FEATURED DENMARK HOTELS<BR><BR><BR><BR>Hilton Airport Hotel Denmark<BR>Ellehammersvej 20 Copenhagen <BR>2770 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Book Now!<BR><BR><BR>Radisson SAS Royal Hotel<BR>Hammerichgade 1 Copenhagen <BR>DK-1611 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Book Now!<BR><BR><BR>The Palace Hotel Denmark<BR>Raadhuspladsen 57 Copenhagen dk 1550 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Book Now!<BR><BR><BR>Phoenix Hotel Copenhagen<BR>Bredgade, 37 1260 Copenhagen,<BR>Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Book Now!<BR><BR><BR>Sophie Amalie Hotel Denmark<BR>21 Sankt Annæ Plads DK-1250 Copenhagen K Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Book Now!<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Kong Arthur Denmark<BR>Norre Sogade, 11 1370 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Book Now!<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Don't know which hotel to book?<BR>Click here for assistance!<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Interested to book on other hotels worldwide?<BR> -------Select Countries------- Australia Austria Bahamas Bahrain Belgium Brunei Cambodia Canada China Cyprus Denmark Dubai (UAE) East Timor Egypt England France French Polynesia Germany Greece Guam Hawaii Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Korea Kuwait Laos Lebanon Macau Malaysia Maldives Malta Mauritius Mexico Micronesia Morocco Myanmar Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Norway Oman Pakistan Palau Philippines Qatar Russia Saipan Saudi Arabia Scotland Seychelles Singapore South Africa Spain Switzerland Syria Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Turkey USA Vietnam Wales Yemen  <BR><BR><BR><BR>NEED ASSISTANCE ?<BR>We really do care about our customers and their wishes. Our qualified staff will make sure that all arrangements and special requests are fulfilled to your expectations.<BR><BR>To contact Customer Care 7 days a week Click Here<BR>To speak with a Customer Care Agent or to make online hotel booking call +9716 5597881.<BR><BR>ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF DENMARK HOTELS<BR><BR><BR><BR> --------------------Select a Hotel-------------------- 71 Nyhavn Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Absalon Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Alexandra Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Ascot Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Astoria Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Best Western Mayfair Hotel Denmark Clarion Hotel Neptun Denmark Comfort Hotel Excelsior Denmark Copenhagen Admiral Hotel Denmark Copenhagen Marriott Hotel Denmark D'Angleterre Hotel Denmark First Hotel Vesterbro Denmark Gentofte Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Golden Tulip Imperial Hotel Denmark Grand Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel Hotel Ansgar Copenhagen Denmark Hotel Christian IV Denmark Hotel Danmark Copenhagen Denmark Hotel Du Nord Copenhagen Denmark Hotel Kong Arthur Denmark Hotel Lautruppark Denmark Hotel Tiffany Copenhagen Denmark Ibis Star Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Ibis Triton Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Ibsens Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Kong Frederik Hotel Denmark Mercure Copenhagen Hotel Denmark Mercure Hotel Richmond Denmark Mermaid Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Opera Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Park Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Phoenix Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Quality Airport Hotel Dan Denmark Radisson SAS Falconer Hotel Denmark Radisson SAS Globetrotter Hotel Radisson SAS H.C. Andersen Hotel Radisson SAS Limfjord Hotel Denmark Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Denmark Radisson SAS Scandinavia Aarhus Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel Scandic City Hotel Denmark Selandia Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Sofitel Plaza Copenhagen Hotel Sophie Amalie Hotel Denmark Strand Hotel Copenhagen Denmark The Palace Hotel Copenhagen Denmark Top Hotel Hebron Denmark  <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR>D'Angleterre Hotel DenmarkHilton Airport Hotel<BR>71 Nyhavn Hotel DenmarkRadisson SAS Royal<BR>Radisson SAS GlobetrotterPhoenix Hotel Denmark<BR>Radisson SAS Aarhus Denmark Radisson SAS Falconer<BR><BR><BR>TOP HOTELS IN DENMARK<BR><BR><BR>Huge Discount for "Price-Sensitive Traveler"<BR><BR>Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Denmark<BR>Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel Denmark<BR>Copenhagen Marriott Hotel Denmark<BR>D'Angleterre Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel Denmark<BR>Sofitel Plaza Copenhagen Hotel Denmark<BR>Golden Tulip Imperial Hotel Denmark<BR>The Palace Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Hotel Kong Arthur Copenhagen Denmark<BR>71 Nyhavn Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Grand Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Kong Frederik Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Phoenix Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Radisson SAS Globetrotter Hotel Denmark<BR>Radisson SAS Falconer Hotel Denmark<BR>Sophie Amalie Hotel Denmark<BR>Copenhagen Admiral Hotel Denmark<BR>Quality Airport Hotel Dan Denmark<BR>Scandic City Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Clarion Hotel Neptun Denmark<BR>Radisson SAS H.C. Andersen Hotel<BR>Radisson SAS Limfjord Hotel Denmark<BR>Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel Aarhus<BR><BR><BR><BR>AFFORDABLE HOTELS IN DENMARK<BR><BR><BR>Discounted Price on Published Rates Guaranteed!<BR><BR>Absalon Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Alexandra Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Ascot Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Astoria Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Ibis Star Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Ibsens Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Hotel Lautruppark Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Best Western Mayfair Hotel Denmark<BR>Mercure Copenhagen Hotel Denmark<BR>Mercure Hotel Richmond Copenhagen<BR>Mermaid Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Opera Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Strand Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Hotel Christian IV Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Hotel Ansgar Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Hotel Du Nord Copenhagen Denmark<BR>First Hotel Vesterbro Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Hotel Tiffany Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Gentofte Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Selandia Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Park Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Top Hotel Hebron Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Hotel Danmark Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Comfort Hotel Excelsior Denmark<BR>Ibis Triton Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR><BR><BR><BR>Copenhagen Hotels<BR><BR>Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Hammerichgade 1 Copenhagen DK-1611 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel Denmark<BR>Ellehammersvej 20 Copenhagen 2770 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Copenhagen Marriott Hotel Denmark<BR>5 Kalvebod Brygge Copenhagen V DK-1560 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>D'Angleterre Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Kongens Nytorv 34, Dk 1050 K Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel Denmark<BR>Amager Boulevard 70 Copenhagen S DK-2300 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Sofitel Plaza Copenhagen Hotel Denmark<BR>Bernstorffsgade 4 Copenhagen 1577 Denmark <BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Golden Tulip Imperial Hotel Denmark<BR>Vester Farimagsgade 9 Copenhagen 1606 Denmark Back to Top<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>The Palace Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Raadhuspladsen 57 Copenhagen dk 1550 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Hotel Kong Arthur Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Norre Sogade, 11 1370 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>71 Nyhavn Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Nyhavn 71 Copenhagen 1051 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Grand Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Vesterbrogade 9, Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Kong Frederik Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>25 Vester Voldgade DK-1552 Copenhagen V Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Phoenix Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Bredgade, 37 1260 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Radisson SAS Globetrotter Hotel Denmark<BR>Engvej 171 Copenhagen DK-2300 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Radisson SAS Falconer Hotel Denmark<BR>Falkoner Alle 9 Copenhagen F, DK-2000 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Sophie Amalie Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>21 Sankt Annæ Plads DK-1250 Copenhagen K Denmark Back to Top<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Copenhagen Admiral Hotel Denmark<BR>TOLDBODGADE 24 28 , Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Quality Airport Hotel Dan Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Kastruplunsgade 15 Copenhagen 2770 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Scandic City Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>6 Vestersoegade, DK 1601 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Clarion Hotel Neptun Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Sankt Annes Plads 18, Copenhagen K, Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Absalon Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>15-19 Helgolandsgade Copenhagen 1653 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Alexandra Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>H.C. Andersens Boulevard, 8 1553 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Ascot Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Studiestraede 61Copenhagen 1554 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Astoria Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Banegårdspladsen 4 DK-1570 Copenhagen V <BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Ibis Star Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Colbjoernsensgade 13 Copenhagen 1652 Denmark Back to Top<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Ibsens Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Vendersgade 23, 1363 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Hotel Lautruppark Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Borupvang 2. DK-2750 Ballerup Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Best Western Mayfair Hotel Denmark<BR>Helgolandsgade, 3 1653 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Mercure Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Vester Farimagsgade, 17 1606 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Mercure Hotel Richmond Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Vester Farimagsgade, 33 1606 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Mermaid Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Longangstraede 27, Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Opera Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Tordenskjoldsgade, 15 1055 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Strand Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Havnegade, 37 1058 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Christian IV Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Dronningens Tværgade, 45 1302 Copenhagen, Denmark Back to Top<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Hotel Ansgar Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Colbjoernsensgade, 29 1652 Copenhagen,Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Hotel Du Nord Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Colbjørnsensgade, 14 1652 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>First Hotel Vesterbro Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Vesterbrogade, 23-29 1620 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Tiffany Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Colbjørnsensgade, 28 1652 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Gentofte Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Gentoftegade, 29 2820 Copenhagen, Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Selandia Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>12 helgolandsgade Copenhagen 1653 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Park Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Jarmers Plads 3 Copenhagen, 155V, Denmark <BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Top Hotel Hebron Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Helgolandsgade 4 Copenhagen, DK-1653<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Hotel Danmark Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Vester Voldgade 89 DK-1552 Copenhagen V Denmark Back to Top<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Comfort Hotel Excelsior Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Colbjornsensgade 4-8, Copenhagen, DK, V 1652<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Ibis Triton Hotel Copenhagen Denmark<BR>Helgolandsgade 7-11 DK- Copenhagen 1653<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR><BR><BR><BR>Odense Hotels<BR>Radisson SAS H.C. Andersen Odense Denmark<BR>Claus Bergs Gade 7 Odense C DK-5000 Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR>Radisson SAS Limfjord Hotel Aalborg Denmark<BR>Ved Stranden 14-16 DK- 9000 Aalborg Denmark Back to Top<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR><BR><BR><BR>Aarhus Hotel<BR>Radisson SAS Scandinavia Aarhus Denmark<BR>Margrethepladsen 1 8000 Aarhus C Denmark<BR>Hotel Rating: <BR> Copenhagen - Cheapest Hotels<BR>Find and compare the cheapest hotel rates from top travel sites at NexTag. Ratings, reviews, photos, super deals. Compare and save on hotels, airfare, and car rentals.2) Copenhagen - Cheaper Hotels<BR>Before booking a hotel, compare hotel room rates at Calibex.<BR>3) Save On Copenhagen Hotels At Expedia.com<BR>Save up to 50% on Copenhagen hotels at Expedia.com, your one-stop source for hotels, flights, vacation packages, cruises and rental cars. Don't just travel. Travel Right. 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Find perfect accommodations at discounted rates in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hotel sites have detailed descriptions, room rates, photos, maps.<BR><BR>Copenhagen Tobacco, Hotel In Copenhagen, Copenhagen Snuff, Map Of Copenhagen, Twin, Copenhagen Denmark, Hotel Copenhagen, Copenhagen Hotel, and Royal Copenhagen Cologne <BR><BR><BR>Hotel Copenhagen<BR>Copenhagen, Denmark hotel, resort, accommodation list<BR>Hotel Copenhagen: Vacations à la Carte offers all types of accommodation in Copenhagen, Denmark: discounted rooms in budget hotels and luxury resorts. You'll receive instant confirmation and a reservation number, issued by the central reservation system from the hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark. Get the best rates and the highest discounts from independent hotels and from all chains: Radisson, Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Ibis, Best Western, Holiday Inn, etc.<BR>In our first database we've found some great hotels in Copenhagen. They are listed below. You can also use the Copenhagen, Denmark hotel availability search form for an overview of accommodations with rooms available on your dates of travel.<BR>Compare prices to find the best hotel deals in Copenhagen:<BR>Search more special offers in Copenhagen using our other Copenhagen hotel database<BR>Hotel Service Desk Copenhagen: special offers &amp; packages hotels Copenhagen<BR>Copenhagen Hotel Reservation <BR>Discounts on Cars for Less Rental Cars Copenhagen<BR>Auto Hire in Copenhagen with Best Rates and Service!<BR> this logo shows which Copenhagen hotel offers Special Internet Rates: the best bargains available in Copenhagen.<BR><BR><BR><BR>  Sophie Amalie Hotel Sankt Ann’ Plads 21, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Savoy Hotel Vesterbrogade 34, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Park Hotel Copenhagen Jarmers Plads 3, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Comfort Hotel Osterport Oslo Plads 5, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Hotel Du Nord Colbjornesenbej 14, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Comfort Hotel Mayfair Helgolandsgade 3, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Hotel Kong Arthur Norre Sogade 11, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Imperial Hotel Vest Farimagsgade, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Ibsens Hotel Vendersgade 23, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Copenhagen Admiral Hotel Toldbodgade 24-28, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Comfort Hotel Europa Colbjornsensgade 5-11, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Dgi-byens Hotel Tietgensgade 65, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Ascot Hotel Studiestraede 61, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Absalon Hotel 15-19 Helgolandsgade, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  71 Nyhavn Hotel Nyhavn 71, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Hotel Astoria Banegrdspladsen 4, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Hotel Opera Tordenskjoldsgade 15, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Avenue Hotel Aaboulevard 29, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Phoenix Copenhagen Bredgade 37, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Comfort Hotel Esplanaden Bredgade 78, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Copenhagen Strand Havengade, 37, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Hotel D Angleterre Kongens Nytorv 34, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Hotel Nebo Copenhagen Istedgade 6-8, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Clarion Hotel Neptun Sankt Annaes Plads 18-20, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Comfort Hotel Excelsior Colbjornsensgade 6, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Hotel City Peder Skramsgade 24, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Hotel Kong Frederik Vester Voldgade 25, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Radisson Sas Scandinavia Amager Blvd 70, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Molestien 11, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Hotel Alexandra H.c.andersens Boulevard 8, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Park Inn Copenhagen Airport Engvej 171, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Hotel Danmark Vester Voldgade 89, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Mercure Hotel Copenhagen Vester Farimagsgade 17, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Mermaid Hotel Loengangstraede 27, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  First Hotel