (& Decatur Av), Las Vegas - 870-4933 o 2101 Texas Star Lane, Las Vegas (Texas Station Casino) - 638-4175 o 4949 N. Rancho Dr #4, Las Vegas (Santa Fe Station Casino) - 839-9610 o 4525 N. Rancho Dr (& Craig Rd), Las Vegas - 658-4604 o 6775 W. Flamingo Rd (& Rainbow Blvd), Las Vegas - 889-9009 o 2840 S Nellis Blvd (& Vegas Valley), Las Vegas - 457-1727 o 4663 E. Sunset Rd (& Mountain Vista), Henderson - 898-7200 o 2300 Paseo Verde #2011, Henderson (Green Valley Ranch Station Casino) - 617-2209 o 1301 W. Sunset Rd, Henderson (Sunset Station Casino) - 450-7820 * Flamingo, The (Flamingo) - $$$ - 733-3111 * French Market Restaurant (Bourbon Street) - $-$$ - 737-7200 * GP's* - (Primm Valley Resort and Casino, Primm, NV) - American cuisine with international flourishes in a 1930's country club theme - $$$ - 5pm-10pm nightly, closed Monday & Tuesday - 702-382-1212, 1-800-FUN-STOP * Great Moments Room* (Las Vegas Club) - "Great Moments in Sports" Theme - $$ - 385-1664 * Hamburger Hamlet* - 3743 S. Las Vegas Blvd. - $ - 597-1522 * Harley-Davidson's Cafe* - 3725 S. Las Vegas Blvd - $$-$$$ - 740-4555 * Hippo & The Wild Bunch - (Harmon & Paradise, across from the Hard Rock Hotel) 4503 Paradise Road - $ - A 24 hour Cafe for All Ages - 731-5446 * Jerome's 2797 Maryland Pkwy. - $$$$ - 792-3772 * JJ's Boulangerie (Paris Hotel) - $$ - 967-7999 * Kenya's Gourmet Bakery & Cafe - 6400 S Eastern Ave - $ - (702)261-0900 or 1-800-8-KENYAS * Lanai Cafe (Fremont) - $-$$ - 385-3232 * La Terrarazza (Sahara) - $$$ - 732-2111 * Le Cafe Ile St Louis (Paris Hotel) - $$ - 967-7999 * Lindy's (Flamingo) - $$ - 733-3111 * Legends Deli (Tropicana) - Overstuffed deli sandwiches - $ - 739-2222 * LJ's Sports Bar & Grill* - 4405 W Flamingo Rd - $-$$ - 871-1424 * Luxor Steakhouse (Luxor) - $$$ - 262-4744 * Mae's Diamond J (Arizona Charlie's) - $-$$ - 258-5200 * Magnolia's Veranda (Four Queens) - Excellent Specials - $ - 385-4011 * Mediterranian Room, The (Gold Coast) - $$ - 367-7111 * Michael's* (Barbary Coast) - $$$ - 737-7111 * Millenium (Luxor) (3900 S Las Vegas Blvd) - 262-4765 * Monte Carlo Brew Pub - (Monte Carlo Hotel) - $$- 730-7777 * Monterey Room (Gold Coast) - $$$ - 367-7111 * Morton's of Chicago - 3200 Las Vegas Blvd. - $$$$ - 893-0703 * Mount Charleston Lodge - 1200 Old Park Rd - $-$$ - 872-5408 * Mt Charleston Inn & Restaurant - 2 Kyle Canyon Rd - $$ - 872-5500 * Nectar (Bellagio) - Imaginative American Fare - $$- 693-7223 * Nile Deli - (Luxor) - Kosher style - $$- 262-4000 * Nobhill (MGM Grand) - $$$$ - 891-7777 * Pablo's Cafe (Santa Fe) - $$ - 658-4900 * Palm Restaurant* (Caesars Palace Forum Shops) - $$-$$$ - 732-7256 * Paparazzi Grille* (San Remo) - $$ - 739-9000 * Pisces Bistro* (Alexis Park) - $ - 796-3300 * Planet Hollywood (Caesars Palace Forum Shops) - $$-$$$ - 791-7827 * Prima Ristorante (Buffalo Bill's) - $$ - 382-1111 * Putter's Bar & Grill - 7790 W Cheyenne - 655-4700 * Pullman Grille, The (Main Street Station) - $$ - 387-1896 * Rainforest Cafe (MGM Grand) - $$-$$$ - 891-7777 * Ralph's Diner (Stardust) - 50's style Dining; Holy blue plate special Batman! - $ - 732-6111 * Red, White and Blue (Mandalay Bay) - $$ - 632-7777 * Rio Beach Cafe (Rio) - $ - 734-5110 * Rita's Cafe (Stagecoach Hotel & Casino, Hwy 95, Beatty, NV) - open 24 hr - $ - (702) 553-2419 * Roadrunner Saloon - o 921 N. Buffalo Dr - $ - 242-2822 o 4425 Stewart Ave - $ - 438-3448 o 6910 E Lake Mead Blvd - $ - 459-1889 * Rosewood Grill - 3339 S. Las Vegas Blvd. - $$$$ - 792-5965 * Roxy's Diner (Stratosphere) - $ - 382-4446 * Second Street Grill* (Fremont) - $$$ - 385-6277 * Shady Grove (Silverton) - $-$$ - 263-7777 * Sky Diver (Primadonna) - $$ - 382-1212 * Stage Deli of Las Vegas (Caesars Palace Forum Shops) - New York style deli direct from NY - $$$ - 893-4045 * Steeplechase Restaurant (Holiday Inn) - $ - (702) 735-1167 * Stiener's Pub - 8410 W Cheyenne Ave - $$ - 395-8777 * Still, The* - 9495 S. Las Vegas Blvd - 361-7012 * Stuart Anderson's Black Angus - o 5125 W. Sahara Ave - $$-$$$ - 251-9300 o 651 Mall Ring Circle - $$-$$$ - 451-9300 * Summit, The - 2215 Thomas Ryan Blvd - $$-$$$ - 240-1310 * Tenaya Creek Restaurant & Brewery* - 3101 N Tenaya Way - $ - (702) 362-7335 * TGI Friday's* - 1800 E. Flamingo Rd. - Great Upbeat place to start the evening - $$ - 732-9905 * Tiffany's - 1305 Arizona St., Boulder City - $ - 294-1666 * Tony Roma's, A Place For Ribs* - o (Stardust) - $$ - 732-6111 o (Fremont) - $$ - 385-3232 o 620 E. Sahara Ave. - $$ - 733-9914 * Top of the World (Stratosphere) - $$$$ - 382-4446 * Winner's Cafe (Lady Luck) - $ - 477-3000 * Wolfgang Puck Cafe* (MGM Grand) - $$$ - 891-7777 * Yellow Rose Cafe (Texas Hotel) - $ - 631-1000 Chinese Restaurants in Las Vegas - Menu * = Bar/lounge on premises. $ - See codes at top * Ah Sin (Paris Hotel) - $-$$ - 946-4593 * Asia (Harrah's) - $-$$ - 369-5084 * Cathay House* - 5300 Spring Mountain Rd - All Day Dim Sum - $-$$ - 876-3838 * Chang's (Bally's) - $$ - 967-7999 * China Grill (Mandalay Bay) - $$-$$$ - 632-7409 * Chinafirst Express (Texas Hotel) - Chinese fast food - $ - 631-1000 * Chin's (Arizona Charlie's & Fashion Show Mall) - 733-8899 * Chin Chin (NewYork NewYork Hotel) - $-$$ - 740-6969 * Chinois (Caesars Forum Shops) - $$ - 737-9700 * Dragon Noodle Company - (Monte Carlo Hotel) - $$- 730-7777 * Emperor's Room* (Lady Luck) - Fascinating decor, authentic cooking - $-$$ - 477-3000 * Empress Court* (Caesars Palace) - Authentic Chinese Delicacies - $$$ - 731-7888 * Garden of the Dragon* (Las Vegas Hilton) - $$-$$$- 732-5111 * Gee Joon (Binion's) - $$ - 382-1600 * Grand Wok and Sushi Bar, The* (MGM Grand) - $$- 891-7777 * Jasmine (Bellagio) - Traditional Hong Kong Cantonese - $$$ - 693-7223 * Lanai Cafe (Fremont) - Chinese & American - $ - 385-3232 * Lillie Langtry's* (Golden Nugget) - $$$- 385-7111 * Little Buddha (Palms) - Unique Asian restaurant, sushi bar, ecelectic music - $$ - 942-7778 * Ming Terrace (Imperial Palace) - Unusal decor; Unusual food - $$ - 800-351-7400 x5 * Monterey Room (Gold Coast) - $$ - 367-7111 * Moongate (Mirage) - $$ - 791-7111 * Nobu (Hard Rock Hotel) - $$$$ - 693-5000 * Noodle Asia (Venetian Hotel) - $ - 414-1000 * Noodle Kitchen (Mirage) - Specialty Noodles, Dim Sum - $$ - 791-7111 * Noodles (Bellagio) - Traditional Far East - $$$ - 693-7223 * Pearl* (MGM Grand) - Chinese Modern - $$$ - 891-7777 * Pink Ginger (Flamingo Las Vegas) - $ - 733-3333 * P.F. Chang's China Bistro - Gourmet Chinese - o 1095 S Rampart Blvd. - $-$$ - 968-8885 o 4165 S Paradise Road - $-$$ - 792-2207 o (Desert Passage) - $-$$ - 836-0955 * Ping Pang Pong (Gold Coast) - $$ - 376-7111 * Royal Star (Venetian Hotel) - $ - 414-1000 * Shanghai Lilly (Mandalay Bay) - Classic Cantonese & Szechwan Specialities - $$-$$$ - 632-7409 Coffee Shops in Las Vegas - Menu * = Bar/lounge on premises. $ - See price codes at top * 24 Hour Cafe - (Monte Carlo Hotel) - $$- 730-7777 * Cafe Lago (Caesars Palace) - $$ - 731-7731 * Cafe Neon - at the Attic - 1016 S Main St. - 388-4088 * Calypsos (Tropicana) - $ - 739-2222 * Caribe Cafe (Mirage) - $$$$ - 791-7223 * Fresh Harvest (Sam's Town) - $$ - 456-7777 * Java Hut Gourmet Coffee - 3860 W Sahara Ave - 248-4844 * Java Java (Tropicana) - Gourmet coffee - $ - 739-2222 * Kady's Coffee Shop (Riviera) - $-$$ - 734-5110 * Magleby's Gourmet Coffee Emporium - 3375 E Tropicana - 433-4448 * Market Street Cafe (California Hotel) - $-$$ - 385-1222 * Paradise (Fremont) - $ - 385-3232 * Paradise Cafe (Flamingo) - $-$$ - 733-3111 * Pyramid Cafe - (Luxor) - $-$$- 262-4000 * Seattle's Best Coffee - o (Barbary Coast) - $ - 737-7111 o (Gold Coast) - $ - 367-7111 o (Orleans) - $ - 365-7111 o (Suncoast) - $ - 636-7111 * Sherwood Forest Cafe (Excalibur) - $- $$ - 597-7777 * Sidewalk Cafe, The (Bally's) - $$ - 967-7999 * Sourdough Cafe - o (Arizona Charlie's East) - $-$$ - 951-5800 o (Arizona Charlie's West) - $-$$ - 869-7381 * Studio Cafe (MGM Grand) - $$ - 891-7777 * Sunrise Cafe (Palms) - $$ - 942-7777 * Sundance Grill (Silverton) - $-$$ - 263-7777 * Terrace Cafe (TI aka Treasure Island) - $$ - 894-7223 * Terrible Mike's - o (Gold Coast) - $ - 367-7111 o (Orleans) - $ - 365-7111 o (Suncoast) - $ - 636-7111 French Restaurants of Las Vegas - Menu * = Bar/lounge on premises. $ - See price codes at top * Alize* (Palms) - $$$$ - 942-7777 * Andre's* French Restaurant - o 401 S 6th St - $$$$ - 385-5016 o (Monte Carlo Hotel) - $$$$ - 730-7777 * Bouchon (Venetian Hotel) - $$-$$$ - 414-6200 * Commander's Palace (Desert Passage) - New Orleans French Creole - $$-$$$ - 892-8272 * Eiffel Tower Restaurant (Paris Hotel) - Elegant French Cuisine - $$$$ - 947-7999 * Emeril's (MGM Grand) - French Creole & Cajun Seafood - $$$-$$$$ - 891-7777 * House of Blues (Mandalay Bay) - Southern specialities, Creole, Cajun and a Sunday Gospel Brunch - $$$ - 632-7777 * Isis* (Luxor) - French Continental with Egyptian Decor - $$$$ - 262-4773 * Le Cirque (Bellagio) - Contemporary French Cuisine - $$$-$$$$ - 693-7223 * Mon Ami Gabi (Paris Hotel) - French Bistro - $$ - 947-7999 * Pamplemousse* - 400 E. Sahara Ave - Friendly & unusual - $$$-$$$$ - 733-2066 * Picasso's (Bellagio) - Gourmet French - $$$-$$$$ - 693-7223 * Pinot Brasserie (Venetian Hotel) - $$$ - 414-8888 * Renior (Mirage) - Contemporary French - $$$$ - 791-7223 Gourmet Dining in Las Vegas - Menu * = Bar/lounge on premises. $ - See price codes at top The Grove Garden Bistro - Secluded and unique atmosphere for your gourmet dining experience. Fine dining for two thru reception. - 702-395-9111 * Aristocrat Restaurant - 850 S. Rancho Dr. - 870-1977 * Boisons - 4503 Paradise Rd - $$-$$$ - 732-9993 * Buccaneer Bay Restaurant (TI aka Treasure Island) - $$-$$$- 894-7223 * Burgundy Room* (Lady Luck) - $$$ - (702) 477-3000 * Canal Street Grille (Orleans) - $$$ - 365-7111 * Cortez Room (Gold Coast) - $$$ - 367-7111 * Drai's (Barbary Coast) - $$$ - 737-7111 * Elements (Aladdin) - $$$ - 736-0427 * Fiore* (Rio) - An unparalleled wine list and a cigar terrace to boot! - $$$$ - 252-7777 or 1-(800) 888-0400 The Grove Garden Bistro - Romantic gourmet dining at great prices nestled in a secluded country grove just minutes from the strip - 8101 Racel Street - $$-$$$ - 395-9111 * House of Lords (Sahara) - $$$$ - 732-21111 * Hugo's Cellar* (Four Queens) - Romantic - $$$$ - 385-4011 * Kristofer's* (Riviera Hotel) - $$-$$$ - 794-9233 * Michael's (Barbary Coast) - $$$ - 737-7111 * Pietro's (Tropicana) - $$$$ - 739-2222 * Prime Rib Loft, The (Orleans) - $$$ - 365-7111 * Primo's (Suncoast) - $$ - 636-7111 * Squash Blossom Cafe - 3209 W. Sahara Ave - All natural & vegetarian - $$ - 252-8005 International and Miscellaneous Restaurants in Las Vegas - Menu * = Bar/lounge on premises. $ - See price codes at top * 808 (Caesars Palace) - Euro-Pacific Cuisine - $$ - 731-7731 * Coyote Cafe (MGM Grand) - Gourmet Southwestern Dishes - $$ - 891-7777 * 'Downstairs Bar' Restaunt and Lounge* - S. Eastern Ave, Henderson, Below Viaggio's - Casual modern but intimate Pacific Rim and California style cuisine served on small plates in appetizer size portions, 5pm-2am daily - $$-$$$ - 407-8600 * Fortune Garden* (Polo Plaza) - 3743 S Las Vegas Blvd - Thai, Indonesian, Malazysian - 261-9818 * Ghandi - 4080 S Paradise - Indian - $ - 724-0094 * Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas - 4510 Paradise Rd - Traditional German beer garden with live German bands and lots of oompah - $$-$$$ - 853-2337 * J. C. Wooloughan (JW Marriott) - Irish, Live Music - $ - 869-7725 * Japengo (Hyatt Regency Lake Las Vegas Resort) - Pacific Rim - $$ - 457-1234 * Kahunaville Island Restaurant (TI aka Treasure Island) - Tropical Cuisine - $-$$$- 894-7223 * Leilani's Island Cafe (Four Queens) - Hawaiian - $ - 385-4011 * Lotus of Siam - 953 E. Sahara - Thai - $$ - 735-3033 * Marrakech Restaurant* - 3900 Paradise Rd - $$$ - 737-5611 * Ortanique (Paris Hotel) - Caribbean Cuisine - $$$ - 967-7999 * Petrossian (Bellagio) - Afternoon Tea, Caviar, Champagne - $$- $$$ - 693-7223 * Red Square (Mandalay Bay) - Russian perestrojka-inspired cuisine - $$$$ - 632-7777 * Rumjungle (Mandalay Bay) - Tropical cuisine - $$$ - 632-7777 * Thai Garden - 5600 W Spring Mountain Rd - Enormous, varied Thai menu - $ - (702) 873-9798 * Z'Tejas Grill* - 3824 S. Paradise Rd - 732-1660I Italian Restaurants of Las Vegas - Menu * = Bar/lounge on premises. $ - See price codes at top * al Dente* (Bally's) - Chicken or Duck-filled raviolis to die for!, Seafood, Veal, Fresh Pasta - $$ - 967-7999 * Andiamo* (Hilton) - $$$ - 732-5111 * Antonio's* (Rio) - $$-$$$ - 252-7777 * Arriva (Gold Coast) - $$ - 367-7111 * Battista's Hole in The Wall - 4041 Audrey - Flamingo near the strip - A longtime local institution - $$$ - 732-1424 * Bella Luna Ristorante Italiano - 7905 W Sahara - $$ - 227-7900 * Bertolini's Restaurant* - o 9500 W Sahara - $-$$ - 869-1540 o (Caesars Palace Forum Shops) - $-$$ - 735-4663 * Bootlegger Ristorante* - 7700 S Las Vegas Blvd - $$$ - 736-4939 * Buca di Beppo* - 7690 W Lake Mead Blvd - $-$$ - 363-6524 * Cafe Andreotti (Harrah's) - $$ - 369-5121 * California Pizza Kitchen - o (Golden Nugget) - $$ - 386-8190 o (Mirage) - $$ - 791-7223 * Canaletto (Venetian Hotel) - $-$$ - 733-0070 * Casa di Amore - 2850 E Tropicana - $$ - 433-4967 * Cipriani* - 2790 E. Flamingo Rd - $$$-$$$$ - 369-6711 * Circo (Bellagio) - $$$ - 693-7223 * Cosmo's Continental Ristorante (Royal Resort - 99 Convention Center Drive) - $$ - 369-4179 * East Side Mario's - 2031 W. Sunset Rd - 433-0077 * Fellini's Ristorante Italiano - o (Sam's Town) - $$-$$$ - 456-7777 o (Stratosphere) - $$-$$$ -383-4859 * Fiamma Trattoria (MGM Grand) - $$ - 891-7777 * Fortunato's Italian Restaurant* - 3430 E Tropicana Av - 458-3333 * Francesco's (TI aka Treasure Island) - $$- 894-7223 * Grape Street Cafe - 7501 W Lake Mead Blvd #120, Las Vegas - 228-9463 * Il Fornaio (New York New York) - $$ - 740-6403 * Joey's Bistro and Bar - 105 E Harmon Ave - $$$ - 369-5639 * La Terrazza* (Sahara) - $$$ - 737-2111 * Le Provencal (Paris Hotel) - $$-$$$$ - 947-7999 * Lombardi's Romagna Mia (Aladdin) - $ - 731-1755 * Maggiano's Little Italy (Fashion Show Mall) - $$-$$$ - 275-3985 * Market City Caffe (Monte Carlo Hotel) - $ - 730-7777 * Mediterranean Room (Gold Coast) - $$$ - 367-7111 * Olives (Bellagio) - $$ - 693-7223 * Onda (Mirage) - $$ - 791-7223 * Palazzo Ristorante (Tuscany) - $$$ - 947-5910 * Pasta Palace (Boulder Station) - $-$$ - 432-7777 * Pasta Remo* (San Remo) - $$ - 739-9000 * Piero's Trattoria* - 325 Hughes Center Dr - $$-$$$ - 892-9955 * Portobella - 8427 W Lake Mead Blvd - $-$$ - 228-1338 * Regale Italian Eatry (Excalibur) - $ - 597-7777 * Ristorante Italiano* (Riviera) - $$ - 734-9363 * Sammy's California Woodfired Pizza - 6500 W Sahara Ave - $-$$ - (702) 227-6000 * San Lorenzo Italian Restaurant (Texas Hotel) - $$ - 631-1000 * Sazio (Orleans) - $$$ - 365-7111 * Sergio's Italian Gardens - 1955 E. Tropicana Ave - $$$ - 739-1544 * Sicilian Cafe & Restaurant - 3510 E. Tropicana Ave. - $$ - 458-0978 * Spago* (Caesars Palace Forum Shops) - $$-$$$ - 369-6300 * Stefano's* (Golden Nugget) - $$$ - 386-8821 * Stivali (Circus Circus) - $ - 734-0410 * Terrazza (Caesars Palace) - $$ - 693-7223 * Tiffany's Ristorante - 1305 Arizona St., Boulder City - $$$ - 294-1666 * Trattoria del Lupo (Mandalay Bay) - $$-$$$ - 740-5522 * Tremezzo (Aladdin) - $$$ - 785-9013 * Tuscany Italian Cafe (Tropicana) - $$ - 739-2222 * Viale (Caesar's Palace) - $$-$$$ - 731-7731 * Ventuno (Flamingo Las Vegas) - $$ - 733-3434 * Vesuvio Restaurant - 1020 E. Desert Inn Rd. - 735-1170 * Via Veneto (Suncoast) -$$ - 636-7111 * Viaggio Italian Cuisine & Wine Shop - S. Eastern Ave, Henderson - Elegant fine dinner menu, beutifully detailed atmosphere view of LV Strip, 1,200 wines, weekly wine tastings - $$-$$$ - 492-6900 * Vincenzo's Italian Cafe (Fitzgeralds) - 388-2400 * Zefferino Italian Restaurant (Venetian Hotel) - $$-$$$ - 733-0070 Japanese & Sushi Bars in Las Vegas - Menu * = Bar/lounge on premises. $ - See price codes at top * Benihana Village* (Las Vegas Hilton) - 732-5111 * Bonsai (Aladdin) - $-$$ - 785-9003 * Ginza* - 1000 E Sahara - $$ - 732-3080 * Hamada of Japan - Japanese - $$ o 598 Flamingo Rd - 733-3005 o (Luxor) - 733-3005 o (Flamingo Las Vegas) - 733-3005 o (Polo Towers) - 733-3005 o (Rio) - Japanese - 733-3005 o (JW Marriott) - 733-3005 o (Stratosphere) - 733-3005 * Hyakumi (Caesars Palace) - Asian Noodles, Sushi, Teppan Yaki - $$ - 731-7731 * Mikado* (Mirage) - $$$ - 791-7111 * Mizuno's (Tropicana) - $$$ - 739-2713 * Nippon (Bank of America Center) - 101 Convention Center Dr - Authentic Japanese - $$ - 735-5565 * Osaka Japanese Restaurant - o 4205 W Sahara Blvd - $$ - 876-4988 o 7511 West Lake Mead Blvd - $$ - 869-9494 * Pink Ginger (Flamingo Hilton) - 733-3455 * Shintaro (Bellagio) - Tappan Yaki, Sushi, :Pan-Asian - $$$ - 693-7223 * Sushi Bar* (San Remo) - 739-9000 * Sushi King (Stardust) - $$$ - 696-0606 * Todai Sushi & Seafood Buffet (Desert Passage) - $$$- 892-0021 * Tokyo Japanese Restaurant* - 953 E. Sahara Ave - $$ - 735-7070) * Tsunami Asian Grill (Venetian Hotel) - Pan-Asian & Sushi - $$ - 414-1000 Mexican Restaurants in Las Vegas - Menu * = Bar/lounge on premises. $ - See price codes at top * Blue Agave (Palms) - Oysters and Chili bar - $$-$$$ - 942-7777 * Blue Iguana (Circus Circus) - $-$$ - 734-0410 * Border Grill (Mandalay Bay) - $$ - 632-7403 * Coyote Cafe* (MGM Grand) - 891-7777 * Coyote's Cantina* - 4350 E Sunset Rd, Henderson - 458-3739 * Crazy Armadillo (Stratosphere) - $-$$ - 383-5230 * Don Miguel's (Orleans) - $ - 365-7111 * Garduno's Mexican Restaurant (Palms) - $ - 942-7777 * Guadalajara Bar & Grille* (Palace Station & Boulder Station) - $-$$ - 367-2411 (Palace Station) 432-7777 (Boulder Station) * Isla Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar (TI aka Treasure Island) - $-$$- 894-7223 * Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville (Flamingo Las Vegas) - A Buffet lovers' place with a towering volcano - $-$$ - 733-3111 * La Salsa Cantina - Good fast food - $ - o (Caesars Palace Forum Shops) - 892-0645 o (Desert Passage) - 892-0645 o (Luxor) - 892-0645 * Laredo Cantina & Cafe (Texas Hotel) - more than 20 mouthwatering Mexican Entrees - 631-1000 * MargaritaGrille (Las Vegas Hilton) - $-$$ - 732-5755 * Mesa Grill (Caesar's Palace) - $$-$$$ - 731-7731 * Mexican Village* (Sahara Hotel) - Good cheap margaritas - $ - (702) 737-2111 * Pink Taco (Hard Rock Hotel) - $$ - 693-5000 * Quila's Homemade Mexican Food & Cantina - 2575 So. Decatur - $ - 876-0086 * Senor Miguel's (Suncoast) - $ - 636-7111 * Sombrero Room (Binion's Horseshoe) - $ - 382-1600 * Taqueria Canonita (Venetian Hotel) - $$ - 892-0645 * Tequila Bar (Bally's) - $ - 739-4111 * Tres Lobos* (Stardust) - Wide menu, great prices - $ - (702) 732-6111 * Viva Mercado's - 6182 W. Flamingo Rd. - 871-8826 * Willy & Jose's* (Sam's Town) - Try the Syncrinozada(?), you'll be glad you did! - $-$$ - 456-7777 Las Vegas Seafood Restaurants - Menu * = Bar/lounge on premises. $ - See price codes at top * Big Al's Oyster Bar (Orleans) - $$ - 365-7111 * Broiler Room - o (Palace Station) - $$ - 367-2411 o (Boulder Station) - $-$$ - 432-7777 * Cortez Room (Gold Coast) - $$$ - 367-7111 * Dickinson's Wharf* - 957 E Sahara Ave - $$ - 732-3594 * Galveston Bay Seafood Co. (Texas Hotel) - featuring the sidewalk oyster bar - $$ - 631-1000 * Hush Puppy - 7185 W Charleston Blvd - $$ - 363-5988 * Joe's Crab Shack* - Seafood - $-$$ - o 1991 N Rainbow - 646-3996 o 4250 E Sunset - 433-4470 o 9500 W Sahara - 240-6055 * Kokomo's* (Mirage) - $$$ - 791-7111 * Limerick's (Fitzgerald's Casino & Holiday Inn) - Seafood / Steak - $$$$ - 388-2460 * Lobster House, 3763 S. Las Vegas Blvd - $$$$ - 740-4431 * McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant* - 335 Hughes Center Drive - Seafood / Steak - $$$ - 836-9000 * Michael Mina (Bellagio) - Contemporary Seafood - $$$- 693-7223 * Redwood Bar & Grill (California Hotel) - $$-$$ - 385-1222 * Rosewood Grille & Lobster House* - 3339 Las Vegas Blvd - $$$$ - 792-9099 * Sacred Sea Room* (Luxor) - $$$ - 262-4772 * Seablue (MGM Grand) - $$-$$$- 891-7777 * Seahouse* (Imperial Palace, 5th flr) - $$ - 731-3311 * The Oyster Bar (Suncoast) - $$ - 636-7111 * Tillerman, The* - 2245 E Flamingo Rd - 731-4036 Las Vegas Steak Houses - Menu Lawrys The Prime Rib - Warm and elegant art-deco styled, featuring Prime Ribs of Beef roasted to perfection and carved tableside. - 893-2223 * = Bar/lounge on premises. $ - See price codes at top * 3950 (Mandalay Bay) - $$$$ - 632-7777 * Alan Albert's - 3763 Las Vegas Blvd - $$$ - 740-4421 * Alexander's Steak House (Stagecoach Hotel & Casino, Hwy 95, Beatty, NV - on the way to Death Valley) - Best steaks between Las Vegas & Reno - $$-$$$$ - 553-2419 * Bally's Steak House (Bally's) - Quiet, elegant, intimate - $$$$ - 739-4661 * Billy Bob's Steakhouse & Saloon (Sam's Town) - Casual Western decor - $$$ - 456-7777 * Blackstone's Steak House - (Monte Carlo Hotel) - $$$$- 730-7777 * Broiler Room - o (Palace Station) - $$ - 367-2411 o Broiler (Boulder Station) - $$ - 432-7777 * Burgundy Room* (Lady Luck) - $$$ - 477-3000 * Conrad's Steakhouse (Flamingo) - $$$$ - 733-3111 * Cortez Room (Gold Coast) - $$-$$$ - 367-7111 * Craftsteak (MGM Grand) - $$$$$ - 891-7777 * Embers, The* (Imperial Palace) - Cozy - $$ (Closed Mon/Tues) - 731-3311 or 1-800-351-7400 * Flame, The* - 1243 E Sahara Av - $$$ (Closed Sun/Mon) - 735-4431 * Hilton Steakhouse* (Las Vegas Hilton) - $$$ - 732-5111 * House of Lords* (Sahara) - $$$$ - 737-2111 Lawrys The Prime Rib - Warm and elegant art-deco styled, featuring Prime Ribs of Beef roasted to perfection and carved tableside. - 4340 Howard Hughes Pkwy - 893-2223 * Les Artistes Steakhouse (Paris Hotel) - $$ - 967-7999 * Limerick's (Fitzgerald's Casino & Holiday Inn) - Seafood / Steak - $$$$ - 388-2460 * Luxor Steakhouse - (Luxor) - $$$- 262-4000 * Magnolia's Veranda (Four Queens) (Excellent Specials) - $ - 385-4011 * Morton's of Chicago* - 400 E Flamingo Rd - Clasical wood ambiance - $$$$ - 893-0703 * Neros (Caesars Palace) - $$$$ - 731-7731 * N9NE (Palms) - Chicago's premier steakhouse with champagne and cavier bar - $$$$ - 942-7777 * Outback Steakhouse* - Hearty meals with that Austrailian "down-under" flavor; - $-$$ - o 8671 W Sahara Ave. - happy hour 4pm-7pm - 228-1088 o 1950 N Rainbow Blvd - 647-1035 o 3685 W Flamingo Rd - 253-1020 o 4141 S Pecos Rd - 898-3801 o 4423 E Sunset Rd, Henderson - 451-7808 * Palm Restaurant* (Caesars Palace Forum Shops) - 732-7256 * Prime (Bellagio) - $$-$$$- 693-7223 * Ranch Steak House* (Binion's) - Steaks from Binion's own ranch - $$-$$$ - 382-1600 * Redwood Bar & Grill (California Hotel) - $$-$$$ - 385-1222 * Roberta's Cafe* (El Cortez) - $$ - 385-5200 * Rosewood Grille & Lobster House* - 3339 Las Vegas Blvd - $$$$ - 792-9099 * Ruth's Chris Steak House* - o 3900 Paradise Rd - $$$-$$$$ - 791-7011 o 4561 W Flamingo Rd - $$$-$$$$ - 248-7011 * Samba Brazilian Steakhouse (Mirage) - Rodizio-Brazilian Bareque - $$$$ - 791-7111 * Savanna Steakhouse (Tropicana) - $$-$$$- 739-2222 * Silver Spur Steak House (Whiskey Pete's) - $$ - 382-4388 * Sir Galahad's Pub & Prime Rib House (Excalibur) - $$-$$$ - 597-7777 * Skyrise Dining Room (Circus Circus) - $$$ - - 794-3793 * Smith & Wollensky - 862-4100 * Steak House, The* (Circus Circus) - $$$ - 794-3767 * Steak House, The (TI aka Treasure Island) - $$-$$$- 894-7223 * Steakhouse at Camelot, The (Excalibur) - $$-$$$ - 597-7777 * Stockyard Steakhouse (Texas Hotel) - $$-$$$ - 631-1000 * Twin Creeks (Silverton) - $-$$ - 263-7777 * William B's* (Stardust) - Quiet elegance - $$-$$$ - (702) 732-6111 * Yolies Brazilian Steakhouse* - 3900 Paradise Rd - $$$-$$$$ - 794-0700 * Yukon Grille Steakhouse - o (Arizona Charlie's East) - $$-$$$ - 951-5800 o (Arizona Charlie's West) - $$-$$$ - 869-7381 Additional maps provided by Mapblast who is solely responsible for their accuracy. Las Vegas Las Vegas Guide Index Las Vegas, Nevada reviewed by Monty Preiser Dining in Las Vegas is not as it was twenty years ago, or even five years ago. It has only been in the last few years that the great chefs of this country have opened restaurants in the city and raised the bar for fine dining to a very high level. Interestingly, most of these already well known restaurants, though they have opened inside casino hotels, are privately owned and operated. What this has done in great part, besides providing fine dining opportunities of all kinds, is relegate most of the restaurants still run by the hotel themselves to a kind of second rate status--usually less expensive, but almost always a fraction of the quality offered by the private enterprises. Thus, in reviewing the Las Vegas restaurants, let us begin by saying that while most of the casino hotels have what they call their "gourmet room," most are indistinguishable from one another, and not worthy of separate reviews. All will provide a good meal in a nice atmosphere, but rarely will it be special. We will only touch on some of them individually. It is important to understand the above in a city like Las Vegas, where many gamblers look to their casino host and concierge to recommend places to dine. It makes sense that these people will (if not always, at least usually) tout the restaurants owned by their own hotel. But, as we have said, that is probably not the best choice (with the inevitable exceptions). Another Las Vegas quirk is the entertainment tax. At any restaurant where you have VOCAL music after 7:00 p.m., you will see a 10% addition to your check mandated by law, not the restaurant. This can become expensive in certain circumstances, and, while sometimes the singing is worth it, sometimes you won't care and might want to be certain you choose a place with no entertainment or just instrumental. Below, we will be reviewing most of those restaurants that are associated with the big hotels and are privately owned, some hotel owned properties that have maintained excellence, and some out-of-the hotel spots that are providing good food and are worth a visit. As you might imagine, with all the restaurants in this 24 hour city, we won't hit them all. We hope we don't miss your favorite, and strive to bring you some new experiences to try. ALAN ALBERTS 3763 Las Vegas Blvd. S. 795-4006 Sometimes you just want to leave the hotels, which, we believe, is often a good choice if you are looking for steak, prime rib, or lobsters you can select from the tank. Alan Alberts, located up an alley and next to Rosewood Grill (the two restaurants are owned by the same people and are remarkably similar) is a surprisingly satisfying place to dine, with its huge appetizers, 2 ? pound lobsters (at a fair price), romantic ambiance, friendly service, and well prepared meats. The wine list is not as expensive as in many hotel lists, and, while it offers a fair selection, it's not as good as the restaurant thinks it is. This is old time Continental dining. Food Rating: B+ Overall Rating: B+ ALIZE The Palms Hotel 951-7000 Owned by local legend Andre Rochat, who has long had a star in town at his signature restaurant, Andre's, Alize sits high above the city on the Palms' top floor, and is one romantic place. Of course, no restaurant of Andre's could be anything but excellent, and Alize keeps up the tradition. Some unusual dishes such as lobster thermidor or venison are often available, and the cheese trolley is a perfect ending. The wine list is extensive (they boast over 7000) and remarkable in its diversity, and if you like a good cognac, there are about 125 of them from which to choose. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: A ANDRES Monte Carlo Hotel 730-7955 and 401 S. 6th St. 385-5016 To many, this is the finest French dining in Las Vegas (though it remains to be seen whether the splendid quality will remain since owner Andre Rochat is reportedly spending most of his time at his new gourmet room, Alize). But as of now, you can't go wrong at either Andre's. As you might imagine, 6th Street (located in a former residence) is a bit more casual than its brother on the Strip, and, while it's not advertised, it's a touch less expensive as well. The menu changes depending on the best products in the market, but house specialties are usually available in one form or another. Even if you think you don't like sweetbreads or escargots, try them here. Consider any of the veal presentations and, if scallops with truffles, foie gras, and port en pappilotte (our favorite in name and taste) is on the night's list, order it too. Food Rating: A Overall Rating: Downtown A Monte Carlo A- AUREOLE Mandalay Bay Hotel 632-7401 Charlie Palmer's gourmet restaurant in Las Vegas is a good one. Of course, it is most famous for its multi--story, glass encased wine cellar where pretty women in tight outfits travel up and down by pulleys to retrieve bottles of wine. Watching them is almost worth the trip. However, Aureole offers a truly world class wine list and innovations. In fact, one innovation is the "eWine Book," which allows diners to see more information than they may ever need about each wine in house. We don't find the food itself to be at the same level as some of its other competitors, but it is certainly wonderful-perhaps just under excellent (hence our primary problem here--it is too expensive not to achieve spectacular food). Do try the lobster chowder with grilled prawns and the roasted duck with foie gras. Food Rating: B+ Overall Rating: B+ BIG AL'S OYSTER BAR The Orleans Hotel 365-7111 Everyone has a few places they frequent that aren't usually found on lists of recommended restaurants. Big Al's is one of ours. Here you find fresh oysters and other seafood served by some friendly people. Love the price. Food Rating: B+ Overall Rating: B BINION'S RANCH STEAKHOUSE Binion's Horseshoe 382-1600 A Las Vegas institution where the clientele often resembles old Vegas and the old West, you can find more than acceptable big steaks (how about a 20 oz. Porterhouse) and prime rib for shockingly low prices. If you go late at night, and want something a bit lighter, we have always liked the half chicken. Food Rating: B Overall Rating: B+ BRADLEY OGDEN Caesars Palace Hotel 731-7410 One of the newer fine dining restaurants in the city, Bradley Ogden himself is a well known chef in the west, and the restaurant at Caesar's is his first outside California. It features an ever--changing menu of American cuisine, and makes use of some of the freshest ingredients you will savor (Ogden has developed terrific contacts with California farmers and meat suppliers, and products are delivered almost daily). Our experience was "correct" from entry to check, but, though the food was wonderfully prepared (recommended is the crispy black cod with baby fennel, artichoke and oyster mushrooms), a certain charm was lacking. We think this may be the institutional influence of the hotel and will be soon overcome. Real pluses are the lovely bar at the entrance, and a large selection of Napa and Sonoma wines. Prices are high. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: B+ BUZIOS Rio Hotel 252-7697 A bit of a disappointment (but perhaps not surprising since this is hotel owned establishment), this is, nonetheless, a popular seafood room on the Strip. Granted, the roasts and sandwiches are quite good (try the lobster, potato slice, fried panchetta, lettuce, and mozerella on Italian bread for a treat), but the fresh shrimp and oysters were small, average, and, thus, overpriced. If you aren't craving a good raw bar experience, you will probably enjoy lunch by ordering hot preparations. Food Rating: B- Overall Rating: C+ CHARLIE PALMER'S STEAK Four Seasons Hotel 632-5120 This is a classic steak house with an added attraction-the ability to order lighter appetizers based on those being served at Aureole, also owned by Palmer (even though Aureole is in Mandalay Bay and the steak house in The Four Seasons, the two hotels are in the same building-just separated by floors). Food Rating: B+ Overall Rating: B+ CHINA GRILL Mandalay Bay Hotel 632-7404 It's always nice to find a Las Vegas strip hotel restaurant that not only offers the best in food, but a price that is fair. At China Grill you can enjoy cocktails in a lovely lounge, and then dine in contemporary surroundings that add to the ambiance. Feel free to share, as the portions are large enough to do so, but know that the food is served when ready. We like this style as it means the dishes come to the table piping hot, but it can make it difficult to taste each other's food (isn't this required at good Chinese places?). Truly global in scope, though, you can't do much better than this room. How about the following for some great sounding (and, yes, great tasting) dishes? Sake cured salmon rolls, lobster mashed potatoes, and lamb ribs. Yum. Food Rating: A Overall Rating: A CHINOIS Forum Shops at Caesars Palace 737-9700 This Chinese/French creation of Wolfgang Puck competes for our favorite place in town. The choices of Hong Kong style and Cantonese dishes with French influence is all one could want, and when you add an extensive top of the line sushi bar, a room with colorful ambiance, and fair prices, this is "the place." Signature dishes include sizzling catfish, and Mongolian lamb, but the entire menu calls out to be sampled, and the chefs will accommodate most requests. Visit here. Food Rating: A+ Overall Rating: A+ COMMANDER'S PALACE Aladdin Hotel 892-8272 Very reminiscent of New Orleans without the charm of the service (something that may not be unexpected since New Orleans waiters typically never leave their jobs and so are all veterans). Still, we like the intimacy of the various rooms, the menu, and especially the food, which is authentic. And if you are familiar with New Orleans cuisine, you know it is difficult to recreate outside that city. So we recommend New Orleans dishes and drinks-turtle soup, gumbo, milk punch, eggs sardou, Louisiana pecan-crusted gulf shrimp, the Commanders salad, any oyster preparation on the menu, beignets, Creole bread pudding, etc. The wine list is also a treat. Food Rating: A Overall Rating: A- COYOTE CAFE MGM Grand Hotel 891-7349 There is a small formal dining room (Grill Room) kind of hidden on one side of the more well known upscale cafe, but we prefer dining in the latter where one side is completely open to the casino. Both restaurants, however, share a long L--shaped tiled bar where they offer one of the largest selections of Tequila in Nevada. People watching and drinking good (and strong) Margaritas just seem to go together. The food in the Grill Room features different entrees every month, though you will usually find blue corn pancakes and portobello tamales. In the cafe enjoy the BBQ duck quesadilla. Ask for the pumpkin seed encrusted salmon wherever you are. Regardless of your choice of intimacy or openness, this modern Southwest style restaurant delivers the best. Food Rating: A Overall Rating: A DELMONICO Venetian Hotel 414-3737 There are not many restaurants in the city where it is harder to obtain reservations, and deservedly so. Owned by Emeril Lagasse, many of the dishes are Creole or Cajun influenced. Though Delmonico self styles itself as a steak house and, unsurprisingly, prepares perfect beef, lamb, and pork, there is much more. Creative dishes using oysters, shrimp, and chicken is also the name of the game here. In fact, quite often the seafood is so special it becomes the star. We are always impressed with the wine list and service at all of Emeril's establishments, and Delmonico doesn't disappoint. It is one place where you can feel comfortable following your server's advice. Food Rating: A Overall Rating: A DRAI'S Barbary Coast Hotel 737-0555 Picture mahogany and leopard from another era, and you have Drai's. Yes, some might find this romantic, but it has never done much for us. Neither, we're sorry to say, does the wine list or menu creativity. The food is good, but relatively expensive. Food Rating: B Overall Rating: C+ 808 Caesars Palace Hotel 731-7110 Enjoy an intimate room serving Hawaiian dishes influenced by many of the famous cuisines from around the world (including Indian, Thai, Japanese, French, and Italian). Recent poor mixing (fusion) of ethnic cuisines has had the unfortunate effect of hindering new and exciting practitioners of the art, but the chefs (led by owner Jean--Marie Josselin) at 808 have it right. Their combinations not only work, but are truly inspired. We loved the wok charred Mahi--Mahi, among almost everything else. Food Rating: A+ Overall Rating: A+ EMPRESS COURT Caesars Palace Hotel 731-7888 An elegant room, but for the regular diner who is not being "comped" by the hotel, there is nothing really special about the experience. It always kinds of seems to us as if the servers are just taking care of our desires while waiting for the high rollers. Food Rating: B- Overall Rating: B- GARDUNO'S The Palms Hotel 942-7777 The Garduno family has been serving acclaimed Mexican food in New Mexico for some time, and their two story endeavor at The Palms follows their other great successes. Often employing New Mexico ingredients, this classy establishment offers top shelf drinks, a fresh oyster bar, and dishes representing authentic Mexico (including coastal areas) and old New Mexico. The pan roasts are not to be missed, and the green chile Caesar Salad is a discovery. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: A GAYLORDS Rio Hotel 777-2277 A new restaurant and a new Las Vegas concept - fine Indian dining on the Strip. Gaylord's parent restaurant is at the San Francisco Wharf, and has always been a destination stop for us. The newly opened room at the Rio is serving much of the same food, however, it's a bit too early to give a review (if you go, let us know what you think). HABIB'S 4750 W. Sahara 870-0860 A popular place for those in the know, Habib's advertises as Persian, but includes many Middle Eastern dishes--all of them reflecting the excellence recognized by the restaurant's many awards. The kabobs are a star, in our opinion, and the traditional appetizers shouldn't be missed. After that, you might have to look at the pictures on the menu to decide what Persian foods to select, or discuss the issue with your friendly servers (warning: there could be a language barrier--this isn't the Strip, you know). Entertainment (belly dancing, of course) is offered. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: A- HAMADA OF JAPAN Flamingo Hotel 733-3455 While there are many sushi restaurants in the city, and even more than one branch of Hamada, we happen to like the one at the Flamingo. The servers are very friendly and the sushi is ultra fresh. Not inexpensive. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: B+ HUGO'S CELLAR Four Queens Hotel 385-4011 Not very well known unless you are a Las Vegas regular, this downtown intimate cellar spot serves some dishes with a difference, such as its Indonesian rack of lamb, and tableside prepared shrimp (grilled on a slab of granite). In addition, a full Continental menu is available, all of it served with the restaurant's famous rolling salad cart. Service at Hugo's is professional and handled by veterans, and the wine list is well chosen by knowledgeable individuals. We have heard some say Hugo's is overpriced, but we would say it is competitive. In fact, a nice quiet place without the glitz can be a welcome change. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: A- INDIA PALACE 505 E. Twain 796-4177 Delicious northern and southern Indian food is served at this little place near Paradise. The buffet at lunch is a winner for the taste buds and the wallet, while dinner is a bit more formal and attracts a clientele well versed in this cuisine. We've said it before, but it bears repeating - when Indian food is good, few other cultural cuisines can surpass it. The Palace is usually worth the visit. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: B+ ISIS Luxor Hotel 262-4773 A beautiful dining room awaits you at Isis, as does enchanting background music from the harp. These elegant touches combine with an a menu flirting with originality to provide a truly nice (and, yes, expensive) dining experience. The baked shrimp stuffed with crab and mushroom is an exquisite dish, and if you like flaming coffees and desserts, this is your place. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: A- JAPINGO Hyatt Regency Lake Resort 567-1234 You won't (at least up until now) find much about this restaurant in Las Vegas guidebooks, but its sister restaurant is in La Jolla, and is one of the finest Pacific Rim establishments in California (and that's saying a lot). Japingo at the Hyatt Regency mirrors La Jolla in many ways, but most importantly as it regards the quality and freshness of the food. The menu is much of what you will expect, but it is prepared beautifully. The room is trendy and fun. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: A- LE CIRQUE Bellagio Hotel 693-8100 The famous New York establishment has become one of Las Vegas' fine gourmet restaurants. With all the modern "takes" on French cooking, it is nice to sometimes find that being up to date does not have to interfere with classic French cuisine enhanced by perfect preparation (when did you last have real Coquille St. Jacques?). A variety of caviars are available, as well as oysters and selections from the rotisserie. Yes, it's expensive, but worth a special evening. Food Rating: A Overall Rating: A+ LILLIE LANGTRY'S Golden Nugget Hotel 386-8131 Not included here because of outstanding dining, but because it is reminiscent of traditional Las Vegas residing as it does in a downtown hotel. The food and menu are quite average, but if you are downtown, have a desire for Chinese food, and don't want to take a taxi, this will suffice. The service is some of the nicest in town. Food Rating: C+ Overall Rating: B- LITTLE BUDDHA CAFE The Palms Hotel 942-7778 The Palms may have the best restaurants in town, and the addition of Little Buddha (a branch of the trendy Buddha bar at The Paris) will only enhance that reputation. The affable staff is a big part of the experience here, as is the outstanding sushi. But the core of the success is simply wonderfully eclectic pan Asian dishes with French influences served in a beautiful setting. Food Rating: A Overall Rating: A LOTUS OF SIAM 953 E. Sahara #A-5 (Commercial Center) 735-3033 You will not find more authentic Thai preparation outside of Thailand itself. Chef Saipin Chutima (also an owner with husband Suchay a€“ better known as "Bill") has been featured in every national or regional magazine that knows about her, and chefs from many of the major dining rooms in the city relax here. Service is friendly and informed, and (for a real treat) the wine list is terrific and priced fairly. The restaurant prides itself on its wine savvy, especially in the German wines that so well accompany Thai flavors. Though the regular menu is long and varied, you may want to ask for the special menu listing the northern Thai dishes which you rarely see made in this country. We feasted on fish cakes with a Thai sweet sauce with ground peanuts; beef jerky with a spicy Thai sauce; giant prawns in a pan Asian influenced curry sauce; sea bass in a light ginger sauce; and a chargrilled steak in garlic sauce that, at $9.95, would more than satisfy anyone's craving for the usual $32.00 sirloin at the big steakhouses. We tasted different German wines, and suggest you do the same. A treat. Food Rating: A+ Overall Rating: A+ LUTECE Venetian Hotel 414-2220 Word has it that ingredients are flown in from the famed New York restaurant to this branch to ensure freshness. Whether true or not, Lutece prepares very traditional French cuisine with a lighter touch than in the old days. It's difficult to obtain a reservation here, even though Lutece is one of the more expensive places in town--in fact, we think too expensive for the experience. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: B MON AMI GABI Paris Hotel 944-4224 This is a pretty authentic French brasserie with romantic ambiance inside, and a large sidewalk cafe right on the Strip (directly across from the remarkable Bellagio fountains -- an added treat). While seafood is popular (the mussels with traditionally prepared caper mayonnaise are right out of the French coast), the house specialty is the famous brasserie dish of steak frites and French fries. Of course, other entrees and h'ors deuvres are available, and they are all good. The wine list is completely French, and not bad, though we have a problem with French establishments in this country that refuse to carry American wines. Food Review: B+ Overall Review: A- NEROS Caesars Palace Hotel 731-7731 We have always liked most of the restaurants at Caesars Palace (though they began to slump in the 90s). Nero's has maintained its standards as a terrific steak house set where you can seek either semi-privacy or watch the crowd. The menu is similar in some respects to the trendy steakhouses of the day, but the chefs here create some additional treats, such as steak tartare and fois gras. Squab was the dish of choice during our last visit. Food Rating: A Overall Rating: A N9NE The Palms Hotel 942-7777 Much more than a steakhouse, this Chicago based establishment offers sushi, steak and salmon tartare, huge shellfish platters, and a Champagne/caviar bar in the center of the restaurant. If you like the bubbly, there are over 30 brands (not including the magnums). Located off the Strip (but not too far), N9NE keeps up the trend that has seen many fine (and fun) places open a mile or so away from the crowds on Las Vegas Blvd. Food Rating: B+ Overall Rating: A- NOBHILL MGM Grand Hotel 891-1111 This is a cool concept, taking traditional San Francisco area dishes such as Celery Victor and Lamb Chops Narsai, and bringing them to Las Vegas. Served in a classically elegant room designed to remind you of the ethnic melting pot that is San Francisco, the ovens bake a variety of breads every thirty minutes or so. Of course, service is San Francisco chic. Food Rating: B+ Overall Rating: A- NOBU Hard Rock Cafe Hotel 693-5090 If you follow Japanese cuisine, you know that Nobu in New York and Los Angeles became the rage of the cities, with its hip service, creative menu, and critic proclaimed world class food. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa has now opened numerous establishments under the Nobu name as well as his own, and the reviews have not been encouraging (not an unusual occurrence when chefs venture too far from their original restaurant). Hailed as a true coup for the Hard Rock in 1999 , Nobu serves interesting Japanese cuisine, sometimes adding a Southwestern touch. From our standpoint, service has always been less than desired, and the food here does not live up to the hype. Food Rating: B- Overall Rating: B- NOODLES Bellagio Hotel 693-7111 Great for late night (or any time, actually) snacking, the open kitchen allows the diner to see the chefs at work (lots of people apparently think that's cool - it's such a fashion). Whether you can see the chefs or not, however, this is a place for authentic noodle dishes from various countries of Asia, along with some outstanding Hong Kong style Chinese food. Noodles is quite small by most restaurant standards, so you may want to go during off hours (yes, they exist even in Las Vegas) Food Rating: A+ Overall Rating: A ONDA Mirage Hotel 791-7223 While perhaps not a place you would make a special trip to dine, if you are at a show at the Mirage or next door hotels, Onda would be a nice choice for Italian cuisine. The homemade pastas are the stars in this lovely restaurant, especially the rigatoni boulagnase and lobster ravioli. But the Oso Boco is the room's most popular dish. The garlic, mushroom, parsley and balsamic vinaigrette served with the bread may be the best dip we have ever tasted--truly. We also enjoy the restaurant's bar, where the bartender is fun and skilled and the pianist will relax you with standards and Broadway music. The draw back to what could be a more special evening is the service, which, though friendly, is far from professional. Food Rating: B+ Overall Rating: B ORTANIQUE Paris Hotel 946-4346 Perhaps the most beautiful room in Las Vegas, and without question one of the city's best restaurants, chef/owner Cindy Hutson has created something new for Las Vegas-fine dining based on the fresh and light style of the Caribbean. Already a success in Miami and Washington, D.C., westerners will soon flock to this style of cuisine, which enhances each dish with Island spices, just as easterners took to "California cuisine" in the 90's. Ortanique offers a well conceived and ever changing wine list, and the service is first rate and knowledgeable. Booths in the restaurant are uniquely designed at an angle (making it difficult to see other booths) so that you and a companion are not side by side, really an uncomfortable way to dine. The feeling of intimacy and romance is made all the more enjoyable by soothing live music Thursday thru Sunday. The food here is perfect. We suggest the Danish BBQ ribs (you haven't tasted anything quite like them); the duckroll filled with veggies; the salmon stuffed with curried lobster and crabmeat over a lobster/brandy sauce; and the grouper with the best mashed sweet potatoes (infused with pumpkin) we ever tasted. Of course, various other fish and meats are always available, and it's a tough choice. But don't miss this one. Food Rating: A+ Overall Rating: A+ (THE) PALM Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace 732-7256 As do all Palm restaurants around the country, The Palm in Las Vegas serves huge and well prepared meats and lobsters in a New York type atmosphere. We like the service here -- the staff seems to recognize how many places there are to dine not only in the city, but within a few hundred yards. So they are happy to see you and serve you. Probably you need no reminder to share your entrees, but don't hesitate to try whatever fresh fish is on the menu. Though not signature preparations, what the chefs can do with fish will not disappoint you. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: A- PAMPLEMOUSSE 400 E. Sahara Ave. 733-2066 We have been frequenting this off the Strip country French restaurant for more years than we care to think about. It's not well known by tourists unless they are regular Las Vegas visitors, and therein lies some of its charm. Pamplemousse makes us feel relaxed, offers a nice wine selection, and employs the freshest ingredients possible. In fact, there is no printed menu since what the chef prepares is dependant on what he likes at the market that day. The duck and seafood are our usual choices. Food Rating: B+ Overall Rating: A- PEARL MGM Grand Hotel 891-7380 One of our favorites in Las Vegas, the staff here is committed to making sure your meal is memorable. The menu changes daily to ensure the freshest of ingredients, and you will find some authentic selections such as shark fin's soup, minced tiger prawns and pine nuts, fried crispy eel, wok prepared spiny lobster, and salt and pepper squid. But don't worry, more traditional dishes can be ordered, too. We recommend leaving the menu up to your captain. You'll love it. Food Rating: A Overall Rating: A- PEKING MARKET Flamingo Hilton Hotel 733-3111 Always a nice place, recent expansion has been good for this restaurant, and for its clientele. The service has improved, and the decor is brighter and more attractive. We enjoy the entire menu here, but mostly appreciate the opportunity to dine on excellent Peking Duck without advance notice. Food Rating: B+ Overall Rating: B+ PICASSO Bellagio Hotel 693-7223 To many, Picasso is the quintessential French experience in Las Vegas. Granted, it has won most of the awards available, is set in a gorgeous room, shows off priceless artwork, offers magnificently original dishes, and allows one to select from a quality wine list. Unfortunately, many diners leave with a feeling that the expensive dinner they were willing to experience lacked a little something, and are therefore