Now you can make 100% hemp curtains, clothing, <BR>handicrafts, paper, and more to suit your particular needs.<BR><BR><BR><BR>We have had an overwhelming request for 100% hemp fabrics, twines, strings, ropes, and semiprocessed fibers &amp; weaving yarns. As always, we scouted around for the very best and are happy to report that we've found just the uncompromising purity and high quality we were looking for. <BR>Whether you're making your own curtains, jewelry, table cloths, blinds, or sofa slip covers, need clothing in sizes we don't offer, are binding your own book or making your own hemp candle using hemp oil and hemp wick (from braided hemp twines), prefer to use 100% hemp twine for all your household and gardening needs, or want to experiment with hemp paper making (via pulp from hemp fiber), you can now choose from our complete line of 100% European hemp fabrics, ropes, twines, and fibers, all made from hemp that is organically grown and processedwithout chemicals or pesticidesof any kind in Romania. <BR>Our premium 100% hemp fabrics are the selfsame ones used to make our cozy, comfortable, durable, stylish, and sustainable 100% hemp clothing and home products, each with a unique natural elegance that comes from sustainability rather than wastefulness. For our own well-being and that of future generations &amp; of our fragile planet, hemp is the way to go. Read all about why hemp is truly the ecological solution to the ills of our time.<BR>Please scroll down for organic hemp fabrics or click here for 100% organic hemp twines and here for 100% organic hemp ropes.<BR>All of our fabrics, twines, and ropes (except HR30, HR 40, HR60 &amp; HR90) qualify for our famous $5 (C$7.50) flat-rate shipping anywhere in the US and Canada, no matter how many items you order. <BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR>100% Organic Hemp Fabrics,<BR>Weaving Yarns, &amp; Semiprocessed Fibers<BR>All air-finished fabrics are smooth &amp; soft.<BR>CodeDescriptionPrice<BR>HF18w5.75 oz air finished hemp linen fabric 58" width (+/-5%) Suitable for shirts, pants, &amp; dresses that require a soft, refined &amp; tightly woven linen fabric. Great for curtains and slip covers too. Beautiful Ivory color (hydrogen-peroxide washed at semiprocessed fiber stage). Special: we have 4 yards of this tremendously popular fabric in Burgundy in stock. Please mention "Burgundy" in the "Comments/Suggestons" box at checkout if you would like them (there is no fabric cutting fee for the 4 yards).$22<BR>HF16w6 oz air finished linen fabric 58" (+/-5%)<BR>Great for clothing, especially if you require the natural hemp color. The shade of this Ecru Natural fabric differs slightly from batch to batch depending on moisture level during harvest season. Good lining material too. Light Natural color.<BR>$22<BR>HF14w6.5oz air finished linen fabric 58" (+/-5%)<BR>A light muslin-like fabric for clothing such as tropical shorts and drawstring pants, blinds, light curtains, as well as table cloths. Natural color.<BR>$22<BR>HFC110 oz air finished canvas 42" (+/-5%)<BR>Our hemp canvases are great for curtains, table cloths, sofa slipcovers, accessories, &amp; cargo pants. Natural color.$17<BR>HFC1w10 oz air finished canvas 58" (+/-5%) Same as above but with 58" width.$22<BR>HFHb113 oz herringbone 42" (+/-5%) Great material for jeans, curtains, accessories, futon barrier cloth covers, bed covers, and interior design projects. Natural color. $18<BR>FFHwc214 oz heavyweight canvas 58" (+/-3%) Great for accessories such as belts and wallets and all kinds of bags and shoes. Good spring/resilience in fabric. Natural color.$22<BR>HFHwc117 oz heavyweight canvas 57"(+/-2%) Great for accessories, tackboards, belts Natural color$27<BR>HFHwc414 oz burlap-like canvas 59" (+/-5%) Great for shopping bags and interior design projects. Natural color.$12<BR>HF1Fiber - semiprocessed (scutched but not hackled)/per pound. Great as an insulation material! Natural color. Photo bottom of page.$6<BR>HF2Banded Sliver -- Fine Line Fiber -- priced per pound. Natural color. Photo bottom of page.$14<BR>HY1Fine Long Fiber Weaving Yarn (10mm). Priced per kg. Natural color. Photo bottom of page.$36<BR>• All are made from 100% European hemp. <BR>• Fabrics are sold by the yard and fibers are sold by the pound or kg according to table above.<BR>• Order below by code number from the list above.<BR>• A cutting fee of $9 (C$15) applies per fabric.<BR>• All fabrics qualify for our famous $5 flat-rate shipping, no matter how many yards you order. Additional shipping fee may apply on bulk semiprocessed fiber, banded sliver, and weaving yarn (we will promptly notify you by email or phone if this is the case). <BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR> 100% European Hemp Fabric, Fiber, &amp; Yarn<BR><BR>• Price is per yard, kilogram, or pound according to table above. • A $9 (C$15) cutting fee per fabric applies to all fabric orders that are less than one roll (usually 50 yards). There is no cutting fee for semiprocessed fiber and yarn.<BR>• Important: please add the product you wish to purchase to your shopping cart and then come back to this page and add the appropriate cutting fee(s) to your shopping cart as well otherwise we'll have to process the cutting fee as a separate transaction at order processing time.