Vesterbro Vesterbrogade 23-29, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Palace Hotel Raadhuspladsen 57, Copenhagen Reservations <BR>  Mercure Hotel Richmond Vester Farimagsgade 33, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Hotel Ansgar Colbjornsensgade 29, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> The Square Raadhuspladsen 14, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Marriott Copenhagen Kalvebod Brygge 5, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Hilton Copenhagen Ellehammersvej 20, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Ibis Copenhagen Triton Hotel Helgolandsgade 7 11, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Broendby Park Hotel Brondbyvester Boulevard 6, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Ibis Copenhagen Star Hotel Colbjoernsensgade 13, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Ibis Copenhagen Crown Hotel Vesterbrogade 41, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Quality Hotel Airport Dan Kastruplundgade 15, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Christian The Iv Hotel Dronningens Tvaergade 45, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Hellerup Parkhotel Stranduejen 203, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Grand Hotel Vesterbrogade 9a, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Selandia Hotel 12 Helgolandsgade, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Radisson Sas Royal Hotel Hammerichsgade 1, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Scandic Hvidovre Kattevej 4, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Sofitel Copenhagen Plaza Bernstorffsgade 4, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Scandic Sydhavnen Sydhavns Plads 15, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Scandic Copenhagen City 6 Vester Sogade Dk 1601, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Hotel Guldsmeden Vesterbrogade 66, Copenhagen Reservations <BR> Bella Danica Hotel Kongellundsvej 292, Copenhagen Reservations <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Cheap rental cars Copenhagen<BR>Cars for Less budget car rent Copenhagen!Air tickets for flights to Denmark<BR>Rent a car at airports in Denmark<BR>All cities with hotels in Denmark<BR> SPECIAL DESTINATIONS <BR><BR><BR>CAPITAL CITIES<BR>AMSTERDAM HOTELS<BR>ATHENS HOTELS <BR>BRUSSELS HOTELS<BR>BUDAPEST HOTELS<BR>COPENHAGEN HOTELS<BR>HELSINKI HOTELS<BR>MONTECARLO HOTELS <BR>PRAGUE HOTELS<BR>STOCKHOLM HOTELS<BR>CRETE HOTELS<BR>ROGASKA SLATINA HOTELS<BR>PORTOROSE HOTELS<BR>MARIANSKE LAZNE HOTELS<BR>THERMAL HOTELS IN EUROPE<BR>THERMAL BATHS IN ISCHIA ITALY <BR>THERMAL BATHS IN HUNGARY <BR>WEEK END SLOVENIA &amp; CROATIA<BR>HEALTH RESORTS IN CENTRAL EUROPE <BR>GOLF HOTELS <BR>CITY HOTELS<BR>SINGLE HOLIDAYS <BR>HOLIDAYS IN PORTUGAL<BR>HOLIDAYS IN FINLAND<BR>BEAUTY FARM IN THE NETHERLANDS<BR>SEASIDE HOLIDAYS IN GREECE <BR>TURKEY<BR>THALASSOTHERAPY HOTELS<BR>HYDROTHERAPY HOTELS<BR>DAYSPA HOTELS<BR>HOLIDAYS WITH YOUR PET<BR>THALASSOTHERAPY FRANCE <BR>THALASSOTHERAPY ITALY <BR>FARM HOLIDAYS ITALY<BR>MOUNTAIN SPA RESORTS ITALY<BR>SEASIDE HOLIDAY ITALY <BR>THERMAL BATHS TUSCANY<BR>ADRIATIC SEA<BR>ALTO ADIGE HEALTH FARMS <BR><BR><BR><BR>OUR NEWSLETTER<BR>MAILING LIST: Click here to add your venue to beautyfarmhotel.com and find out the benefits of appearing on the UK's fastest growing spa and health resort search site...(More)<BR><BR><BR>ADD TO YOUR FAVORITE BEAUTYFARMHOTEL.COM <BR><BR><BR>   <BR>COPENHAGEN HOTELS <BR>A Selection of some of Copenhagen's finest Hotels...<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>HOTEL KONG ARTHUR<BR>  COPENHAGEN HOTEL<BR>With its back to the inner city and facing Copenhagen's lovely string of lakes, the family-run, four-star Hotel Kong Arthur enjoys a privileged position, away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Right in the centre of Copenhagen. Hidden away right inside Hotel Kong Arthur is a small peaceful atrium garden, where you can sit outside in summer and enjoy your breakfast and any other breaks during the day.The decor may vary between stars and flowers, but all rooms have own bathroom, hairdryer, hot towels, minibar, cable TV, trouser press and a safe deposit box, plus telephone with the possibility of modem connection. We make sure that our guests want for nothing. <BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>HOTEL D'ANGLETERRE <BR>  COPENHAGEN HOTEL<BR>The Hotel D'Angleterre welcomes you to a world of elegance and tradition by the old square, Kongens Nytorv, in the heart of Copenhagen. To an old-world atmosphere complete with modern-day comforts. The five-star hotel has welcomed many prominent guests, such as royalty, presidents, celebrities and movie stars, who all have added their names to the hotel's legendary guest list. If the old walls could talk, the stories would be of war and love - and of times of trouble, and times of plenty. With its more than 250 years of history, Copenhagen's finest hotel can pride itself of being one of the oldest hotels in the world. Arndal Hotel D'Angleterres spa &amp; fitness center is the newest, most luxurious fitness center in town. The heated swimming pool measures 10 by 12 meters, and the adjoining complex features a spa, where aroma-therapeutic fragrances are offered as well as salt- and bubble bath, sauna and solarium. l..<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>SOFITEL COPENHAGEN PLAZA<BR>  COPENHAGEN HOTEL<BR>Built in 1913 by King Frederik VIII, the hotel is situated in the heart of Copenhagen, overlooking the famous Tivoli gardens and opposite the railway station with all local/domestic transport systems and 12 min airport connection. It offers 87 rooms and 6 suites, 2 non-smoking floors, Pay TV and many other luxury features. Experience the famous "Library" bar and the brasserie "Flora danica" in unique surroundings, or take advantage of the 24 hour sports and fitness centers nearby to stay in shape during your stay in Denmark's romantic capital..<BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>   <BR><BR>SCANDIC COPENHAGEN<BR>  COPENHAGEN HOTEL<BR>An international hotel right in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark's charming and historic capital, close to the Tivoli Gardens and many other sights.Everything done at the Scandic Copenhagen is based on "Omtanke" which is one its core values. "Omtanke" is much more than just good service — it is about care and consideration for each other. It is a lifestyle and the basis of our values.<BR>The rooms are of Scandinavian design, and offer breathtaking views, two bathrooms and many other attractive details. They provide our guests with luxurious surroundings and lots of space. What can be better after a hard day's work than to relax with some good exercise? We have a well-equipped fitness area where you also can have a massage, zone therapy and acupuncture. When the hard work is over, you can look forward to a sauna...<BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR>   <BR><BR>RADISSON SAS AARHUS HOTEL<BR>  COPENHAGEN HOTEL<BR>Welcome to Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel in Aarhus. OK, so it's not Copenhagen but if your looking for a different side of Denmark, this is a great place to find it. The hotel is situated at Margrethepladsen with the Concert Hall Aarhus as its closest neighbour. Conveniently near the city centre, you will find a multitude of shops, restaurants, museums and cafes - the hotel the perfect place from where you can savour all the city has to offer. The Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel is the largest hotel in Aarhus - here you will stay in an exciting and international environment while enjoying a great view of the city. All rooms are equipped with everything you would expect when staying at a first class hotel and several rooms are reserved for non-smokers. . ...<BR><BR> <BR><BR> <BR>   <BR><BR>GRAND HOTEL COPENHAGEN<BR>  COPENHAGEN HOTEL<BR>The Grand Hotel is one of Copenhagen's classic hotels, centrally located and neighbouring the Tivoli Gardens, the Town Hall Square, "Strøget" and the Planetarium.With Copehagen's new train connection the Grand Hotel is only 8 minutes away by train from Copenhagen Airport and The Ørestad Link. 161 rooms and suites all tastefully furnished. Marble bathroom, hair dryer, trouser press, telephone, minibar, satellite TV, and in-house video complete the picture. The Grand Hotel accommodates the cosy Restaurant Frascati that offers a classic Italian cuisine. In the restaurant's bar you can relax with a drink, and in the summer time you can enjoy an almost Parisian atmosphere at the Grand Hotel's outdoor café.....<BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR>  <BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>TOP SPA TOWNS &amp; THERMAL RESORTS - THERMAL HOTEL IN EUROPE - LUXURY HOLIDAYS - LUXURY HOTELS<BR>Thermal centres in the Czech Republic - Thermal centres in Finland - Thermal centres in France - Thermal centres in Hungary - Thermal centres in Slovenia - Thermal centres in the United Kingdom<BR><BR>Luxury Hotels in European Cities<BR>Amsterdam Hotels - Athens Hotels - Berlin Hotels - Brussels Hotels - Bucharest Hotels - Budapest Hotels -Copenhagen Hotels - Crete Hotels - Helsinki Hotels - London Hotels - Madrid Hotels - Marianske Lazne Hotels - Paris Hotels - Portorose Hotels - Prague Hotels - Rome Hotels - Rogaska Slatina Hotels - Sofia Hotels - Stockholm Hotels<BR><BR><BR>  EUROPE SPA HOTELS - CLUB SPAS - BEAUTY CENTRES - HEALTH &amp; BEAUTY RELAX IN HOTEL - CITY CENTER RAILWAY CENTER<BR><BR>TOP BEACH SPA RESORTS<BR>Albania Spa Hotels - Andorra Spa Hotels - Belgium Spa Hotels - Bulgaria Spa Hotels - Croatia Spa Hotels - Czech Republic Spa Hotels - Denmark Spa Hotels - Finland Spa Hotels - Greece Spa Hotels - Hungary Spa Hotels - Luxembour g Spa Hotels - Malta Spa Hotels - Monaco Spa Hotels - The Netherlands Spa Hotels - Norway Spa Hotels - Poland Spa Hotels - Portugal Spa Hotels - Romania Spa Hotels - Slovakia Spa Hotels - Slovenia Spa Hotels - Sweden Spa Hotels<BR><BR>France Hotel Spa Hotels - Switzerland Spa Hotels - Italy Spa Hotels - Austria Spa Hotels - Germany Spa Hotels - Uk &amp; Ireland Spa Hotels - Africa Spa Hotels - Travel Agencies in Europe<BR>THALASSOTHERAPY - MASSAGES - NATURIST BEACHES IN EUROPE - AESTHETIC TREATMENTS<BR>Thalasso-therapy in Italy - Thalasso-therapy France - Thalasso-therapy in the United Kingdom - Thalasso-therapy Europe - Hydro-therapy across Europe - Hotel Loft - Beauty Club Day Spa <BR>Nudism in Italy - Nudism in Europe - Naturalism in France - Naturalism in Great Britain <BR>Massages in hotel - Shiatsu massages - Ayurveda massages - Anti stress Packages - Anticellulite treatments<BR>Women's specials - Men's specials - Singles holidays<BR>HotelGuide Hotel List:<BR>Downtown Copenhagen Area Hotels<BR>Welcome to the HotelGuide Network's list of hotels for the Downtown Copenhagen area. Please select one of the Downtown Copenhagen area hotel listings below to view our Profile PageSM about that hotel. To return to the HotelGuide Copenhagen home page, where you can search for Profile Pages about other hotels located in a different area, click on the "HotelGuide" button on the left side of the page.<BR>Absalon Hotel<BR>   Helgolandsgade 15 · Copenhagen<BR>   45-33 24 22 11 · 165 Rooms · 21 Suites<BR>   <BR>Ascot Hotel<BR>   Studiestraede 61 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-126000 · 144 Rooms · 33 Suites<BR>   <BR>Comfort Hotel Esplanaden<BR>   Bredgade 78 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-481000 · 117 Rooms<BR>   <BR>Comfort Hotel Excelsior<BR>   Colbjoernsensgade 6-8 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-24 50 85 · 99 Rooms<BR>   <BR>Copenhagen Strand<BR>   Havengade 37 · Copenhagen<BR>   45-33 48 99 00 · 174 Rooms<BR>   <BR>DGI-Byens Hotel<BR>   Tietgensgade 65 · Copenhagen<BR>   <BR>Hotel City<BR>   Peder Skrams Gade 24 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-130666 · 81 Rooms<BR>   <BR>Hotel Nebo<BR>   Istedgade 6-8 · Copenhagen<BR>   45-33 211217 · 87 Rooms · 9 Suites<BR>   <BR>Ibsens Hotel<BR>   Vendersgade 23 · Copenhagen<BR>   45-33 13 19 13 · 118 Rooms · 5 Suites<BR>   <BR>Marriott Hotel Copenhagen<BR>   Kalvebod Brygge 5 · Copenhagen<BR>   45-88339900 · 386 Rooms · 9 Suites<BR>   <BR>Mercure Richmond Hotel<BR>   Vester Farimagsgade 33 · Copenhagen<BR>   45-33 123366 · 123 Rooms · 4 Suites<BR>   <BR>Palace Hotel<BR>   Raadhuspladsen 57 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-144050 · 162 Rooms<BR>   <BR>Phoenix Copenhagen<BR>   Bredgade 37 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-959500 · 206 Rooms · 7 Suites<BR>   <BR>Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen<BR>   Hammerichsgade 1 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-426000 · 249 Rooms · 16 Suites<BR>   <BR>Sophie Amalie Hotel<BR>   Sankt Annae Plads 21 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-133400 · 107 Rooms · 27 Suites<BR>   <BR>Christian IV Hotel<BR>   Dronningens Tvaergade 45 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-321044 · 42 Rooms<BR>   <BR>Grand Hotel<BR>   Vesterbrogade 9 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-276900 · 158 Rooms · 3 Suites<BR>   <BR>Hotel Astoria<BR>   Banegaardspadsen 4 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-429900 · 94 Rooms<BR>   <BR>Opera Hotel<BR>   Tordenskjoldsgade 15 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-478300 · 88 Rooms · 3 Suites<BR>   <BR>The Plaza Hotel<BR>   Bernstorffsgade 4 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-149262 · 87 Rooms · 6 Suites<BR>   <BR>Absalon Annex<BR>   Helgolandsgade 15 · Copenhagen<BR>   45-33 24 22 11 · 76 Rooms<BR>   <BR>Hotel Skandia<BR>   Bramstraede 1 · Elsingore<BR>   45-49 21 09 02 · 41 Rooms<BR>Selandai Hotel<BR>   Helgolandsgade 12 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-314610 · 84 Rooms<BR><BR>HotelGuide Hotel List:<BR>Greater Copenhagen Area Hotels<BR>Welcome to the HotelGuide Network's list of hotels for the Greater Copenhagen area. Please select one of the Greater Copenhagen area hotel listings below to view our Profile PageSM about that hotel. To return to the HotelGuide Copenhagen home page, where you can search for Profile Pages about other hotels located in a different area, click on the "HotelGuide" button on the left side of the page.<BR>Clarion Hotel<BR>   Molestien, 11 · Copenhagen<BR>   45-70 12 73 73 · <BR>   <BR>Hotel Du Nord<BR>   Colbjornesenbej 14 · Copenhagen<BR>   800-695-8284 · <BR>   <BR>Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel<BR>   Amager Blvd. 70 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-965000 · 495 Rooms · 47 Suites<BR>   <BR>Copenhagen Beach Hotel<BR>   Drogdensvej 43 · Copenhagen<BR>   32-53 05 00 · 33 Rooms · 4 Suites<BR>   <BR>Golden Tulip Glostrup Park Hotel<BR>   Hovedvejen 41 · Glostrup<BR>   43-960038 · 85 Rooms · 2 Suites<BR>   <BR>Hotel Frederiksdal<BR>   Frederiksdalsvej 360 · Lyngby<BR>   45-854333 · 60 Rooms<BR>   <BR>Scandic Hotel Eremitage<BR>   Lyngby Storcenter 62 · Lyngby<BR>   45-887700 · 11 Rooms · 6 Suites<BR>   <BR>Skovshoved Hotel<BR>   Strandvejen 267 · Charlottenlund<BR>   39-640028 · 19 Rooms · 1 Suites<BR>   <BR><BR>Comfort Hotel Osterport<BR>   Oslo Plads 5 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-112266 · 170 Rooms<BR>   <BR>Kong Arthur<BR>   Noerre Soegade 11 · Copenhagen<BR>   33-111212 · 102 Rooms · 5 Suites<BR>   <BR>Best Western Hellerup Parkhotel<BR>   Strandvejen 203 · Hellerup<BR>   39-624044 · 70 Rooms · 1 Suites<BR>   <BR>Gentofte Hotel<BR>   Gentoftegade 29 · Gentofte<BR>   39-680911 · 69 Rooms · 2 Suites<BR>   <BR>Scandic Hotel Hvidovre<BR>   Kettevej 4 · Hvidovre<BR>   36-860400 · 204 Rooms · 3 Suites<BR>   <BR>Scandic Hotel Copnehagen/Glostrup<BR>   Roskildevej 550 · Broendby<BR>   43-434200 · 115 Rooms · 5 Suites<BR>   <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Skagen Hotels<BR>Guide to hotels in Skagen, Denmark<BR><BR><BR><BR>Find the best offers on hotel rooms in Skagen. Look at the variety of offers at Special Offers <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>There are 3 matches  to your search<BR><BR>Bindslev Hotel     Fact sheet<BR>Nørrebro 15<BR>DK-9881   Bindslev <BR>Tel. +45 98938025<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Color Hotel Skagen        Fact sheet<BR>Gl. Landevej 39<BR>DK-9990   Skagen <BR> 98442233<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Petit     Fact sheet<BR>Holstvej 4<BR>DK-9990   Skagen <BR> 98441199<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotels in Viborg<BR>There are 9 matches  to your search<BR><BR>Best Western Palads Hotel        Fact sheet<BR>Sct. Mathiasgade 5<BR>DK-8800   Viborg <BR>Tel. +45 86623700<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Golf Hotel Viborg &amp; Golf Salonen         Fact sheet<BR>Randersvej 2<BR>DK-8800   Viborg <BR> 86610222<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel &amp; Restaurant Fru Larsen         Fact sheet<BR>Østergade 1, Laurbjerg<BR>DK-8870   Langå <BR> 86468388<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Amerika         Fact sheet<BR>Amerikavej 48<BR>DK-9500   Hobro <BR> 98544200<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Randers         Fact sheet<BR>Torvegade 11<BR>DK-8900   Randers <BR> 86423422<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Højslev Kro       Fact sheet<BR>Viborgvej 220<BR>DK-7840   Højslev <BR> 9753 5744<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Madsens Hotel       Fact sheet<BR>Storegade 18<BR>DK-8850   Bjerringbro <BR> 86681600<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Motel Viborg     Fact sheet<BR>Århusvej 3, <BR>DK-8800   Viborg <BR> 86639611<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Scandic Kongens Ege Randers        Fact sheet<BR>Gl. Hadsundvej 2<BR>DK-8900   Randers <BR> 86430300<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Copyright © Brancheportal A/S 2004<BR><BR> <BR>  Copenhagen hotelsÅrhus hotelsOdense hotelsAalborg hotels<BR>  Skagen hotelsHotels HerningHotels EsbjergHotels Hvide Sande<BR>  Hotels ViborgHotels HelsingørHotels GillelejeHotels Sønderborg<BR>  Hotels RandersHotels SilkeborgHotels VejleHotels Frederikshavn<BR>  Hotels EbeltoftHotels BillundHotels GrenåHotels Holstebro<BR>  Hotels LøkkenHotels RømøHotels KoldingHotels Roskilde<BR>  Hotels AssensHotels FaaborgHotels HillerødHotels Kerteminde<BR>  Hotels MariboHotels HorsensHotels HornbækHotels Skanderborg<BR>  Hotels RønneHotels MiddelfartHotels NyborgHotels Svendborg<BR><BR><BR>Guide to hotels in Århus, Denmark<BR><BR><BR><BR>Find the best offers on hotel rooms in Århus. Look at the variety of offers at Special Offers <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>There are 26 matches  to your search<BR><BR>Aarhus City Apartments     Fact sheet<BR>Fredensgade 18, <BR>DK-8000   Århus C <BR>Tel. +45 86275130<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Aarslev Kro &amp; Hotel        Fact sheet<BR>Silkeborgvej 900<BR>DK-8220   Brabrand <BR> 86260577<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Best Western Hotel Ritz        Fact sheet<BR>Banegårdspladsen 12<BR>DK-8000   Århus C <BR> 86134444<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Cab Inn Århus Hotel       Fact sheet<BR>Kannikegade 14<BR>DK-8000   Århus C <BR> 