disappointed without quite knowing why. We think that inconsistency is the problem here. Not inconsistency between good and not good, but between very good and perfect. A reservation is difficult to obtain, and when you expect perfection, not realizing it is a true comedown. Let us hope you hit a night Picasso's is "on," because it's a gastronomic experience. Food Rating: A+ or A- Overall Rating: A+ or A PINOT BRASSERIE Venetian Hotel 414-8888 Not our favorite French haute causine restaurant (Renoir's has that honor), but our favorite bistro. Wonderful wild game is featured, not unusual in a restaurant owned by Famed Joachim Splichal, but a bit out of the ordinary for Las Vegas. But the focus is also on the beef, seafood, and traditional country French dishes such as bouillabaise and cassoulet. Everyone also talks about the seafood platter, and rightfully so. Expensive, yes, but a wow. There is no rushing your meal here. You may as well pretend you are in Europe, and, actually, that is not so difficult a stretch since the rooms are filled with only authentic furnishings brought from France. If you desire to dine outside, you can do that too, though the menu is somewhat limited. Food Rating: A+ Overall Rating: A+ POSTRIO Venetian Hotel 796-1110 We're sorry, but this endeavor by Wolfgang Puck (how many are there, anyway?) leaves us a bit cold. Geared toward contemporary American cuisine with some Asian influences, the food and service are good, just not good enough to merit top marks and cause one to spend large dollars. Food Rating: B Overall Rating: B PRIME Bellagio Hotel 693-8484 Certainly there is no prettier steakhouse in the city, and we are happy to say that the staff here seems to be more welcoming to the average diner than elsewhere at the Bellagio. Steakhouses are often set apart by their service and ambiance, since the steaks themselves are prepared these days in substantially the same manner in scores of establishments. Prime features excellent lamb and seafood, so don't stay away if you are looking for something other than beef. In fact, the caramelized pork loin is perhaps the best dish. We aren't thrilled with the value here, but that's about par for any of the country's best steak establishments. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: B+ RED SQUARE Mandalay Bay Hotel 632-7777 A very hot place (figuratively), this trendy quasi Russian restaurant offers over a hundred vodkas and infusions, a "Walk-In Box" for tasting that is very cool (literally), and a bar partially made of a slab of ice. The food is somewhat Russian, such as Beef Stroganoff and Chicken Kiev, but American dishes are available. You don't really go here for the dining, though it is certainly acceptable, but for the ambiance, which is impressive. Food Rating: B Overall Rating: A- REDWOOD BAR & GRILL California Hotel 385-1222 Not well known among tourists, the Redwood Bar and Grill is a candidate for the best value in Las Vegas among restaurants in the finer dining class. Elegant in its own way (perhaps better described as "warm" or "intimate"), traditional Continental fare is served by professionals with a great attitude - they seem to like what they are doing, and appreciate their clientele. We enjoyed the fish and steak, but the prime rib (something we order sparingly) was the star. A plus for us was the pianist, too few of whom play the dinner hours in the city. If you've been to the more famous restaurants, you'll be surprised at the quality here without having to pay a small fortune to enjoy it. Food Rating: B+ Overall Rating: A RENOIR Mirage Hotel 791-7111 Renoir poses a conundrum. The food may well be the best in town, but it may also be the most expensive, in fact, perhaps overly so. You cannot escape, should you have a decent bottle of wine, for less than $250.00 before tip, and if you choose the wonderful tasting menu, your tab will increase by another 15%. Not that we are suggesting you pass this one by, as Renoir does exhibit perfect food, perfect pairings, perfect service, a first rate wine list, and a gorgeous (almost Alice in Wonderland type) room decorated with a myriad of whimsical soft colors and various shapes, not to mention original works of art by the restaurant's namesake. Our foie gras in a ginger pineapple reduction with a pineapple chip, and turbot in a cream/spring pea sauce were among the best dishes we have tasted. But it's all to die for. So decide if the cost will fit your budget, and if it will, enjoy, Food Rating: A+ Overall Rating: A+ ROSEMARY'S AT THE RIO Rio Hotel 777-2300 Chef Michael Jordan oversees an operation that, while new at this location, is already in the upper echelon of Las Vegas restaurants. And there is a bonus for this American with French influence establishment. It may be the most reasonably priced of all the gourmet rooms in the city, featuring (as an option) a five course tasting menu for $65.00, and an extensive and beautifully thought out wine list with an imminently fair mark up. The grilled shrimp over Maytag cole slaw with a drizzle of BBQ sauce, and the salmon tartar are superstars of a sparkling array of appetizers (which also includes, among other selections, grilled sweetbreads and potato bread with blue cheese). Entrees range from rack of lamb to various fish to a very hot peppercorn covered filet that might be great for some, but too spicy for others. The service in this bright, attractive room is quite correct, though perhaps lacking a certain warmth. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: A- ROSEWOOD GRILL 3763 Las Vegas Blvd. S. 792-9099 Located in its new location right next door to Alan Alberts (the two restaurants are owned by the same people and are so similar they are often hard to distinguish), Rosewood is reminiscent of a 1950's Continental style dinner club. You can find thick steaks, huge live lobsters that you select from the tanks, shrimp cocktail, and other dishes that fit this mode of dining. It's a nice getaway from the hotels. Rosewood advertises a superior wine list, but it is quite average. Food Rating: B+ Overall Rating: B RUMJUNGLE Mandalay Bay Hotel 632-7408 The name gives the clue. This night club in a jungle-like setting offers well over a hundred different rums, and one of the city's hottest rooms. You can order from a prix fixe menu and enjoy unlimited entrees (meat, fish, and chicken), or be a bit more judicious and see what is available a la carte (maybe the banana leaf sea bass is for you -- it was for us). The food here is surprisingly good, and the price is fair, but neither of these are the reasons to frequent this unique restaurant. It's just fun, especially if you are (or think you are) a young adult and like to dance. Food Rating: B Overall Rating: A- SACRED SEA ROOM Luxor Hotel 262-4772 Having less notoriety than many Strip gourmet rooms, Sacred Sea Room is, nonetheless, a pretty place that might give you the feeling you are in an Egyptian fishing village. The restaurant prides itself in serving sea food that is delivered daily, and in providing service that is professional, yet not intrusive. The food is surprisingly good, especially the appetizers (hot and cold), and certain entrees, such as the prawns stuffed with herbs and gruyere cheese, the lobster sauteed in brandy and shallots, and the chicken breast stuffed with lobster, truffles, and spinach. You may not get many recommendations to dine at the Sacred Sea Room, but don't hesitate to have a nice experience here, especially if you are staying at the Luxor. Food Rating: B+ Overall Rating: B+ SAM WOO BBQ 4215 Spring Mountain Rd. (Chinatown Mall) 368-7628 Woo's is not near the Strip, but what a fun place to visit for some of the best Chinese BBQ you can find. Don't expect the experience to be easy. Taxis are often caught up in traffic, sometimes they are difficult to get for a return, and you won't find too much English spoken at the restaurant. But we like authenticity, good food (go with the combination BBQ platter and try it all), and wonderful value (the prices are some of the lowest we have seen in Las Vegas). The best time to go is probably for a late lunch or very late dinner (Woo's is open from about 10:00 a.m. all the way through to 5:00 a.m.). Don't you love Chinese at 2 in the morning? Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: A- SECOND STREET GRILL Fremont Hotel 385-6277 Too many Las Vegas visitors ignore the better dining values that are often available in some very good restaurants downtown. The Fremont hotel is not one that beacons the high roller, but its art deco themed gourmet room, the Second Street Grill, is being discovered by the discerning diner who wants top of the line cuisine, friendly service, and a fair check. Chef Rachel Breen prepares some unique Continental specialties enhanced by Pacific Rim touches, and can offer a menu of somewhat traditional Hawaiian food as well. This is a nice find. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: A- SHINTARO Bellagio Hotel 693-7223 This is perhaps the best of the Japanese restaurants in Las Vegas, as every aspect is well accomplished. The teppanyaki tables are manned by expert chefs, and the service throughout is thoughtful and friendly. Shintaro also boasts terrific sushi. Where it differs from many of its competitors, however, is in the availability of a vast number of excellent Pacific Rim dishes. Of course, being at Bellagio means Shintaro is a bit more expensive than one would like, but it's also a bit better than one might suspect. Food Rating: A Overall Rating: A SMITH & WOLLENSKY 3767 Las Vegas Blvd. 862-4100 Always one of our favorite traditional steakhouses whether it be in New York, Miami Beach, or Washington, S & W doesn't disappoint in Las Vegas either. The food served here is superb. However, we like the added concept (also in New York), which is the Smith & Wollensky Grill (just around the corner from the main restaurant but with the same address). The Grill serves smaller portions from a limited menu, but from the same kitchen as its "daddy." It is open quite late to accommodate the city in which it operates. Very expensive, especially the well thought our wine list. Food Rating: A+ Overall Rating: A SPAGO The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace 369-6300 The fame of Spago and Wolfgang Puck, as well as budding star Chef David Robins, are well served at Spago. It is true that you won't think you got a deal, but at least you should leave being satisfied that you have sampled some of the best California type cuisine available, and know that the menu is updated daily. If you have not visited recently, Spago has been beautifully remodeled. There are still two rooms -- the informal cafe (which you see from the Forum Shops as you stroll by) and the more formal restaurant. Both locations offer the freshest of everything -- a California cuisine signature. Try the pizzas (with caviar?), and just about anything else. Food Rating: A Overall Rating: A (THE) STEAK HOUSE Circus Circus Hotel 734-0410 Surprise. One of the city's coziest rooms (wood paneled with the broiler in the middle of the main room) is at tourist and child crazy Circus Circus. The Steak House is one of the city's old liners and it remains to be seen how it will fare now that it is challenged by what seems like every high end trendy steak house chain in the country. But for now, feel comfortable in trying the thick and flavorful aged steaks along with some terrific sides. The price is less than most of its new competition as well. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: A- STEFANO'S Golden Nugget Hotel 385-7111 A little better than average food served by waiters who sing Italian songs, usually in average voices as well. But put the two averages together, and add them to a charming room, and you have a nice evening. Stefano's is not inexpensive even though it is off the Strip. The Nugget is a semi-elegant hotel. Prices at Stefano's are a little steep for the quality of the food, but you pay for the entertainment. Food Rating: C+ Overall Rating: B TERRAZZA Caesars Palace Hotel 731-7731 With all the excellent restaurants at Caesar's Palace over the years, we have never been too impressed with their Italian rooms. Terrazza is lovely, and a nice place to have a cocktail before dinner, but the food is relatively average compared to its competition. Food Rating: B- Overall Rating: B 3950 Mandalay Bay Hotel 632-7414 Enjoy a cocktail before dinner in the men's clubby type lounge, and watch the "virtual" aquarium, which is a large flat screen closed circuit TV showing the Shark Reef. Dine in a plush room with suede booths and red leather walls. Order wine from a nicely conceived list. And then dine on well prepared Continental cuisine with friendly servers. Food Rating: B+ Overall Rating: B+ TRATTORIA DEL LUPO Mandalay Bay Hotel 740-5522 The menu proclaims that Sicilian and Tuscan cuisines meet, and, while the food here does reflect some creativity from Mark Ferguson, it is a bit familiar (you know it will probably be good, though, - it's ANOTHER Wolfgang Puck entry and he knows how to choose executive chefs for each of his restaurants). Del Lupo boasts some of the best staff in the city, in our mind. They are knowledgeable and unobtrusive, allowing you to enjoy your meal in peace. You can find more that acceptable wines here. Food Rating: A- Overall Rating: A TSUNAMI GRILL Venetian Hotel 414-1980 Wonderful Pan Asian menu, and a definite "go to" if you are visiting the Grand Canal Shops (and doesn't everyone at least once during a Las Vegas trip?). The sushi is often cited as the best in the city, but all the dishes are well prepared. Food Rating: B+ Sushi Rating: A+ Overall Rating: A- VIVA MERCADO'S 6182 W. Flamingo Rd. 871-8826 Lots of the hotels have "Mexican" restaurants, but we have rarely been impressed by them. It isn't that they serve bad food, it is just that most of it is predictable and geared toward how Americans think Mexican food should be presented. In looking for something a bit different, research took us to Viva Mercado's, a little place away from the crowds that features well prepared old Mexican dishes in a more modern healthier style. Owner Bobby Mercado (deservedly) boasts that, " Mercado's prepares all meals with your health in mind. We use only the finest of ingredients, the leanest of meats and cheeses. We use no animal fats to cook or prepare with. Our sauces contain no oil. We broil, poach or stir fry in canola oil. Viva Mercado's chefs prepare daily to ensure freshness." What else can you ask for, except that the dishes served taste good? Well, they do, and at prices that would let you eat two or three times on the Strip. The salsa choices are worth the trip in and of themselves. Food Rating: A+ Overall Rating: A WILD SAGE CAFE 600 W. Warm Springs (McCarran Center) 944-7243 A real find, and, at least up until now, frequented primarily by locals. The atmosphere is geared toward comfort, the cost is designed to please, and the food is prepared for the discerning diner. Owned by three alumni of Spago, Wild Sage offers American comfort food in friendly surroundings. You might try a Reuben (on homemade rye, of course), meat loaf and mashed potatoes, or a variety of dishes that change daily. Food Rating: A Overall Rating: A- WOLFGANG PUCK CAFE MGM Grand Hotel 891-3019 Here we have a pizza shaped restaurant in honor of the gourmet pizzas featured by many of Wolfgang Puck's restaurants. But, as always with Mr. Puck, don't let the themes or decor detract from the food. It's Italian at its best. We loved the pumpkin ravioli; the white bean veggie soup with smoked bacon; the butternut squash soup with cinnamon creme fraiche and toasted pumpkin seeds; the saffron fettuccine with mussels and spicy tomato sauce; and the sausage and onions. A wonderful experience. Food Review: A Overall Review: A Along with his wife Sara, Monty publishes a weekly wine column and restaurant review column for the Boca Raton News and the Delray Beach News. They judge the annual Hilton Head Winefest and Monty is the founder of the Hilton Head chapter of the American Institute of Wine and Food and is the wine columnist for their national newsletter. They also contribute to the Hilton Head Monthly and Boca Magazines. 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Surname Queries: 1996 - 1997 (This document is formatted for an 80-column display) These surnames are excerpted from various Hispanic meeting logs and provided herein so that people who could not otherwise attend our meetings can still make connections with similar researchers. This list covers the logs from all our meetings since January of 1996. If you'd like to submit your data, click here to send GFS Mike an e-mail with your surnames and related information in a format similar to the one shown below. Be sure your message says that the data is to be included in the next AOL Hispanic Genealogy Newsletter. If you see someone advertising your surname(s) herein, click the submitter's name to the left of that entry to send him/her an e-mail. Let 'em know you found it in this newsletter, too. Suerte! Index: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ABBREVIATIONS & SYMBOLOGY Submitter SURNAME Place Time ========== ==================== ================================== =========== dengar ABACHICHE Las Vegas NM 1880 -1900 SAGACorpus ABREGO Castilla Sp 1550 - TBTLU ACIAGA PR -now CORDOVA598 ACOSTA Canary Isl 1614 -now ESENENE ACOSTA San German PR 1800s MASELinCO ACOSTA Canary Isl>LA 1734 -1847 MDiaz41737 ACOSTA Orocovis PR 1750 -now uahorm ACOSTA Cabo Rojo PR 1760 - now DFlores417 ADAMES KIKO F AGAPITA San Diego TX 1800s MERA5 AGOSTINI RINGO8553 AGOSTO PR 1800s- now CHOLI AGRAZ Sardanola Sp BMadani AGRELO Lugo Sp -1882 DFlores417 AGUILAR MRosado007 AGUILAR Managua Nic 1908 -now nana975 AGUILERA Pueblo Nuevo Guanajuato Mx 1570 -1890 nana975 AGUILERA Dwyer GrantCo NM 1917 - nana975 AGUILERA Valle de Santiago Guanajuato Mx 1850 - Navarro54 AGUILERA Jalisco Mx 1750s-1870 ChrisT1970 AGUIRRE Durango Mx 1900s Dilberto AGUIRRE Jalisco Mx 1800s-1860 Will Bates AGUIRRE TX>Mx 1800s-now jj13310 AIRLUCEA Garfield NM jj13310 AIRLUCEA Hatch NM -1950 jj13310 AIRLUCEA Juarez NM EECY AJA AZ willuj ALBERT Azores Por 1840 -1880 B1R2Z2 ALBERT(O) Ponce PR 1800 - now bmoore ALDAPE Nuevo Leon Mx Rlv43028 ALDAPE Muzquiz Coahuila Mx -1830 Saldaya ALDAYA Cebu Phil>Honolulu HI 1920s- Mikdor ALDEQUEVA CRISRENDON ALEJANDRO Mx 1830 SamisMom ALEJO Cuba Canary Isl KWiest555 ALEMAN SAUSTIN68 ALEMAN Corpus Cristi TX 1965 LinTorres ALFONSO B1R2Z2 ALMODOVAR Ponce PR 1800 -1960 LinTorres ALONSO Navarro54 ALONSO Jalisco Mx 1820s-1860 KDNunes ALVARADO 1800s M339 ALVARADO Los Angeles CA 1845 CHOLI ALVAREZ Asturias Sp dsuarez ALVAREZ Camaguey Cuba -1900 MRosado007 ALVAREZ Barcelona Sp>PR 1901 -now Navarro54 ALVAREZ Jalisco Mx 1800s- Rosemar526 ALVAREZ Morelia Michoacan Mx 1901 amoros AMOROS Mogente Valencia Sp 1860 -1895 KIKO F ANAYA TX 1900s MScrib7373 ANDICHOCHEA Pyrennes Sp>LA 1900 andrews ANDREAS Ger>Sonora Mx>AZ 1800s- now KIKO F ANDRES San Diego TX 1800s andrews ANDREW Ger>Sonora Mx 1800s- andrews ANDREWS Ger>Sonora Mx>AZ 1800s- now CHOLI ANORO Asturias Sp Azqmq AQUINO Carolina PR 1920s-now lvillain APARICIO Sp>Quetzaltenango Guat -1900s CLopopolo ARAGON NM 1700s daragon ARAGON San Miguel Co NM 1820 - JULCHRIS ARAGON RMB43 ARAGON 1822 Will Bates ARANBULA TX>Mx 1800s-now JArbelo ARBELO (ARVELO) PR IL NY -now migescob ARBOLEDA Popayan Col Debra62 ARCE Ponce PR -1923 pati ARCHULETA Oje Caliente NM 1884 - GFernan510 ARENCEBIA Sp>Cuba kentwill ARGUETA ES ANFMIKE ARMIJO Marina Del Rey CA 1880s-now JCantu2000 ARREDONDO Nuevo Leon Mx 1700s Rlv43028 ARREDONDO Muzquiz Coahuila Mx -1840 SHHARPres AROCHA nana975 ARRIOLA Pueblo Nuevo Guanajuato Mx 1570 -1890 CORDOVA598 ARROCHA Canary Isl 1614 -now AmyMango ARROYO PR>FL>NY Azqmq ARROYO Lares Utuado San Sebastian PR 1800s-now MRosado007 ARROYO PR>NY>PR 1931 -now TBTLU ARROYO PR -now SnugglElf ARTIEDA Sp MERA5 ATILES Ponce & Juana Diaz PR 1855 -1901 STEVENSHAR AUSTRIA Durango Mx 1700s-1800 CICAM AVILA Sinaloa Mx 1700 -1869 Cryel AVILA CA 1800s dsuarez AVILA Camaguey Cuba -1900 LinTorres AVILA Canary Isl?