<BR>• Reminder: there is one cutting fee per fabric, so if you're buying two different fabrics that are 20 yards each, then please also add two cutting fees to your cart. Thank you!<BR><BR><BR>Product Code  HF18w $22 HF16w $22 HF14w $22 HFC1 $17 HFC1w $22 HFHb1 $18 HFHwc2 $22 HFHwc1 $24 HFHwc4 $12 HF1 $6 HF2 $14 HY1 $36 <BR>Quantity<BR>    <BR>    <BR><BR><BR><BR> Fabric Cutting Fee $9.00 per fabric<BR><BR>If you're buying two different fabrics, please type "2" in the Quantity box below; if you're buying three different fabrics, then please use "3" as the quantity, and so on... Thank you!<BR><BR>Quantity<BR>    <BR>    <BR><BR><BR> <BR><BR> <BR><BR>Also available: 100% Hemp Twines; 100% Hemp Ropes<BR>Questions? Call toll free 1.877.729.4367 <BR><BR>Raw, organic, &amp; unique clothing &amp; food since 2000. <BR><BR><BR> <BR><BR>Site conceived, designed, and created by Touch Jamikorn &amp; Klaus Wallner ©2000-2004<BR>In memoriam PehtPahn Tussanee Jamikorn, Jirapat Jamikorn, Yoshiaki Ao, &amp; Ruth Terry<BR>*The purity of your spirits lives on, illuminating the darkness in which we live*<BR>Dedicated to Earth workers everywhere: in the healing powers of nature we trust.<BR>Website, logo, text, images, &amp; design ©2000-2004 Thammarath Tom Jamikorn &amp; Klaus Wallner<BR>Bennington College Princeton University London School of Economics Columbia University<BR>AES Seventh Day Adventist School Monticello High School Los Altos High School<BR>Richard Bennett Karen Bates Ann Jamison Antonio Rubio Franklin Preston<BR>Brian Dunn Arjun Subramanyan Andreis Nader Michael Santos where are you?<BR>Mark Scheider Jonathan Haynes Maura Spiegel Diana Fuss Supasorn Chartlaong, thank you<BR>Special thanks to Andy Lepore, Jade Pellerin, Melissa, &amp; Salinas: you guys are amazing!<BR>To Jane Lighthall &amp; Larry Lepore too. Corinne "Cory" Corbett, thank you for all the long hours<BR>Amanda Kirk, Paula Blomqvist, Kiran Desai, Lewis Pizzulli: those were the days!<BR>Klaus, Nok, Shanny Pang, Michael Flynn, &amp; Tan: couldn't have done it without you<BR>Brianna Clark Grogan and Brian &amp; Sean Grogan: your friendships mean the world to us<BR>Nous vous aimons: Matsuki, Jane, &amp; Akiko (you're great!) Masutani and Claude Fredericks<BR><BR><BR>We welcome Bronwyn Simons, Jennifer West, &amp; Salinas into our fold: you guys are simply the best!<BR>And a warm and heartfelt thanks to all of our wonderful customers who've come back year after year:<BR>We feel honored to be able to serve you and bring you organic products that are mindfully and sustainably made.<BR>We've read every letter and note you sent us with pride, even though we don't always get to respond to them (no time!).<BR>We're constantly hard at work dreaming up new ways to use the wonderful plant that is hemp for your enjoyment.<BR>We envision a world that brims over with joy, love, peace, sustenance, and happiness for all. Namaste.<BR><BR><BR> <BR>MEDIA<BR><BR><BR><BR>October 8, 2002<BR>Film Festival Entries Reflect Strength of Mountain Film Industry<BR>A record-breaking number of films were entered in this year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival — reflecting the strength and diversity of the mountain film industry. Two hundred and sixty-three films representing 31 countries were received for the 2002 competition. The Banff Mountain Film Festival takes place October 29 and November 1–3 in Banff, Alberta.<BR>"The mountain film industry has never been stronger — and this year’s entries reflect that fact," says Bernadette McDonald, vice-president, Mountain Culture at The Banff Centre. "From a 15-year-old novice filmmaker to some of the most respected directors and producers in the business, the story-telling is first-class. I don't think I've ever seen such variety — there is everything from Ethiopia to Patagonia, from mixed climbing in the Canadian Rockies to Lhotse Middle Peak, from an incredible portrait of Massoud the Afghan to an equally compelling depiction of the legendary characters of Yosemite’s Camp 4."<BR>The festival today announced the 45 finalist films that will be screened during the festival. This year’s finalists are: <BR>ALPINE CLUB OF CANADA AWARD FOR BEST FILM ON CLIMBING, Sponsored by The Alpine Club of Canada — FINALISTS<BR>Bellavista – Adventure beyond the Vertical, Director: Heinz Zak; Producer: Michael Pause; Production Company: Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcast Company) (Germany)<BR>Eastern Tide, Director/Producer: Todd Foster; Production Company: Pull Down Productions Inc. (Canada)<BR>Front Range Freaks [Part 1]: Urban Ape, Director/Producer: Peter Mortimer; Production Company: Axolotl Productions (USA)<BR>A Matter of Doubt, Director: Shay Katz; producers: Katia Lafaille, Gérard Queray; Production Companies: Lafaille Communication/Totem (France)<BR>Mountain Men: The Mystery of McKinley, Producer: Mick Conefrey; Production Companies: BBC/TLC (UK/USA)<BR>Musashi, directors: Glen Crawford, Pat Morrow; producers: Glen Crawford, Pat Morrow; Production Company: Glen Crawford Production Services (Canada)<BR>MX, Director/Producer: Rich Purnell; Production Company: M9 Films (USA)<BR>Patacorta, Director/Producer: Elio Orlandi (Italy)<BR>The Russian Eight-thousander, Director: Nikolai Zhidkov; Producers: Victor Kozlov, Pavel Kadoushin (Russia)<BR>The Second Step – Warren