86757000<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Comfort Hotel Atlantic        Fact sheet<BR>Europaplads 10<BR>DK-8000   Århus C <BR> 86131111<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Gammel Vejlby Kro &amp; Hotel        Fact sheet<BR>Vejlbygade 18, Århus<BR>DK-8240   Risskov <BR> 86212133<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Helnan Marselis Hotel         Fact sheet<BR>Strandvejen 25<BR>DK-8000   Århus C <BR> 86144411<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hørning Kro &amp; Hotel og Kursuscenter        Fact sheet<BR>Århusvej 4<BR>DK-8362   Hørning <BR> 86921311<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel &amp; Restaurant Fru Larsen         Fact sheet<BR>Østergade 1, Laurbjerg<BR>DK-8870   Langå <BR> 86468388<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Amerika         Fact sheet<BR>Amerikavej 48<BR>DK-9500   Hobro <BR> 98544200<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Guldsmeden       Fact sheet<BR>Guldsmedgade 40<BR>DK-8000   Århus C <BR> 86134550<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel La Tour        Fact sheet<BR>Randersvej 139<BR>DK-8200   Århus N <BR> 86167888<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Nilles Kro         Fact sheet<BR>Hadstenvej 209<BR>DK-8471   Sabro <BR> 86948899<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Øravik        Fact sheet<BR><BR>FO-827   Øravik - Færøerne <BR>+298 371302<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Randers         Fact sheet<BR>Torvegade 11<BR>DK-8900   Randers <BR> 86423422<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Royal         Fact sheet<BR>Store Torv 4<BR>DK-8000   Århus C <BR> 86120011<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Sabro Kro         Fact sheet<BR>Viborgvej 780<BR>DK-8471   Sabro <BR> 86948922<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Motel Hadsten     Fact sheet<BR>Skanderborgvej 2<BR>DK-8370   Hadsten <BR> 86 91 52 77<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Odder Kursuscenter       Fact sheet<BR>Tornøegade 32<BR>DK-8300   Odder <BR> 86544535<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Odder Parkhotel         Fact sheet<BR>Torvald Køhlsvej 25<BR>DK-8300   Odder <BR> 86544744<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel         Fact sheet<BR>Margrethepladsen 1<BR>DK-8000   Århus C <BR> 86128665<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Scandic Århus        Fact sheet<BR>Rytoften 3<BR>DK-8210   Århus V <BR> 86156844<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Scandic Kongens Ege Randers        Fact sheet<BR>Gl. Hadsundvej 2<BR>DK-8900   Randers <BR> 86430300<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Scandic Plaza Århus        Fact sheet<BR>Banegårdspladsen 14<BR>DK-8000   Århus C <BR> 87320100<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>SportsHotellet      Fact sheet<BR>Stadion Allé 70<BR>DK-8000   Århus C <BR> 86143000<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Villa Provence        Fact sheet<BR>Fredens Torv 10<BR>DK-8000   Århus C <BR> 86182400<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotels in Herning<BR>There are 6 matches  to your search<BR><BR>Best Western Hotel Eyde         Fact sheet<BR>Torvet 1<BR>DK-7400   Herning <BR>Tel. +45 97221800<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Corona        Fact sheet<BR>Skolegade 1<BR>DK-7400   Herning <BR> 97125444<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Herning     Fact sheet<BR>Vardevej 9<BR>DK-7400   Herning <BR> 97 22 24 00<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Kibæk Hotel        Fact sheet<BR>Jernbanegade 18<BR>DK-6933   Kibæk <BR> 97191003<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Scandic Regina Herning        Fact sheet<BR>Fonnesbechsgade 20<BR>DK-7400   Herning <BR> 9721 1500<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Østergaards Hotel        Fact sheet<BR>Silkeborgvej 94<BR>DK-7400   Herning <BR> 97124555<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotels in Vejle<BR>There are 8 matches  to your search<BR><BR>Hotel Bredehus        Fact sheet<BR>Kirkegade 25<BR>DK-7182   Bredsten <BR>Tel. +45 75882288<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Pejsegården         Fact sheet<BR>Søndergade 112<BR>DK-8740   Brædstrup <BR> 75751766<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Munkebjerg Hotel         Fact sheet<BR>Munkebjergvej 125<BR>DK-7100   Vejle <BR> 76428500<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Park Hotel        Fact sheet<BR>Orla Lehmannsgade 5<BR>DK-7100   Vejle <BR> 75822466<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Park Inn Vejle         Fact sheet<BR>Willy Sørensens Plads 3<BR>DK-7100   Vejle <BR> 76436700<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Quality Hotel Australia         Fact sheet<BR>Dæmningen 6<BR>DK-7100   Vejle <BR> 76406000<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>ToRVEhallerne         Fact sheet<BR>Kirketorvet 10<BR>DK-7100   Vejle <BR> 79427900<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Vingstedcentret        Fact sheet<BR>Vingsted Skovvej 2, Vingsted<BR>DK-7182   Bredsten <BR> 75865533<BR><BR><BR><BR>There are 16 matches  to your search<BR><BR>First Hotel Aalborg        Fact sheet<BR>Rendsburggade 5, Postboks 1546<BR>DK-9000   Aalborg <BR>Tel. +45 <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Helnan Phønix Hotel         Fact sheet<BR>Vesterbro 77<BR>DK-9000   Aalborg <BR> 98120011<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Aalborg Sømandshjem     Fact sheet<BR>Østerbro 27, Østerbro 27<BR>DK-9000   Aalborg <BR> 98 12 19 00<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Chagall        Fact sheet<BR>Vesterbro 36, Postboks 1856<BR>DK-9000   Aalborg <BR> 98126933<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Hjallerup Kro        Fact sheet<BR>Søndergade 1<BR>DK-9320   Hjallerup <BR> 98281011<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Hvide Hus, Aalborg         Fact sheet<BR>Vesterbro 2<BR>DK-9000   Aalborg <BR> 98138400<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Krogen     Fact sheet<BR>Skibstedsvej 4, Hasseris<BR>DK-9000   Aalborg <BR> 98121705<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Øland Kroen og Badeland        Fact sheet<BR>Hammershøj 29, Hammershøj Øland<BR>DK-9460   Brovst <BR> 98236100<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Phønix      Fact sheet<BR>Mellemgade 7a, Torvet<BR>DK-9240   Nibe <BR> 98351677<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Søparken        Fact sheet<BR>Søparken 1<BR>DK-9440   Aabybro <BR> 98244577<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Park Hotel Aalborg         Fact sheet<BR>John F. Kennedys Plads 41<BR>DK-9000   Aalborg <BR> 98123133<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Prinsen Hotel        Fact sheet<BR>Prinsensgade 14<BR>DK-9000   Aalborg <BR> 98133733<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Quality Hotel Aalborg         Fact sheet<BR>Vesterbro 12<BR>DK-9000   Aalborg <BR> 70125151<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Radisson SAS Limfjord Hotel         Fact sheet<BR>Ved Stranden 14 <BR>DK-9000   Aalborg <BR> 98164333<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Scandic Aalborg        Fact sheet<BR>Hadsundvej 200<BR>DK-9220   Aalborg Øst <BR> 98154500<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Tylstrup Kro        Fact sheet<BR>Tylstrupvej 36<BR>DK-9382   Tylstrup <BR> 98261566<BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotels in Hvide Sande<BR>There are 2 matches  to your search<BR><BR>Hotel Fjordgården         Fact sheet<BR>Vesterkær 28<BR>DK-6950   Ringkøbing <BR>Tel. +45 97321400<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hvide Sande Sømandshjem Havnens Familieh     Fact sheet<BR>Bredgade 5<BR>DK-6960   Hvide Sande <BR> 97311033<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotels in Sønderborg<BR>There are 4 matches  to your search<BR><BR>Best Western Hotel Europa         Fact sheet<BR>H.P. Hanssens Gade 10<BR>DK-6200   Aabenraa <BR>Tel. +45 74622622<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Christie's Sdr. Hostrup Kro        Fact sheet<BR>Sdr. Hostrup Østergade 21<BR>DK-6200   Aabenraa <BR> 74613446<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Røde-Kro        Fact sheet<BR>Vestergade 2, Rødekro<BR>DK-6230   Rødekro <BR> 74662249<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>SI-Centret        Fact sheet<BR>Øbeningvej 3, Nr. Hostrup<BR>DK-6230   Rødekro <BR> 74669697<BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotels in Frederikshavn<BR>There are 6 matches  to your search<BR><BR>Frederikshavn Sømandshjem &amp; HOTEL     Fact sheet<BR>Tordenskjoldsgade 15B<BR>DK-9900   Frederikshavn <BR>Tel. +45 9842 0977<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Herman Bang     Fact sheet<BR>Tordenskjoldsgade 3<BR>DK-9900   Frederikshavn <BR> 98422166<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Lisboa        Fact sheet<BR>Søndergade 248<BR>DK-9900   Frederikshavn <BR> 98422133<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Radisson SAS Jutlandia Hotel         Fact sheet<BR>Havnepladsen 1, Box 89<BR>DK-9900   Frederikshavn <BR> 98424200<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Scandic Stena Line Hotel Frederikshavn         Fact sheet<BR>Tordenskjoldsgade 14<BR>DK-9900   Frederikshavn <BR> 98433233<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Turisthotellet       Fact sheet<BR>Margrethevej 5<BR>DK-9900   Frederikshavn <BR> 98429055<BR><BR><BR>Hotels in Holstebro<BR>There are 2 matches  to your search<BR><BR>Best Western Hotel Schaumburg         Fact sheet<BR>Nørregade 