>Havana Cuba 1800s-1960s RayRios72 AVILES Arecibo PR>Philadelphia PA 1870s-1960s MRosado007 AYALA TX 1960s-now SHHARPres AYALA CantLoseMe AZCOIDI Navarra Sp 1893 SnugglElf AZCOIDI (OZCOIDI) Navarra Sp>CA 1800s These surnames are excerpted from various Hispanic meeting logs and provided herein so that people who could not otherwise attend our meetings can still make connections with similar researchers. This list covers the logs from all our meetings since January of 1996. If you'd like to submit your data, click here to send GFS Mike an e-mail with your surnames and related information in a format similar to the one shown below. Be sure your message says that the data is to be included in the next AOL Hispanic Genealogy Newsletter. If you see someone advertising your surname(s) herein, click the submitter's name to the left of that entry to send him/her an e-mail. Let 'em know you found it in this newsletter, too. Suerte! Index: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ABBREVIATIONS & SYMBOLOGY Submitter SURNAME Place Time ========== ==================== ================================== =========== Akiva135 BACA Socorro Co. NM 1700s daragon BACA Guadalupe Co NM 1856 - nana975 BACA Belen ValenciaCo NM 1810 - nana975 BACA Dwyer GrantCo NM 1870 - nana975 BACA Mesilla Dona AnaCo NM 1850 - nana975 BACA Socorro SocorroCo NM 1830 - nana975 BACA Tome ValenciaCo NM 1800 - CLopopolo BACAS 1600 -1821 Uzibla BADIA San German PR>NY 1879 -1940s PKBAIESNLA BAEZ Pejamillo Michoacan Mx>CA 1889 -1937 PKBAIESNLA BAIES Downey CA 1915 -1988 bmoore BALDERAS Monterrey? Nuevo Leon Mx 1800s-1900 KBALLESTER BALLESTER Utuado PR CarrieMor BALLESTERO Sonora Mx 1850s ruben BANUELOS Zacatecas Mx>CA 1917 - now bmoore BARBA Northwest Mx JR BAR BARBOZA BARELA8 BARELA NM 1500s- CarrieMor BARRAGAN de URRE CA>Mx ibabarr BARRAL Arzua Sp 1700-now MRosado007 BARRANTES CR>Nic>CA 1800s-now JCantu2000 BARRERA San Antonio TX joguerra BARRERA Mier Mx 1750 Akiva135 BARRERAS Socorro Co. NM 1700s RayRios72 BARRETO Barceloneta PR 1870s-1970s Barb1265 BARZAGA Cuba 1940 - Bobovee BASSOLS Cuba Alien1157 BAYON PR 1836 -1997 Alien1157 BAYON Sp 1800 -1997 Saldaya BAYOT Cebu Phil>Waimea HI 1920s- andrews BEJARANO Sonora Mx 1800s- CRISRENDON BENAVIDES Mx 1745 Will Bates BENITEZ Beeville TX 1920 c-hlf1 BERNARDI Aibonito PR 1868 - SnugglElf BERRADRE Sp HBrmn BERUMEN CA 1890s abe01 BETANCOURT Camaguey Cuba 1880s-1890s COPaz BETANCOURT Sp?>Cuba 1840s RayRios72 BETANCOURT Arecibo PR>IL PA 1930s-now CROSSVILLE BENTECOURT TX 1900 MBermu6141 BERMUDEZ Aquadilla PR debpapa BIAR Santander Sp 1800s- SRamon4757 B(P)LANCARTE Fr NRIVERO BLANCO DR Moringlan BONANO Vieques PR 1900 - now MBermu6141 BONAPARET Ponce PR SamisMom BONASTRE Cuba Canary Isl Wizziette BONILLA Juana Diaz PR Genroots BORUNDA Las Cruces NM 1800s-1900s DD RODEO BRACAMONTE Ginorio BRAVO Catano PR AliDormady BRETANA MERA5 BRINK RMB43 BRITO 1822 printeam BROULLON Galicia Sp>Arg>US 1800s-1955 printeam BROULLON Galicia Sp>Cuba>NY 1910 -1914 CICAM BUELNA Sinaloa Mx 1650 -1860 DWasnock BUENDIA diana BURGOS BoFlorida Naguabo PR 1800s-now CHOLI BURILLO Aragon Sp Lehman BURSET Girona Sp>Santurce Humacao PR 1885 - now Lehman BURSET Santurce Humacao PR>NY PA NJ FL 1885 - now Ginorio BUSTERINO PR 1800s KDNunes BUTRON aherrera BUXO Vich Valladolid Sp 1780s-1860 cvrsvr CAGIGAS Camuy PR 1850 -1930 Agueyba238 CALDERON Fajardo PR ArtiGrrl CALO Sp 1880s-1900s MRosado007 CALZADA San Juan PR 1900s-now CICAM CAMACHO Sinaloa Mx 1650 -1740 SusiCP CAMPANA Sp Rlv43028 CAMPOS San Buenaventura Coahuila Mx -1850 ROBRHONDA CAMPOS Aguas Calientes Mx 1909 -now SAGACorpus CANALES Nuevo Leon Mx 1760 - HBrmn CANDELARIA NM 1855 willuj CANEZ Sonora Mx>Los Angeles CA 1861 -1961 AnnMul CANTU TX Irmacantu CANTU Cruillas Mx 1700s JCantu2000 CANTU Canas Nuevo Leon Mx 1700s SHHARPres CANTU MRosado007 CAPO Ven?>PR>NY>CA 1839 -now ROBRHONDA CARBAJAL Zacatecas Mx>CA 1909 -now CRISRENDON CARDENAS Mx 1780 Mjm4cit CARDENAS 1800s NiCubano CARDENAS SHHARPres CARDENAS PRGen CARDOZA Cabo Rojo PR 1850s jj13310 CAREON Chihuahua City Chihuahua Mx Dilberto CAR(R)ILLO Jalisco Mx 1750s-1790 Mfsmith37 CAR(R)ILLO Mexico City Mx 1912 -now BooBooKtty CARMONA CR 1750 -1850 GailKing CARO NClark7806 CARO Sp>Pensacola FL 1814 andrews CARRANEO Sonora Mx 1800s- andrews CARRANZA Sonora Mx 1800s- CCarri611 CARRIZALES TX>MN 1900s- jcartaya CARTAYA Cuba CICAM CASARES Sinaloa Mx 1650 -1745 casiano CASIANO Sabana Grande PR 1850 -1916 diana CASILLAS Los Rabanos Las Piedras PR 1800s-now Rlv43028 CASTELLANO San Buenaventura Coahuila Mx -1800 Rlv43028 CASTELLANOS Muzquiz Coahuila Mx -1800 excalibu CASTILLA CABEZA Cuba RoeridoJR CASTILLO Cuba STEVENSHAR CASTILLO Durango Mx 1700s-1800 CICAM CASTRO Sinaloa Mx 1650 -1821 MCaprio466 CASTRO Sp>NY Postopezdo CASTRO ecatalan CATALAN Sp 1500 -1997 John11201 CAVAZOS Reynosa Mx Mjm4cit CAVASOS 1800s carlosc CEBALLOS PR 1800s-1900s c-hlf1 CECILIO Naguabo PR 1885 - RoeridoJR CEL Cuba andrews CELAYA Sonora Mx>AZ 1800s- now Small Tx CERDA Candela Coahuila Mx 1832 SHHARPres CHAPA millsfc CHAPARRO Aguada PR 1800 - now millsfc CHAPARRO Rincon PR 1800 - now NiCubano CHARUM BooBooKtty CHAVES CR 1750 -1850 CLopopolo CHAVES 1600 -1821 Genroots CHAVEZ Las Cruces NM 1800s-1900s howlingwol CHAVEZ Coahuila Mx 1800 -1950 howlingwol CHAVEZ San Luis Potosi Mx 1800 -1950 Navarro54 CHAVEZ Aguascalientes Mx 1850s-1980s Navarro54 CHAVEZ Jalisco Mx 1730s-1900s RMB43 CHAVEZ AZ 1873 D D Knapp CHICOE REELMike CHINEA Canary Isl>Cuba>FL>CA 1800 -now tonychinea CHINEA Bayamon PR>NJ 1500 -now John11201 CISNEROS Mx toi COBAS Galicia Sp 1850s- LinTorres COEDO Lugo Sp>Cuba 1916 uahorm COFRESI Cabo Rojo PR 1770s- now uahorm COFRESI Trieste It 1400 -1770 uahorm COLBERG Curazao PR 1795 - now MaryS1256 COLINA Mexico City Mx 1800s Maritoole COLLAZO Mayaguez PR 1800s-1900s MBermu6141 COLLAZO Ponce PR MRosado007 COLLAZO Patillas PR 1928 -now Postopezdo COLLAZO Corsica>PR PatCT COLLERO CERJR COLMAN San pedro Sula Hon 1866 - now kiki44 COLOMER Utuado PR 1830s Azqmq COLON PR 1800s-now c-hlf1 COLON Naguabo PR 1870 - Debra62 COLON Ponce PR -1907 EDelva7334 COLON PR MRosado007 COLON Maunabo PR>NY>CA 1846 -now EECY COMPEAN AZ LatinoBlue CONDE PR 1863 - bmoore CONTRERAS Coahuila Mx RMB43 CONTRERAS 1822 RoeridoJR CONTRERAS Cuba LatinoBlue CORALES Aguadilla PR>Ven MASELinCO CORBO Canary Isl 1732 -1854 cvrsvr CORDERO Camuy PR MRosado007 CORDERO Guayama PR 1843? CORDOVA598 CORDOVA Canary Isl 1614 -now CORDOVA598 CORDOVA TX 1730s-now MsFrances1 CORDOVA Sp>Key West FL 1800s CHOLI CORREA PR Debra62 CORREA Ponce PR -1923 scorrea CORREA Mayaguez PR 1800s mabel_d COVARRUBIAS Jalisco Mx 1800 -now CORDOVA598 COY Canary Isl 1614 -now c-hlf1 CRUZ Caguas PR 1894 - CORDOVA598 CRUZ Canary Isl 1614 -now cvrsvr CRUZ Camuy PR 1920 -1930 DCChipotle CRUZ Lampazos de Naranjo Nuevo Leon Mx 1875 - Dilberto CRUZ Jalisco Mx 1770s-1820 LizStat CRUZ PR MRosado007 CRUZ Mandaime Nic 1800s-1990 CHOLI CRUZADO PR BORIKUA CUARTERO BOOP56 CUELLAR Candela Mx 1900s EECY CUEN Mx TWerla CUERVO Ravel703 CUEVAS PR JohnM PaVa CUYLER Barbados SledgeGM D'AMORES Marena Sp Ginorio DABAN PR 1800s Barb1265 DALMAU Cuba 1940 - Irmacantu DAVALOS Piedras Negras Coahuila Mx 1800s johnd DAVALOS Peru Ec 1540 - johnd DAVALOS Jerez Zacatecas Mx 1890 -1996 Irmacantu DAVILA Monclova Mx 1860s uahorm DAVILA Cabo Rojo San German San Juan PR 1600s- now LONGSHOT7 DE BIBAR (VIVAR) MRosado007 DECLET Morovis PR>CA 1800s-now jpman DE CAVEDO Sp>US 1840 -1865 AROCIN13 DE CONSUELOS Sp NiCubano DE CORONADO NiCubano DE ESTRADA c-hlf1 DE JESUS Naguabo PR 1870 - diana DE JESUS San Lorenzo PR 1800s-now M339 DE JESUS PICO San Gabriel CA 1801 -1894 Irmacantu DE LA GARZA Cruillas Mx 1700s LMCfromTXl DE LA GARZA TX 1850 joguerra DE LA GARZA rhgamarro DE LA HAZA Madrid Sp -now zepplin DE LA HUERTA San Antonio TX 1900 - CRISRENDON DE LEON Mx 1700s Irmacantu DE LEON Cruillas Mx 1700s joguerra DE LEON TomVCC DELEON TX Irmacantu DE LE PENA Saltillo>Cruillas Mx CORDOVA598 DELGADO Canary Isl 1614 -now daragon DELGADO San Miguel Co NM 1840 - jrossetto DELHOYO Sp?>San Juan PR 1800s-1993 CORDOVA598 DE LOS SANTOS Canary Isl 1614 -now Rlv43028 DEL FIERRO Monclova Coahuila Mx -1700 DReyes1720 DEL RIO TX howlingwol DEL RIO Coahuila Mx 1800 -1950 rafaels DEL RIVERO Palizada Campeche Mx 1800 -now EDelva7334 DEL VALLE Ponce PR 1852 Irmacantu DEL VALLE Cruillas Mx 1700s jpman DE QUEVEDO Sp>US 1840 -1865 MDiaz41737 DIANA Orocovis PR 1750 -now Azqmq DIAZ PR 1800s-now COPaz DIAZ Cuba 1800 -now JDiaz5638 DIAZ Valencia Sp LONGSHOT7 DIAZ MGED DIAZ MRosado007 DIAZ Patillas PR 1900s-now Navarro54 DIAZ Jalisco Mx 1820s-1860 Pisces230 DIAZ SamisMom DIAZ Cuba Canary Isl STEVENSHAR DIAZ Durango Mx 1700s-1800 excalibu DIAZ DE VILLEGAS Cuba KIKO F DIEGO San Diego TX 1800s MDiSpirito DISPIRITO AliDormady DOCAL willuj DOMINGUEZ Los Angeles CA 1863 -1944 KIKO F DONICIO San Diego TX 1800s RoeridoJR DUARTE Cuba diana DUCLERC Naguabo PR 1800s-now COPaz DULZAIDES Cuba NiCubano DUQUE jf2 DURAN AZ 1880 -now debpapa ECHEVARRIA Santander Sp 1855 -1923 EECY ECHEVERRIA AZ Sant TEE ECHEVERRIA Santander Sp STEVENSHAR ELGUEZABAL Durango Mx 1700s-1800 JCantu2000 ELISONDO Nuevo Leon Mx 1700s mgarza ELIZONDO av8tor EMANUELLI Corsica>PR>US 1600 -now RFKID EMERIC av8tor EMMANUELLI Corsica>PR>US 1600 -now EECY ENCINAS AZ LinTorres ENRIQUEZ EKE46 ENTENZA Cuba>FL>NY>Mx>TX 1913 -now Will Bates ESCAMILLA TX>Mx 1800s-now CRISRENDON ESCOBAR Mx 1700s KStickelba ESCOBAR Mx>TX EER1228 ESPARZA Laredo TX>Mx 1600s- now brendah ESPINOZA Michoacan Mx>CA 1860 -1997 KStickelba ESPINOZA Mx>TX MRosado007 ESPINOZA Nic>CA 1800s-now Diego63 ESPOSITO NY KBALLESTER ESQUILIN Trujillo Alto PR Dilberto ESTRADA Jalisco Mx 1830s-1900 karend ESTRADA Sp>Cuba 1800s- now MRosado007 ESTRADA Nic>CA 1800s-now Navarro54 ESTRADA Jalisco Mx 1830s-1900 STEVENSHAR ESTRADA Durango Mx 1700s-1800 JoseOR2757 FANTAUZZI Isabela PR SHHARPres FARIAS TBTLU FEBO PR -now JCantu2000 FELAN Nava Mx 1800s cvrsvr FELICIANO Manati PR 1910 -1920 debpapa FELIN Santander Sp 1943 - Sant TEE FELI(N) rafaelf FEO Canary Is>US 1600s-now JCantu2000 FERNANDES Nuevo Leon Mx 1700s ArtiGrrl FERNANDEZ Sp 1880s-1900s CRISRENDON FERNANDEZ Mx 1700s GFernan510 FERNANDEZ Sp>Matanzas Cuba 1880s- PatCT FERNANDEZ RoeridoJR FERNANDEZ Santander Sp 1800s Saldaya FERNANDEZ Sibonga Cebu Phil 1800s- Villalongo FERNANDEZ MCaprio466 FERRO Sp>NY artemis FIGUEREDO Canary Is>Cuba 1900s- EECY FIGUEROA Mx LizStat FIGUEROA PR ESENENE FIGUEROA San German PR 1800s figueroa FIGUEROA Jam 1900s- Maritoole FIGUEROA PR 1800s-1900s MRosado007 FIGUEROA Nic 1800s-1900s STUDYNMOM FIGUEROA PR Villalongo FIGUEROA melthom7 FINADOS 1867 - dsuarez FLEITES Camaguey Cuba -1900 CICAM FLORES Sonora Mx 1700 -1886 CRISRENDON FLORES Mx 1750 DFlores417 FLORES Rio Grande Valley TX 1890 Gemstar15 FLORES Bayamon & Catania PR 1890s-1930s Irmacantu FLORES Piedras Negras Coahuila Mx 1800s Irmacantu FLORES Rio Grande Coahuila Mx 1800s SHHARPres FLORES TENNIS JOE FLORES CERJR FOLLIN San Pedro Sula Hon 1864 - MDiSpirito FONSECA STUDYNMOM FONTANES PR KIKO F FRANCO TX 1900s-now
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