Macdonald’s Epic Journey to Federation Peak, Director: Gary Caganoff; Producer: Suzanne Davies; Production Companies: Kaganovich Productions/Part Animal Part Machine (Australia)<BR>Something about Anna, Director/Producer: Dariusz Zaluski (Poland)<BR>They Don’t Want to Understand It... Cerro Torre, directors: Christoph Frutiger, Christine Kopp, Thomas Ulrich; Producer: Thomas Ulrich; Production Company: Visual Impact Production (Switzerland)<BR>Uncommon Ground, Director: Rob Frost; producers: Rob Frost, Jack Tracy; Production Company: Chance Productions (USA)<BR>Vertical Frontier, Director/Producer: Kristi Denton Cohen; Production Company: Peloton Productions (USA)<BR>Visions of Everest, Director/cameraman: Michael Brown; executive producers: Glenn Timmons, Bill Waite; Production Company: Newport Productions (USA)<BR>BEST FILM ON MOUNTAIN CULTURE, Sponsored by Petzl — FINALISTS<BR>Cannibals and Crampons, Directors: Bruce Parry, Mark Anstice; Producer: Ed Stobart; Production Company: Ginger Productions (UK)<BR>Escape over the Himalayas – Tibet’s Children on Their Journey into Exile, Director: Zazie Blumencron; Producer: Alecsander Faroga; Production Company: Tellux Film Munich (Germany)<BR>Faut pas rêver: Porteurs de misère (Porters of Misery), Director: Philippe Lespinasse; Production Company: France 3 (France)<BR>Gordon Wiltsie – View from Above and Beyond, Producer: Wayne Clague; Production Company: National Geographic Society (USA)<BR>The Granite Ocean II, Director/Producer: Janet Roddan; Production Company: Benign Vertigo (Canada)<BR>Indian Journeys: Shiva’s Matted Locks, Director/Producer: Hugh Thomson; Associate Producer: Laura Marshall; Production Company: Icon Films (UK)<BR>Massoud, the Afghan, Director: Christophe de Ponfilly; Producer: Laurence de Rosière; Production Company: Interscoop (France)<BR>National Geographic Explorer: Search for the Afghan Girl, Producer: Lawrence Cumbo; Production Company: National Geographic Television &amp; Film (USA)<BR>Omo – A Journey to the Primaeval Age, Director/Producer: Pavol Barabas; Production Company: K2 Studio (Slovak Republic)<BR>Shepherd Women of Shambala, Producer: Joy Tessman; Production Company: BolderVision Films (USA)<BR>BEST FILM ON MOUNTAIN ENVIRONMENT, Sponsored by Canadian Mountain Holidays — FINALISTS<BR>Bears, Director: David Lickley; Producer: Goulam Amarsy; Production Company: National Wildlife Federation/Primesco (USA/Canada)<BR>Deepest Patagonia, Director: Luc-Henri Fage; Producer: Sylvie Barbe; Production Company: Média Vidéo Compagnie (France)<BR>In the Shadow of the Condor, Director: Michael Brown; producer: Kim Johnson; executive producer: Les Guthman; Production Companies: Outside Television/OLN/Serac Adventure Films (USA)<BR>Rescue: The Cost of Risk, Director: Pierre-Antoine Hiroz; producer: Benoît Aymon; Production Company: Télévision Suisse Romande (TSR)/MC4 Production/ARTE G.E.I.E./Espace Production (Switzerland/France)<BR>Wild Africa: Mountains, Director: Martyn Colbeck; Producer: Patrick Morris; Production Company: BBC/Discovery Channel (UK/USA)<BR>BEST FEATURE-LENGTH MOUNTAIN FICTION FILM, Sponsored by Mountain Culture at The Banff Centre — FINALISTS<BR>Atanarjuat, Director: Zacharias Kunuk; Producers: Paul Apak Angilirq, Norman Cohn, Zacharias Kunuk; Production Companies: Igloolik Isuma Productions/NFB (Canada)<BR>Kandahar – Journey into the Heart of Afghanistan, Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf; Production Company: Makhmalbaf Film House/Bac Films (Iran/France)<BR>Marooned in Iraq, Director/Producer: Bahman Ghobadi; Production Company: MIJ Film Company (Iran)<BR>Vollgas (Step on It), Director: Sabine Derflinger; Producers: Michael Seeber, Heinz Stussak; Production Company: Prisma Film (Austria)<BR>BEST FILM ON MOUNTAIN SPORTS, Sponsored by Yamnuska Inc. — FINALISTS<BR>The Essence of Adolescence, Director/Producer: Daniel Kingsbury; Production Company: Khaos Productions (Canada)<BR>Into the Tsangpo Gorge, Director/producer: Scott Lindgren; executive Producer: Les Guthman; Production Company: Outside Television (USA)<BR>Jehovah’s Wetness, Director/Producer: Alex Nicks; Production Company: Alex Nicks Productions (USA)<BR>Origin, Director: Dominique Perret; Production Company: Vertical Zoo (Switzerland)<BR>The Prophecy, Directors: Todd Jones, Steve Jones, Dirk Collins; Production Company: Teton Gravity Research (USA)<BR>Riders Anonymous, Director: Jeremy Grant; Producer: Mike Kinrade; Production Company: MPF Productions (Canada)<BR>Rock ’n’ Trial, Director: Marós Kocan; Production Company: Co-Nic Crazy Sport (Slovak Republic)<BR>Los Juegos del Viento (The Wind Games), Director: Francisco Magliarella, Production Companies: Producciones del Viento/Sky Sports (Argentina)<BR>Twitch IV, Director/Producer: Eric Link; Production Company: Videolink, LLC (USA)<BR>WhiteTrax, Director/Producer: Sean White; Production Company: Black and White Productions (Canada)<BR>The Yenisey River Expedition, Director/Producer: Remy Quinter; Production Company: Visual Planet (Canada)<BR>BEST SHORT MOUNTAIN FILM, Sponsored by Mountain Equipment Co-op — FINALISTS<BR>The Essence of Adolescence, Director/Producer: Daniel Kingsbury; Production Company: Khaos Productions (Canada)<BR>Faut pas rêver: Porteurs de misère (Porters of Misery), Director: Philippe Lespinasse; Production Company: France 3 (France)<BR>Front Range Freaks [Part 1]: Urban Ape, Director/Producer: Peter Mortimer; Production Company: Axolotl Productions (USA)<BR>Gordon Wiltsie – View from Above and Beyond, Producer: Wayne Clague; Production Company: National Geographic Society (USA)<BR>The Granite Ocean II, Director/Producer: Janet Roddan; Production Company: Benign Vertigo (Canada)<BR>Musashi, directors: Glen Crawford, Pat Morrow; producers: Glen Crawford, Pat Morrow; Production Company: Glen Crawford Production Services (Canada)<BR>Origin, Director: Dominique Perret; Production Company: Vertical Zoo (Switzerland)<BR>Rock ’n’ Trial, Director: Marós Kocan; Production Company: Co-Nic Crazy Sport (Slovak Republic)<BR>Shepherd Women of Shambala, Producer: Joy Tessman; Production Company: BolderVision Films (USA)<BR>WhiteTrax, Director/Producer: Sean White; Production Company: Black and White Productions (Canada)<BR>An international jury will meet during festival week to select winners in the six prize categories and to choose a Grand Prize Winner. The 2002 jury includes Jean Afanassieff (France), Gerhard Baur (Germany), Piers Handling (Canada), Roger Payne (U.K.) and Valeriana Rosso (Italy). The festival audience chooses the People’s Choice Award. <BR>In addition to screening the 45 finalist films, this year’s festival includes presentations by Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind climber to summit Everest, and American alpinist Steve House. To order tickets for festival events, contact the Banff Centre Box Office at 403-762-6301 or 1-800-413-8368 or order on line at<BR>View a listing of Film Entries from the 2002 Banff Mountain Film Festival<BR>(30)<BR>An electronic version of this media release and downloadable photos of festival speakers are available at<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>MEDIA CONTACTS: <BR>Debra Hornsby, Marketing and Communications Manager, Mountain Culture, The Banff Centre<BR>phone: 403-762-6446, fax: 403-762-6277,<BR>email:<BR>Web site:<BR><BR><BR><BR>The Banff Mountain Film Festival is presented by<BR>  Eagle Creek Travel Gear and National Geographic,<BR>sponsored by Patagonia, Air Canada, Dunham Bootmakers,<BR>Chevy Avalanche, and eVENT Fabrics, <BR>with assistance from Lake Louise Ski Area, and Petzl.<BR> <BR><BR>Page 1 of 2<BR>Video Stores<BR><BR>24HR Video   (Central Victoria)<BR><BR>2814 Jacklin Rd, Victoria<BR>Phone: (250)474-3239<BR><BR><BR>Island Video   (Downtown)<BR><BR>3388 Douglas St, Victoria<BR>Phone: (250)475-2424<BR><BR><BR>PM Video   (Central Victoria)<BR><BR>797 Goldstream Ave, Victoria<BR>Phone: (250)474-6322<BR><BR><BR>Prime Time Video   (Central Victoria)<BR><BR>230A Menzies St, Victoria<BR>Phone: (250)384-2254<BR><BR><BR>Snappy One Hour Foto &amp; 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Design and manufacture of yarn dyed, printed and flocked, jacquard woven fabrics for upholstery applications, from cotton, polyester, acrylic and blends.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Aydin Textile Co <BR>Turkey. Vertically integrated textile manufacturing company. Yarn spinning. Design and manufacture of jacquard and dobby woven fabrics for upholstery applications. Also, carpets and rugs. English, German and French.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Chatham, Inc <BR>USA. Design and manufacture of woven fabrics for upholstery applications in residential and commercial interiors. Also, wall panel and covering fabrics. Part of the Interface Fabrics Group.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Currey Fabrics <BR>USA. Custom design and weaving of chenille fabrics for upholstery applications, from cotton, polyester, acrylic and blends.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Custom Woven Interiors, Ltd <BR>USA. Hand woven textile fabrics for home and office furnishing. Custom designed rugs, wallcoverings and upholstery fabrics.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>D'Etoffe Srl <BR>Italy. Woven fabrics for upholstery applications, from polyester, viscose and blends. English and Italian.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>David Rothschild Co., Inc <BR>USA. Manufacturers of jacquard woven fabrics for upholstery and related applications.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Intek <BR>USA. Open line collections of woven, ex-stock and specialty fabrics for upholstery applications in residential and commercial interiors. Also, custom design, manufacturing and finishing services. Part of the Interface Fabrics Group.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Interface Fabrics, Ltd <BR>UK. Design and manufacture of flame retardent, high-performing fabrics for upholstery applications in commercial and automotive interiors. Also, upholstery fabrics from recycled, and recycable materials. On-line sample service. List of global agents and distributors. Part of the Interface Fabrics Group.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>John Holdsworth &amp; Co., Ltd <BR>UK. Jacquard and plain woven fabrics for upholstery applications in the transportation industry, from wool rich blends, and polyamide, polyester, acrylic and cotton. Detailed product description. Technical data on PDF files.