26<BR>DK-7500   Holstebro <BR>Tel. +45 97423111<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Royal Holstebro        Fact sheet<BR>Den Røde Plads 10<BR>DK-7500   Holstebro <BR> 97402333<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotels in Roskilde<BR>There are 5 matches  to your search<BR><BR>Comwell Roskilde        Fact sheet<BR>Vestre Kirkevej 12<BR>DK-4000   Roskilde <BR>Tel. +45 46323131<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Prindsen         Fact sheet<BR>Algade 13<BR>DK-4000   Roskilde <BR> 46309100<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Osted Kro og Hotel        Fact sheet<BR>Hovedvejen 151 B, Osted<BR>DK-4000   Roskilde <BR> 46497041<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Scandic Roskilde        Fact sheet<BR>Søndre Ringvej 33<BR>DK-4000   Roskilde <BR> 46324632<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Svogerslev Kro        Fact sheet<BR>Svogerslev Hovedgade 45, Svogerslev<BR>DK-4000   Roskilde <BR> 46383005<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotels in Kerteminde<BR>There are 3 matches  to your search<BR><BR>Hotel Pax     Fact sheet<BR>Klintevej 45<BR>DK-5300   Kerteminde <BR>Tel. +45 65323026<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Munkebo Kro         Fact sheet<BR>Fjordvej 56<BR>DK-5330   Munkebo <BR> 65974030<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Tornøes Hotel     Fact sheet<BR>Strandgade 2<BR>DK-5300   Kerteminde <BR> 65321605<BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotels in Skanderborg<BR>There is 1 match to your search<BR><BR>Hotel Skanderborghus        Fact sheet<BR>Dyrehaven 3<BR>DK-8660   Skanderborg <BR>Tel. +45 86520955<BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotels in Svendborg<BR>There are 2 matches  to your search<BR><BR>Hotel Svendborg         Fact sheet<BR>Centrumpladsen 1<BR>DK-5700   Svendborg <BR>Tel. +45 62211700<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel Ærø     Fact sheet<BR>Brogade 1<BR>DK-5700   Svendborg <BR> 62 21 07 60<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR> IBIS COPENHAGEN TRITON HOTELCategory:Tourist hotel<BR>Rates from:599 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>HELGOLANDSGADE 7-11<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, <BR>Situated right downtown close to Tivoli Gardens. more<BR><BR><BR> 71 NYHAVNCategory:<BR>Rates from:1190 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>NYHAVN 71<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Parking, <BR>On the corner of the Old Harbour and the Nyhavn Canal. more<BR><BR><BR> IBIS COPENHAGEN STAR HOTELCategory:Tourist hotel<BR><BR>check rates!<BR><BR>COLBJOERNSENSGADE 13<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, <BR>Close to Tivoli Gardens, the famous pedestrian street Stroget, theatres and cinemas are within easy access. more<BR><BR><BR> IBIS COPENHAGEN CROWN HOTELCategory:Tourist hotel<BR><BR>check rates!<BR><BR>VESTERBROGADE 41<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, <BR>Hotel restaurant is located on the top floor overlooking the rooftops of Copenhagen; Tivoli Gardens are a few hundred meters away. more<BR><BR><BR> HOTEL OPERACategory:<BR><BR>check rates!<BR><BR>TORDENSKJOLDSGADE 15<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, <BR>Recently renovated, located between the Royal Theatre and the harbour. more<BR><BR><BR> QUALITY HOTEL AIRPORT DAN-KASTRUPCategory:<BR>Rates from:842 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>KASTRUPLUNDGADE 15<BR>KASTRUP<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Parking, Restaurants, <BR>Located in Kastrup only 700 m from Copenhagen Airport, close to the bathing beach and lovely countryside. more<BR><BR><BR> MERCURE COPENHAGEN 3MCategory:First hotel<BR>Rates from:850 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>VESTER FARIMAGSGADE 17<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, <BR>The hotel offers an outdoor tennis court. more<BR><BR><BR> THE SQUARECategory:<BR>Rates from:800 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>RAADHUSPLADSEN 14<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Restaurants, <BR>Contemporary city-center hotel located 100 meters from the railway station, town hall and the famous Tivoli gardens. more<BR><BR><BR> COPENHAGEN STRAND HOTELCategory:<BR><BR>check rates!<BR><BR>HAVNEGADE 37<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Aircondition, Bar, <BR>City centre location by the waterfront and close to the Nyhavn area. The decor is rustic and maritime. more<BR><BR><BR> COMFORT HOTEL EUROPACategory:<BR><BR>check rates!<BR><BR>COLBJORNSENSGADE 7-11<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Parking, <BR>Budget style accommodation in a convenient, central location. more<BR><BR><BR> GLOSTRUP PARK HOTEL - GLOSTRUPCategory:First hotel<BR><BR>check rates!<BR><BR>HOVEDVEJEN 41<BR>GLOSTRUP<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Parking, Restaurants, <BR>It is a hotel of international standard. more<BR><BR><BR> MERCURE RICHMOND COPENHAGEN 3MCategory:First hotel<BR>Rates from:1199 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>VESTER FARIMAGSGADE 33<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, <BR>Only a short walk from Tivoli Gardens, the Town Hall Square. more<BR><BR><BR> SOFITEL COPENHAGEN PLAZACategory:Luxury hotel<BR>Rates from:1050 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>BERNSTORFFSGADE 4<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Aircondition, Bar, Parking, Restaurants, <BR>Perfectly located across from the Tivoli Gardens and close to the city's famous pedestrian street. more<BR><BR><BR> HOTEL KONG ARTHURCategory:First hotel<BR><BR>check rates!<BR><BR>NORRE SOGADE 11<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Parking, Restaurants, <BR>Ñharming antique decor hotel near the beautiful lakes. more<BR><BR><BR> IBSENS HOTELCategory:Standard hotel<BR><BR>check rates!<BR><BR>VENDERSGADE 23<BR>COPENHAGEN K<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Restaurants, <BR>Housed in an old patrician building with cozy patio, within easy reach of the lakes. more<BR><BR><BR> HOTEL ASTORIACategory:<BR><BR>check rates!<BR><BR>BANEGAARDSPLADSEN 4<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Parking, Restaurants, <BR>The Hotel is a monument to functionalist style; close to the Tivoli Gardens. more<BR><BR><BR> ASCOT HOTEL COPENHAGENCategory:Standard hotel<BR><BR>check rates!<BR><BR>STUDIESTRAEDE 61<BR>KBHVN V<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Parking, Restaurants, Swimming pool, <BR>Ideally located only 300 yards from Tivoli Gardens, the Town Hall Square. more<BR><BR><BR> CAB INN SCANDINAVIACategory:Standard hotel<BR><BR>check rates!<BR><BR>55 VODROFFSVEJ<BR>FREDERIKSBERG<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Aircondition, Parking, <BR>Like a luxury liner, the hotel is securely anchored by the lakes in one of Copenhagens most exclusive city centre locations. more<BR><BR><BR> BEST WESTERN THE MAYFAIR HOTELCategory:Standard hotel<BR><BR>check rates!<BR><BR>HELGOLANDSGADE 3<BR>COPENHAGEN V<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Parking, Restaurants, <BR>A few minutes walk from Tivoli Gardens, Town Hall Square. more<BR><BR><BR> MARRIOTT COPENHAGENCategory:First hotel<BR><BR>check rates!<BR><BR>KALVEBOD BRYGGE 5<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR><BR>List of the cheapest hotels in Copenhagen<BR>These hotels are specially selected from all hotels in Copenhagen and we recommend them for reservation and accommodation in Copenhagen.<BR><BR> <BR><BR> <BR><BR>Arrival date (check in): <BR>12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember<BR>Number of nights: <BR>1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10<BR>Room type: <BR>Double occupancy Single occupancy<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Hotel class (category): <BR>All Deluxe hotels Superior hotels Comfort hotels Budget hotels<BR>Desired facilities:<BR>aircondition<BR>baby sitting<BR>business center<BR>nonsmoking rooms<BR>parking<BR>swimming pool<BR><BR>Hotel location:<BR>All Downtown Airport Resort North South East West<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>  <BR>enter Hotel/Brand name:<BR><BR><BR> <BR> <BR><BR> RADISSON SAS FALCONER HOTELCategory:Standard hotel<BR>Rates from:438 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>FALKONER ALLE 9 / FREDERIKSBERG<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Restaurants, <BR>A sophisticated and modern hotel and congress centre. more<BR><BR><BR> SELANDIA HOTELCategory:Standard hotel<BR>Rates from:540 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>12 HELGOLANDSGADE<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: <BR>A tourist-class, family-run hotel, only 100 yards from the railway station and Tivoli. more<BR><BR><BR> HOTEL CHRISTIAN IVCategory:<BR>Rates from:550 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>DRONNINGENS TVAERGADE 45<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, <BR>Close to Rosenborg Castle and Park. more<BR><BR><BR> SAVOY HOTELCategory:<BR>Rates from:590 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>VESTERBROGADE 34<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Parking, Restaurants, <BR>A mid-price hotel for people who insist on a good night's sleep. more<BR><BR><BR> IBIS COPENHAGEN TRITON HOTELCategory:Tourist hotel<BR>Rates from:599 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>HELGOLANDSGADE 7-11<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, <BR>Situated right downtown close to Tivoli Gardens. more<BR><BR><BR> COMFORT HOTEL OSTERPORT -COPENHAGENCategory:<BR>Rates from:795 