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Magniarredo Spa <BR>Italy. Jacquard woven and velvet fabrics for upholstery applications, from cotton, polyester, viscose and blends. List of trade fairs. English and Italian.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Morbern, Inc <BR>Canada. Vinyl decorative upholstery fabrics for residential, contract and industrial applications. List of distributors. Detailed product directory.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Muvantex NV <BR>Belgium. Jacquard flat woven and velvet fabrics for upholstery applications, from natural and man-made fiber.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Naugahyde, Inc <BR>USA. Vinyl coated fabrics for upholstery applications in residential, contract, institutional and marine environments. Fabric care section, and FAQ. Division of Uniroyal Corp.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Nitas Tessile <BR>Thailand. Jacquard woven, yarn dyed and finished fabrics for drapery and upholstery applications, from polyester and cotton blends. Custom design services.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Paul Brayton Designs <BR>USA. Upholstery fabrics for commercial, industrial or institutional applications. Genuine and synthetic leathers, and textile fabrics from cotton, polyester, polypropylene, wool and blends. Price list and shipping information.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Pine Ridge Weavers, Inc <BR>USA. Flat woven upholstery and wall covering fabrics for home and contract furnishing, and furniture applications, from polyolefin yarns. Division of Peeler Rug Co., Inc.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Quaker Fabric Corporation <BR>Manufactures and markets specialty yarns and woven and jacquard upholstery fabrics for residential furniture markets. (Nasdaq: QFAB).<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Replin Fabrics, Ltd <BR>UK. Design and manufacture of flame retardent upholstery fabrics for marine, aviation, rail and other transportation applications, from wool. On-line sample service.<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>Rohleder GmbH <BR>Germany. Design and manufacture of woven upholstery fabrics, from wool, cotton, linen, silk and man-made fibers. Maintenance and care guides. On-line job offerings and resume submission form. English and German.<BR> <BR><BR><BR>A B C D F G H J K L M O R S T Z<BR><BR>NOM, PrénomSpécialitéVille/état/Pays<BR>AMIRI, KhalilInformatiqueNYC/NY/USA<BR>AOURIRI, ChedleyInformatiqueBeaverton/Oregon/USA<BR>AYEB, BechirInformatiqueSherbrooke/Quebec/Canada<BR>AISSA, SoniaTélécommunicationMontreal/Quebec/Canada<BR><BR>Name: AMIRI, Khalil<BR>Title: Ph.D. in Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University<BR>Position : Member of Research staff<BR>Institution/Company : IBM Research, New York<BR>Main topics of research :<BR>1. Internet infrastructure<BR>2. Distributed systems<BR>3. Storage servers and technology<BR>4. Nework security<BR>5. Operating systems<BR>Email:<BR>Web page :<BR><BR>Name: AOURIRI,Chedley<BR>Title : Engineer , MBA<BR>Position : Technical Manager<BR>Institution/Company : Intel Corp <BR>Department : NBG (New Business Group)<BR>Laboratory : IAL (Intel Architecture Labs) , Internet Building Blocks Lab<BR>Main topics of research :<BR>1. Fast Routers and switching<BR>2. Open Networking<BR>3. Networking Management <BR>4. Network Security<BR>Email :<BR>Web page :<BR>Name : Aissa, Sonia<BR>Title: Ph.D.  <BR>Position : Professor<BR>Institution : INRS, Université du  Québec<BR>Department : Télécommunications<BR>Spécialité  : Télécommunications<BR>Main topics of research :<BR>    -  Wireless multimédia communication <BR>    - Radio resource management in mobile systems <BR>     - Wireless networking <BR><BR>Email :<BR>Web Page :<BR>Name: Ben Ameur, Hatem <BR>Title :  (PhD, Ing, …)/spécialité: Ingénierie financière<BR>Position : Candidat au Ph.D. et professeur chercheur<BR>Institution/Company : UQAM<BR>Department: ESG, DSA<BR>Laboratory :<BR>Main topics of research : Finance mathématiques et ses applications<BR>Email :<BR>Web page : <BR><BR><BR>Name: Ben-Miled, Zina <BR>Title: Ph.D Computer Engineering<BR>Position : Assistant Professor<BR>Institution/Company : Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis<BR>Department: Electrical Engineering, /Purdue School of Engineering and Technology<BR>Laboratory : High Performance Computing<BR>Main topics of research :<BR>1. parallel processing<BR>2. datamining/knowledge discovery<BR>3. architecture design<BR>4. reconfigurable hardware design <BR>Email :<BR>Web page :<BR><BR> Name: Ben Letaief, Khaled <BR>Title :PhD, Electrical Engineering, Purdue University)/Wireless &amp; Mobile Communications<BR>Position : Associate Professor<BR>Institution/Company : Hong Kong University of Science &amp; Technology<BR>Department : Electrical &amp; Electronic Engineering Department<BR>Laboratory :<BR>Main topics of research :<BR>1. Wireless personal and mobile communications<BR>2. Spread spectrum systems<BR>3. Optical fiber networks<BR>4. Multiuser detection and CDMA systems<BR>5. Wireless multimedia communications<BR>Email :<BR>Web page :<BR>  <BR><BR>Name : Ben-El-Mechaiekh, Hichem<BR>Title: Ph.D., Mathématiques<BR>Position : Professeur titulaire<BR>Institution/Company : Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada<BR>Department : Mathématiques<BR>Laboratory :<BR>Main topics of research : <BR>1. Analyse fonctionelle nonlinéaire<BR>2. Optimization<BR>3. Economie mathématique et théorie des jeux<BR>4. Inclusions différentielles<BR>E-mail :<BR>Web Page : http://www. BrockU.CA/mathematics/people/ben-el/default.html<BR><BR><BR>Name: B. Slimane, Rachid <BR>Title : PhD/ Hot Gas Cleanup (Chemical Engineering)<BR>Position : Principal Chemical Engineer<BR>Institution/Company : Institute of Gas Technology (a non-profit R&amp;D organization)<BR>Department: Gas Processing Department<BR>Laboratory : Hot Gas Cleanup<BR>Main topics of research :<BR>1. Development of regenerable metal oxide-based sorbents for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal from fuel gases at high temperatures and pressures. Development of regenerable and non-regenerable materials for sulfur dioxide (SO2) removal from flue gases at high temperatures.<BR>2. Reactor design for homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions and analysis of reactors from thermodynamic and kinetic point of view; <BR>3. Environmental problems associated with metallurgical operations and waste metal recycling; processing of solid and hazardous waste materials;<BR>4. Pollution prevention / control processes; <BR>5. Process design / Separation processes<BR>Email :<BR>Web page : <BR>  <BR>Name: Bouraoui, Hédi<BR>Title :  (PhD, Ing, …)/spécialité: Ph.D. Littérature comparée<BR>Position : Professor Emeritus<BR>Institution/Company : York University<BR>Department: <BR>Laboratory :<BR>Main topics of research :<BR>1. Littérature maghrébine<BR>2. Littérature comparée:Maghreb, Afrique de l'Ouest, Antilles, Française, Américaine<BR>Email :<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Suggestions and updates are welcome. How many visitors have been here this month? <BR> Mayflower Quilters Guild located in Halifax, Nova Scotia<BR>A few Fabric and Quilting Stores in Nova Scotia <BR>Canadian Mail Order Sources For Textiles <BR>Visit the The Merry Quilter Galleries to see quilts made by my sister-in-law, Jean Dyer Goulden.<BR><BR>Want to see some quilt pages that Jean created for me? Look here...... Nina's Quilts<BR><BR>Visiting Nova Scotia?<BR>My relatives own and operate the Balmoral Motel and Mill Dining Room conveniently located in Tatamagouche on the "Sunrise Trail" in Nova Scotia<BR><BR>Information on Nova ScotiaDestination:Nova Scotia and NS Online<BR><BR>Chebucto Community Net's Web Cam in Halifax, Nova Scotia <BR>Want more web cam views of the Halifax area? Check out Andrew Wright's list here <BR>Please Take Note!<BR>- have you seen this quilt? <BR>Here is a picture of Pinwheels and Popsicles <BR>This quilt was stolen in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and was last seen at the Camp Hill Veteran's Hospital on December 19, 2003. Barbara Robson put the quilt on the wall in her father's room. She has placed information on this web site - Lost Quilt Come Home Page. <BR>If you are able to help Barbara you can contact her at - <BR>New Links<BR>Women's Quilt Block Socks from The Twisted Stitcher - Novelty socks for women's feet! These women's socks are quilt block socks and fun socks. Even the nostalgic standby - Sunbonnet Sue. <BR>A.H. Mercantile Co - Thousands of quilting fabrics, kits, patterns, table linens, candles, all natural soaps, gifts and more! <BR>Quilting on the Mira - longarm quilting on an A-1 Elite, online quilting store and Pfaff sewing machine dealer <BR>The Quilting Post -"Our quilting store specializes in flannel fabrics, batik fabrics, and quilting kits. We love batik fabrics and sell bundles of batik fat quarters. We specialize in flannel and cotton quilting kits" <BR>Cottage Quilting Online - an online quilt &amp; stitchery shop in British Columbia, Canada <BR>Valerie Hearder - textile artist, quilt teacher, author <BR>Hall's Harbour Handcrafts - handmade custom quiltmaking and vintage textiles <BR>Lil Miss Creative - cotton inkjet fabric sheets <BR>Fat Quarter Shop - Specializing in fat quarter bundles for the quilting enthusiast <BR>Mama's Log House Quilt Shop - Our quilt shop specializes in exceptional selection and service. Please visit our online shop to see our frequently updated inventory of quilting fabric, quilting supplies, patterns, quilt books, kits and more. <BR>Quilted from the Heart - Longarm machine quilting and whole cloth quilts<BR><BR>Quilting Patterns from Helen Squire, Quilt Teacher<BR>As a quilt teacher, designer of quilting patterns, guest lecturer, auctioneer, and Q &amp; A columnist for three decades, Helen Squire has the experience to answer your questions on quiltmaking. <BR>Cottons &amp; More - mail order quilt store in Edmonton, Alberta <BR>The Quilt Index - The Quilt Index is an online research and reference tool designed to provide to information and images of quilts held in private and public collections. <BR>Kameleon Quilts - quilts and patterns from Norway by designer Eldrid Royset Forde <BR> - New Zealand and Australian patchwork quilting and cloth doll designers <BR>River City Quilts - in southern Minnesota <BR>Goose Tracks Quilts - unique decorative quilts and free t-shirt quilt instructions <BR> - Specializing in quilt patterns, products, and fabrics <BR>Scarlett Rose - Celtic and Stained Glass Quilt Books, Patterns, Specialty Notions. <BR> - searchable directory