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>OSLO PLADS 5<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Restaurants, <BR>In Embassy Quarter, 5 minutes to Little Mermaid; surrounded by parks. more<BR><BR><BR> THE SQUARECategory:<BR>Rates from:800 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>RAADHUSPLADSEN 14<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Restaurants, <BR>Contemporary city-center hotel located 100 meters from the railway station, town hall and the famous Tivoli gardens. more<BR><BR><BR> TOP MISSIONSHOTELLET NEBOCategory:Tourist hotel<BR>Rates from:840 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>ISTEDGADE 6<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Parking, <BR>An oasis in the metropolis, where you may enjoy your breakfast in green surroundings. more<BR><BR><BR> QUALITY HOTEL AIRPORT DAN-KASTRUPCategory:<BR>Rates from:842 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>KASTRUPLUNDGADE 15<BR>KASTRUP<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Parking, Restaurants, <BR>Located in Kastrup only 700 m from Copenhagen Airport, close to the bathing beach and lovely countryside. more<BR><BR><BR> MERCURE COPENHAGEN 3MCategory:First hotel<BR>Rates from:850 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>VESTER FARIMAGSGADE 17<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, <BR>The hotel offers an outdoor tennis court. more<BR><BR><BR> HOTEL DU NORDCategory:Standard hotel<BR>Rates from:850 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>COLBJOERNSENSGADE 14<BR>COPENHAGEN V<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: <BR>Completely refurbished in the year 2000, near the Copenhagen Airport and a few minutes from Tivoli Gardens. more<BR><BR><BR> HERLEV KRO - HERLEVCategory:First hotel<BR>Rates from:855 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>HERLEV TORV 9-11<BR>HERLEV<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Parking, Restaurants, <BR>The hotel well known for its excellent cuisine and fine wines to lucrative prices. more<BR><BR><BR> SOPHIE AMALIE HOTELCategory:Standard hotel<BR>Rates from:855 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>P.O. BOX 3044<BR>SANKT ANNAE PLADS 21<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Parking, Restaurants, <BR>Situated in the best part of town nice quiet location, yet so close to the most important sights in Copenhagen. more<BR><BR><BR> SCANDIC WEBERS COPENHAGENCategory:Standard hotel<BR>Rates from:890 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>VESTERBROGADE 11 B<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Aircondition, Bar, Restaurants, Swimming pool, <BR>Close to the Tivoli Gardens, The Royal Theatre, the Theatre Museum and the Zoological Gardens. more<BR><BR><BR> SCANDIC SYDHAVNEN COPENHAGENCategory:Standard hotel<BR>Rates from:890 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>SYDHAVNS PLADS 15<BR>COPENHAGEN SV<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Aircondition, Bar, Beach, Parking, Restaurants, <BR>Close to the Tivoli Gardens and the new Royal library called the Black Diamond. more<BR><BR><BR> QUALITY HOTEL MARINA -VEDBAEKCategory:<BR>Rates from:890 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>VEDBAEK STRANDVEJ 391<BR>VEDBAEK<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Parking, Restaurants, <BR>A perfect place for leisure travelers, free outdoor parking. more<BR><BR><BR> HOTEL GULDSMEDENCategory:Standard hotel<BR>Rates from:895 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR><BR>VESTERBROGADE 66<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR><BR>Facilities: Bar, Parking, <BR>The neighbourhood has lots of small shops and old houses. more<BR><BR><BR> LE MERIDIEN PALACE HOTELCategory:First hotel<BR>Rates from:950 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR>RAADHUSPLADSEN 57<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR>Facilities: Bar, Parking, Restaurants, <BR>Best known for its superb views over the Tivoli and square. more COMFORT HOTEL ESPLANADENCategory:<BR>Rates from:995 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR>BREDGADE 78<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR>Facilities: Parking, Restaurants, <BR>Central Scandinavian location, close to the Little Mermaid Park and the downtown area of Copenhagen. more<BR>HELLERUP PARKHOTELCategory:First hotel<BR>Rates from:999 DKK<BR>check rates!<BR>STRANDUEJEN 203<BR>COPENHAGEN<BR>DENMARK<BR>Facilities: Bar, Parking, Restaurants, Swimming pool, <BR>The Park Gym has keep-fit, sauna and masage facilities and the beautiful green surroundings are appreciated by those who prefer jogging. more<BR> Top hotels in Copenhagen&gt;&gt;<BR> All hotels in Copenhagen&gt;&gt;<BR>&lt;&lt;or Find available hotels using search form on the left<BR>List of all hotels in Copenhagen<BR>| 7 | A | B | C | D | F | G | H | I | K | L | M | N | P | Q | R | S | T | Z | <BR>71 NYHAVN ABSALON HOTEL<BR>ALEXANDRA HOTEL<BR>ASCOT HOTEL COPENHAGEN<BR>BELLA DANICA HOTEL<BR>BEST WESTERN HOTEL CITY<BR>BEST WESTERN HOTEL HVIDE HUS - KOEGE<BR>BEST WESTERN HOTEL NIELS JUEL - KOEGE<BR>BEST WESTERN HOTEL PRINDSEN -ROSKILDE<BR>BEST WESTERN TAASTRUP PARK HOTEL<BR>BEST WESTERN THE MAYFAIR HOTEL<BR>BROENDBY PARK HOTEL<BR>BW FARUM PARK SPORTS AND CONF-FARUM<BR>CAB INN SCANDINAVIA<BR>CLARION HOTEL COPENHAGEN<BR>CLARION HOTEL NEPTUN<BR>COMFORT HOTEL ESPLANADEN<BR>COMFORT HOTEL EUROPA<BR>COMFORT HOTEL EXCELSIOR<BR>COMFORT HOTEL MAYFAIR<BR>COMFORT HOTEL OSTERPORT -COPENHAGEN<BR>COMFORT HOTEL ROSSINI<BR>COMWELL SORO STORKRO- SORO<BR>COPENHAGEN ADMIRAL HOTEL<BR>COPENHAGEN STRAND HOTEL<BR>DGI-BYENS HOTEL<BR>DRAGOR BADE HOTEL<BR>FIRST HOTEL VESTERBRO<BR>FIRST RESORT MOGENSTRUP KRO<BR>GENTOFTE HOTEL - GENTOFTE<BR>GLOSTRUP PARK HOTEL - GLOSTRUP<BR>GOLDEN TULIP IMPERIAL HOTEL<BR>GRAND HOTEL<BR>GRAND PARK - KORSOER<BR>HELLERUP PARKHOTEL<BR>HERLEV KRO - HERLEV<BR>HILTON COPENHAGEN AIRPORT<BR>HOTEL ANSGAR<BR>HOTEL ASTORIA<BR>HOTEL BEL AIR-KASTRUP<BR>HOTEL CENTRUM<BR>HOTEL CHRISTIAN IV<BR>HOTEL D ANGLETERRE COPENHAGEN<BR>HOTEL DANMARK<BR>HOTEL DU NORD<BR>HOTEL FALSTER - NYKOBING FALSTER<BR>HOTEL GULDSMEDEN<BR>HOTEL HILLEROED<BR>HOTEL KONG ARTHUR<BR>HOTEL MARIENLYST - HELSINGOR<BR>HOTEL OPERA<BR>HOTEL SKT. PETRI<BR>HOTEL SOFRYD - JYLLINGE<BR>HOTEL STRANDPARKEN-HOLBAEK<BR>HOTEL TIFFANY<BR>HUNDESTED KRO AND HOTEL - HUNDESTED<BR>IBIS COPENHAGEN CROWN HOTEL<BR>IBIS COPENHAGEN STAR HOTEL<BR>IBIS COPENHAGEN TRITON HOTEL<BR>IBSENS HOTEL<BR>KONG FREDERIK HOTEL<BR>LE MERIDIEN PALACE HOTEL<BR>MARRIOTT COPENHAGEN<BR>MENSTRUP KRO RESORT HOTEL-MENSTRUP<BR>MERCURE COPENHAGEN 3M<BR>MERCURE RICHMOND COPENHAGEN 3M<BR>MERMAID HOTEL<BR>NIELS JUEL HOTEL - KOJE<BR>PARK HOTEL<BR>PARK INN COPENHAGEN AIRPORT<BR>PHOENIX HOTEL<BR>POSTGAARDEN HOTEL<BR>PRAESTEKILDE KRO AND HOTEL - STEGE<BR>PRINDSEN HOTEL<BR>QUALITY HOTEL AIRPORT DAN-KASTRUP<BR>QUALITY HOTEL BRONDBY PARK -BRONDBY<BR>QUALITY HOTEL MARINA -VEDBAEK<BR>QUALITY HOTEL TAASTRUP<BR>RADISSON SAS FALCONER HOTEL<BR>RADISSON SAS GLOBETROTTER HTL COPENHAGEN<BR>RADISSON SAS ROYAL HOTEL<BR>RADISSON SAS SCANDINAVIA HOTEL<BR>Stop SAVOY HOTEL<BR>SCANDIC COPENHAGEN CITY<BR>SCANDIC EREMITAGE - LYNGBY<BR>SCANDIC GLOSTRUP-BROENDBY<BR>SCANDIC HVIDOVRE COPENHAGEN -HVIDOVRE<BR>SCANDIC RINGSTED<BR>SCANDIC ROSKILDE<BR>SCANDIC SYDHAVNEN COPENHAGEN<BR>SCANDIC WEBERS COPENHAGEN<BR>SELANDIA HOTEL<BR>SKJALM HVIDE HOTEL - SLANGERUP<BR>SKOVRIDERGAARDEN HOTEL - NAKSKOV<BR>SKULDELEV KRO - SKIBBY<BR>SOFITEL COPENHAGEN PLAZA<BR>SOPHIE AMALIE HOTEL<BR>TAASTRUP PARK HOTEL -TAASTRUP<BR>THE SQUARE<BR>TOP HEBRON COPENHAGEN<BR>TOP HOTEL LEDA<BR>Theseus list of Danish libraries and archives <BR>Det Kongelige Bibliotek [The Royal Library] <BR>Rigsarkivet [The Danish National Archives] <BR>Danmarks Natur- og Lægevidenskabelige Bibliotek [The Danish National Library of Science and Medicine] <BR>Statsbiblioteket [The State and University Library, Aarhus] <BR>Niels Bohr Arkivet [The Niels Bohr Archive] <BR>Videnskabernes Selskabs arkiv [The archive of The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters] <BR>Carlsbergs Arkiv [The Archive of Carlsberg] <BR>Carlsberg Forskningscenters Bibliotek [The Library of the Carlsberg Research Center] <BR>Københavns Universitet [University of Copenhagen]: <BR>Arkivet, Institut for Matematiske Fag [The Archive, Institute for Mathematical Sciences] <BR>Botanisk Museum og Centralbibliotek [The Botanical Museum and Central Library] <BR>Zoologisk Museum [The Zoological Museum] <BR>Institut for de Eksakte Videnskabers Historie, Aarhus Universitet [History of Science Department, University of Aarhus] <BR>Institut for Matematik og Datalogi, Odense Universitet [Department of Mathematics and Computer science, Odense University] <BR>Det kongelige Bibliotek, København<BR>[The Royal Library, Copenhagen]<BR>General address: <BR>Det kongelige Bibliotek<BR>Postbox 2149<BR>DK-1016 København K.<BR>Phone: +45 3347 4747<BR>Fax: +45 3332 9846 <BR>Håndskriftsafdelingen [The Manuscript Department]: <BR>Phone: +45 3347 4416<BR>Fax: +45 3314 6133 Danish homepage of the library<BR>English homepage of the library<BR>Danish homepage of the Manuscript Dept.<BR>English homepage of the Manuscript Dept.<BR>The REX database<BR>Brevbasen (the database of letters) <BR>This is the Danish national library. There are several online catalogues and databases. The major one is REX which includes all books and journals in Danish published after 1960 and also material from other databases including archival material. The major part of letters deposited in the library may be looked up in the letter database Brevbase. <BR>Last updated: 2000.05.25<BR>Rigsarkivet<BR>[The Danish National Archives]<BR>General address: <BR>Statens Arkiver<BR>Rigsarkivet<BR>Rigsdagsgården 9<BR>DK-1218 København K.