of quilt shops, teachers, quilting suppliers, quilts for sale and more. <BR>DCM Products - wooden quilt racks. <BR>Quilts &amp; Coordinates Magazine - this new magazine coordinates quilting projects with home decorating interests. <BR>Labours Of Love Heirloom Sewing Supplies - is a unique mail order service that specializes in Heirloom Sewing, Smocking, Battenberg Lace, Silk Ribbon Embroidery, French Ribbons and Teddy Bear Making supplies. <BR>The Melon Patch and Sew Creative - fabrics, sewing machines and notions for quilt making and home decorating <BR>Quilts By The Sea - handmade Nova Scotia quilts <BR>Patchpieces <BR>The UFO-Orphanage for Quilters <BR>America's Quilting History <BR>The Cotton Mill Threadworks - specializing in various threads and continuous-line quilting patterns <BR>Premier Issue of Fabric Trends Magazine a showcase of the newest fabric creations....on sale Feb. 11 <BR>Ami Simms- 'how to' photo transfer, mystery quilts, books, quilting tips.<BR><BR>Arts &amp; Crafts Search Engine <BR>Search For:  <BR><BR>Jack and - Five generations of stitchers from Oregon to Colorado share their work, hints and tips, and favorite projects! A friendly community of needlework artisans. Bulletin boards, chat room, projects, files and fellowship. Lot's of great gift ideas! <BR>Oregon Quilting- long arm quilting service <BR>Kimono Source - traditional Japanese garments for wearing, display, or use in fabric crafts/fiber arts <BR>Kyoto Kimono - home-based business in Eugene, Oregon, carrying only vintage (or, at least, second-hand) items purchased at the temple sales and auction houses of Kyoto. <BR>Marilyn Belford's Art Quilts - Art Quilts and realistic fabric portraits by Marilyn Belford and her students are displayed. Also to be seen are photos of Marilyn's works as they evolved from start to finish <BR>QuiltPro Directory of Quilt Shops and more - a new directory of quilt shops, quilting supplies, quilters etc. <BR>Northern Quilts - a webshop from Norway. Original quilt patterns for sale and some free to download. <BR>Quilted Path Links Page - lots of quilting links <BR>MERRY-GO-ROUND Sewing Machines - household and industrial - sales, repairs, parts, notions <BR>The Fabric Merchant - on line fabric store and also offer free fabric finding <BR>Wild Zipper - custom T-Shirt quilts. <BR>Handiquilter - Use your own home sewing machine to machine quilt <BR>Quilting Arts Forum - quilting tips, patterns and more <BR>ABC Patterns - Specializing in quilt patterns for patchwork, paper piecing, applique quilting and wall hangings. Quilter designs include country, Americana, Christmas, houses, sailing, and baby size animal quilts. <BR>The Quiltmaker's Gift - is a beautiful picture book that celebrates the value of generosity, the spirit of community, and the quilting tradition. <BR>Patchwork Mountain - over 1,000 fabrics on-line. Plus fabric, patterns, fat quarter bundles, gifts and more. <BR>Loving Stitches Quilt Shop - Hundreds of 100% cotton fabrics on our high speed web site, plus free message board to trade patterns, swap squares, and meet new friends. <BR>The Designer's Workshop - The site features foundation pieced patterns by Eileen Sullivan: quilt artist, teacher, lecturer, designer <BR>Archive of American Patchwork Quilt Designs <BR>Rags to Riches Quilt Fabric Archive <BR>Village Dry Goods <BR>Quilters Warehouse <BR>The Fiber Art Gallery - well worth visiting! <BR>Quilt University - online quilting classes offered - a free sample class to try <BR>The Quilter Magazine (formerly Traditional Quilter Magazine) <BR>Future Heirlooms - extensive all quilt block website as well as a gallery, quilting hints and swap page. <BR>Gloria Hansen - Artist . Writer . Quiltmaker co-author "The Quilter's Computer Companion" and "Free Stuff for Quilters on the Internet" <BR>The Virginia Quilter - online quilt shop <BR>The Lost Quilt Come Home Page - a place to display lost or stolen quilts and information on how to protect quilts <BR>Art Quilting by Olena Nebuchadnezzar <BR>The Craft Mailbox - mail order supplier in Australia <BR>Hop's Escher Tiles - tiles and tessellations, including an animated tile <BR>International Quilt Festival <BR>Quiltchannel - an extensive list of quilting links <BR>Marble-T Design- hand-marbled fabrics and pattern kits <BR>Try these tessellation pages by William Chow, the first containing several Japanese Quilt Designs and Chinese Lattice Designs: Tessellations and Periodic Drawings M. C. Escher Graphics <BR>Arts Textiles European site <BR>France Patchwork <BR>L'Atelier Patchwork de Simone <BR>Quilting with Children <BR>Quilts From Caring Hands - quilts for children at risk <BR>Quilting at the Mining Company - a 'mine' of links, articles, how to's and more. <BR>Susan Druding's Quilting, Pfaff &amp; Fiber Page <BR>Quillows - a quilt and a pillow - from Quilting at the Mining Company <BR><BR><BR><BR>Quilting in Nova Scotia (Canada) <BR>Nova Scotia Heritage Quilt Project <BR>The Cotton Patch"oldest established quilt shop in the Atlantic Provinces" <BR>Sew Karen-ly Created Patterns for machine piecing and quilting - Original designs for today's busy quilters! <BR>Interested in outerwear fabrics? TryTimmel Fabrics specializing in Canadian-made Yukon fleece. <BR>Trudy's Sewing Room authorized PFAFF/Husqvarna-Viking Dealer - education and after sales support a priority; also threads, notions, and complete range of sewing and serger classes. <BR><BR><BR><BR>Quilters Cupboard - new shop located in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada<BR><BR><BR>The Village Quilt Shop- in Bedeque , Prince Edward Island, Canada - specializing in blocks of the month and kits, as well as 100% cotton fabric and popular name quilt books and patterns. <BR>Grey Fort Quilts - St. Jacobs, Ontario, Canada. Quilts for sale: Handmade Amish/Mennonite Quilts, Log Cabin Quilts and Assorted Baby Quilts. We also sell Seat Cushions, Rocking Chair Pads, Decorative Throws, Crocheted, Quilted Placemats, Table Runners, Fairy Collectables, Wholesale Fabrics, Tablecloths, Miniature Tea Sets, Glass Vases &amp; Christmas Decorations. Enter our annual free quilt draw <BR>HAKA Sewing Furniture - designed and crafted in Canada. <BR>Baycreek Quilting Products - Custom Templates and Traditional Sets for rotary cutting <BR>GRETA KRISTIANSEN-JACOBS - quiltmaker from Picton, Ontario <BR>Kennebecasis Valley Quilting Guild <BR>Cottonwood Quilts - quilt kits, quilting tips, and a newsletter for beginners. <BR>That Bead Lady - a Canadian mailorder source for beads and beading supplies - a great way to embellish quilts/garments <BR> - quilt store in Creston, British Columbia featuring fabric, notions, rulers, over 250 book titles, over 230 stencils, classes and also a link to the community supported Quilts 4kidz <BR>Canadian Quilters Association <BR>Beverly's Quilting Page <BR>Quilters Fancy large selection of quilting products. <BR>The Hobby Horse Online <BR>A Great Notion Sewing Supply Ltd. - source of many hard-to-find sewing and quilting supplies. <BR>Sew Fancy mail order fabrics and supplies for quilting, heirloom sewing, smocking, EQ software. <BR>Quilting B &amp; More in Prince Edward Island, Canada <BR>Cotton-By-Post <BR>G &amp; S Dyes - source for dye supplies, cottons &amp; silks, newsletter. <BR>Level Logic a cutting tool with a firm handle and non-slip base. <BR><BR><BR><BR>World Wide Quilt Page <BR>Quilt Talk Home Page <BR>QuiltBee Homepage <BR>Missing Fabrics Page <BR>Quilters Online Resource <BR>Quilt-a-way Fabrics <BR>Northwest Quilters <BR>Katie's Vintage Kimono <BR>Kaye Wood's Home Page - The only place you need to go for quilting patterns and books, notions, templates and the latest tips and techniques in the quilting world. Free email newsletter available too, just sign up at <BR>Keepsake Quilting <BR>New England Quilt Museum <BR>Quilt Pictures on the Web - a page of links to quilt pictures <BR>Crazy Quilt Central <BR>Candy Goff's Home Page <BR>Judy Smith's Quilting Page - lots of great quilting links <BR>Studio Art Quilt Associates <BR>The Cozy Homepage - art quilts and a page with a sense of humour <BR>Planet Patchwork receive 'The Virtual Quilt' newsletter, explore lots of links! <BR>Benartex Inc. Home Page check out their What's New page for free pattern <BR>The National Quilting Association <BR>Kansas City Star Patterns complete collection from 1928 - 1961 <BR>Poakalani's Hawaiian Quilting Page <BR>Mary Ann's Cyberspace Quilting Room <BR>QuiltArt Home Page <BR>ABC Quilts Project <BR>Quilt National <BR>Quilter By Design, Debby Kratovil's new virtual quilt site. <BR>QUILT Magazine <BR>MI-MU CLUB Japanese fabrics <BR>QuiltBiz <BR>Adolescent Quilting Project <BR>National Online Quilters <BR>David Walker's Homepage <BR>Miami Centennial Quilt Project <BR>What are tessellations?World of Escher <BR>Quilts With Style/The Foundation Piecer <BR><BR><BR><BR>Mail Lists and Newsgroups:<BR>QuiltArt Mail List <BR>Featherweight Fanatics, a mail list to discuss the featherweight sewing machine and other antique machines. <BR>Kaffee-Klatsch, is a manually run, digest only, quilt chat e-mail list run by Sue Traudt and the World Wide Quilt Page. If you'd like to join, all you have to do is send an e-mail message to Please put "Subscribe" in the subject line and your real name and your e-mail address in the body of the message. If you have any questions, please e-mail Sue at <BR>QUILTNET is an internet e-mail list for General Quilting discussion<BR>send "Subscribe Quiltnet Your Name" in a message to LISTSERV@LSV.UKY.EDU (list may be closed) <BR>Q-XCHG@LSV.UKY.EDU Quilt related Exchanges<BR>send "Subscribe Q-XCHG Your Name" in a message to LISTSERV@LSV.UKY.EDU Check List name(list may be closed) <BR>rec.crafts.textiles.quilting Use your local Usenet news service (Go news on CCN) <BR><BR><BR><BR>Quilting Software:<BR>Software Reviews from TVQ <BR>PCQuilt for Windows, Baby Mac for Macintosh Demos <BR>The Electric Quilt Company Electric Quilt 5 Software <BR>Quilt-Pro 4 <BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR>Patrick Crispen and co-driver Bob Rankin invite you to ride The Internet TourBus - every week, a new stop on the Web. <BR>The best WWW search tools<BR>Google.Com <BR>Lycos Web Search <BR>Or search Web Pages and Newsgroups using ALTA VISTA search tool by Digital. <BR>Also A Unified Search Engine for InTernetUSE IT <BR>Comments and information about this page<BR>(updated January, 2004)<BR><BR>Disclaimer: I haven't tried everything you can reach from here ;-( <BR>Please send updates, information, and corrections to Nina Dyer <BR>Visit our host Chebucto Community Network
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