<BR>Phone: +45 3392 3310<BR>Fax: +45 3315 3239 Homepage of the Archives <BR>This is the Danish National Archives. The homepages includes a brief description of the collections, guides and catalogues for the collections etc. However, all the homepages are in Danish. <BR>Last updated: 2000.05.25<BR>Danmarks Natur- og Lægevidenskabelige Bibliotek<BR>[The Danish National Library of Science and Medicine] <BR>Address: <BR>Danmarks Natur- og Lægevidenskabelige Bibliotek<BR>Nørre Allé 49<BR>DK-2200 København N.<BR>Phone: +45 3539 6523<BR>Fax: +45 3539 8533 Homepage of the library<BR>Homepage of COSMOS database<BR>This is the university library for the science and medicine faculties at the University of Copenhagen. The major parts of the holdings of the library may be searched via the online database COSMOS (books acquired after 1970, all journals and also holdings of libraries of many of the institutes of the two faculties). <BR>Last updated: 2001.07.13<BR>Statsbiblioteket i Aarhus<BR>[The State and University Library, Aarhus] <BR>Address: <BR>Statsbiblioteket<BR>Universitetsparken<BR>DK-8000 Aarhus C.<BR>Phone: +45 8946 2022<BR>Fax: +45 8946 2220 Homepage of the library in English<BR>Homepage of the library in Danish<BR>This is the university library for the University of Aarhus maintaining national library tasks. The holdings of the library may be searched via the online databases (accessible from the library's homepage). The library has a manuscript collection, but it cannot be search online. <BR>Last updated: 2000.05.25<BR>Niels Bohr Arkivet<BR>[The Niels Bohr Archive]<BR>Address: <BR>Niels Bohr Arkivet<BR>Blegdamsvej 17<BR>DK-2100 København Ø.<BR>Phone: +45 3532 5219<BR>Fax: +45 3532 5428 Homepage of the archive (in English)<BR>List of the collections of the archives (in English) <BR>Information on the collections is available online. <BR>Last updated: 2000.05.25<BR>Videnskabernes Selskabs arkiv<BR>[The archive of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters] <BR>Address: <BR>Videnskabernes Selskab<BR>H. C. Andersens Boulevard 35<BR>DK-1553 København V.<BR>Phone: +45 3343 5300<BR>Fax: +45 3391 5301 Homepage of the academy <BR>The archive contains mainly material from the activities of the Academy. Information is not available online. <BR>Last updated: 2000.05.25<BR>Carlsbergs Arkiv<BR>[The archive of Carlsberg] <BR>Address of Carlsberg A/S: <BR>Carlsberg<BR>Vesterfælledvej 100<BR>DK-1799 København V.<BR>Phone: +45 3327 3327 <BR>This is the archive of the company Carlsberg A/S and it also contains archival material from the Carlsberg Laboratory. Access only after the permission of the management. <BR>Last updated: 1997.12.11<BR>Carlsberg Forskningscenters Bibliotek<BR>[The Library of the Carlsberg Research Center] <BR>Address of the administration: <BR>Carlsberg Forskningscenter<BR>Gl. Carlsbergvej 10<BR>DK-2500 Valby.<BR>Phone: +45 3327 5201<BR>Fax: +45 3327 4761 Homepage (in English) of the Carlsberg Research Center <BR>The library contains the oldest and best collection of literature of brewing and related sciences. <BR>Last updated: 2000.05.25<BR>Arkivet, Institut for Matematiske Fag, Københavns Universitet<BR>[The Archive, Institute for Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen] <BR>Address of the Archive: <BR>Arkivet<BR>Institut for Matematiske Fag,<BR>Universitetsparken 5<BR>DK-2100 København Ø.<BR>Phone: +45 3532 0741 (Jesper Lützen)<BR>Fax: +45 3532 0704 Danish homepage of the Archive<BR>English homepage of the Archive<BR>English homepage of the Institute <BR>The archive collect papers from people, societies, etc. which have had a kind of affiliation with the institute. Inventories (most in Danish) for almost all collections are available on the homepages of the Archive. <BR>Last updated: 2000.05.25<BR>Botanisk Museum og Centralbibliotek, Københavns Universitet<BR>[The Botanical Museum and Library, University of Copenhagen] <BR>General address of the library: <BR>Botanisk Centralbibliotek<BR>Sølvgade 83, opg. S<BR>DK-1307 København K.<BR>Phone: +45 3532 2250 <BR>General address of the museum: <BR>Botanisk Museum<BR>Gothersgade 130<BR>DK-1123 København K.<BR>Phone: +45 3532 2200<BR>Fax: +45 3532 2210 Homepage of the museum <BR>Last updated: 2001.07.13<BR>Zoologisk Museum, Københavns Universitet<BR>[The Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen] <BR>General address: <BR>Zoologisk Museum<BR>Universitetsparken 15<BR>DK-2100 København Ø.<BR>Phone: +45 3532 1001<BR>Fax: +45 3532 1010 Homepage of the museum. <BR>The museum's library has a special collection: The Historical Archives for Danish Zoology and Zoologists. <BR>Last updated: 2000.05.25<BR>Institut for Videnskabshistorie, Aarhus Universitet<BR>[History of Science Department, University of Aarhus] <BR>Address: <BR>Institut for Videnskabshistorie<BR>Aarhus Universitet<BR>Ny Munkegade, Bygning 521<BR>DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark<BR>Phone: +45 8942 3512<BR>Fax: +45 8942 3510 Danish homepage of the department<BR>English homepage of the department <BR>The institute has a very good library for the history of science and an archive which includes papers of the Danish scientists: Bengt Strömgren, Ejnar Hertzsprung and Peder O. Pedersen, and a collection of pictures of scientists. Homepages describing the archives are in preparation. <BR>Last updated: 2000.05.25<BR>Institut for Matematik og Datalogi, Syddansk Universitet<BR>[Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Southern Denmark]<BR>General address: <BR>Institut for Matematik og Datalogi, Syddansk Universitet<BR>Odense Universitet<BR>Campusvej 55, DK-5230 Odense M.<BR>Phone: +45 6557 2387<BR>Fax: +45 6593 2691 Homepage of the department. <BR>Alle ansatte Alle ansatte Forskere Forskere Organisation Organisation Formål og rammer Formål og rammer Forskning Forskning Eksterne opgaver Eksterne opgaver Årsberetning Årsberetning Kontakt SFI Kontakt SFI Ledige stillinger Ledige stillinger Personalepolitik Personalepolitik Stillingsbeskrivelser Stillingsbeskrivelser Bedømmelsesudvalg Bedømmelsesudvalg Hvem ved hvad? Hvem ved hvad? Arrangementer Arrangementer Seneste rapporter Seneste rapporter Nyhedsarkiv Nyhedsarkiv E-mailservice E-mailservice Rapporter Rapporter Arbejdspapirer Arbejdspapirer Social Forskning Social Forskning Søg i alle udgivelser Søg i alle udgivelser Arbejdsforhold Arbejdsforhold Arbejdsløshed Arbejdsløshed Arbejdsmiljø Arbejdsmiljø Ligestilling Ligestilling Løndannelse Løndannelse Mobilitet Mobilitet Revalidering &amp; sygefravær Revalidering &amp; sygefravær Svage grupper Svage grupper Tilbagetrækning Tilbagetrækning Abort Abort Børneliv Børneliv Familien Familien Truede børn &amp; unge Truede børn &amp; unge Ægteskab og skilsmisse Ægteskab og skilsmisse Ældre &amp; folkepension Ældre &amp; folkepension Levevilkår Levevilkår Social arv Social arv Tidsanvendelse Tidsanvendelse Underpriviligerede Underpriviligerede Almen socialpolitik Almen socialpolitik Det sociale tryghedssystem Det sociale tryghedssystem Socialt udsatte grupper Socialt udsatte grupper Socialt arbejde Socialt arbejde Velfærdsstaten Velfærdsstaten International sammenligning International sammenligning Kriminalitet Kriminalitet Sundhedsforhold &amp; rusmidler Sundhedsforhold &amp; rusmidler Teori &amp; metode Teori &amp; metode Uddannelse &amp; skole Uddannelse &amp; skole Arbejdsmarked Arbejdsmarked Børn, familier &amp; ældre Børn, familier &amp; ældre Indvandrere &amp; flygtninge Indvandrere &amp; flygtninge Handicappede Handicappede Levevilkår &amp; tidsanvendelse Levevilkår &amp; tidsanvendelse Socialpolitik &amp; systemer Socialpolitik &amp; systemer Andre emner Andre emner  Home &gt; Forskerhjemmesider &gt; Arbejdsrumlighed &gt; Jan Høgelund &gt; List of publications <BR>Kontakt  |  English  |  FAQ  |  Siteindex <BR>Print Forskerhjemmeside: <BR>List of publications<BR>Publications in English: Høgelund, J. &amp; Holm, A. (forthcoming) Returning the Long-Term Sick-Listed to Work: The Effects of Educational Measures and Employer Separations in: Saunders, P. (eds.): Social Security and the Welfare to Work Transition. International Studies on Social Security, Volume Ten. Aldershot: Ashgate.<BR>Høgelund, J. og Holm, A. (2004), Case Management Interviews and the Return to Work of Disabled Employees. Working paper 05:2004. Copenhagen: ­The Danish National Institute of Social Research. Submitted.<BR>Høgelund, J. (2003) In Search of Effective Disability Policy. Comparing the Developments and Outcomes of Dutch and Danish Disability Policies. Amsterdam University Press. <BR>Høgelund, J. (2002) Reintegration: Public or Private Responsibility? Consequences of Dutch and Danish Policies Toward Work-Disabled Persons. International Journal of Health Services, Vol. 32, no. 3. <BR>Høgelund, J. &amp; Pedersen, J.G. (2002) Active Labour Market Policies for Disabled People in Denmark. Working paper:18:2002. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. <BR>Høgelund, J. (2001) Work Incapacity and Reintegration: A Literature Review in: Block, F. S. &amp; Prins, R. (red.): Who Returns to Work and Why? A Six-Country Study on Work Incapacity &amp; Reintegration. New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers. <BR>Høgelund, J. &amp; Pedersen, J.G. (2001) The Employment Situation of Disabled People in Denmark. Working paper:10:2001. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. <BR>Høgelund, J. (2000) Bringing the Sick Back to Work. Labour Market Reintegration of the Long-Term Sick-Listed in the Netherlands and Denmark. PhD dissertation (unpublished). Roskilde University and The Danish National Institute of Social Research. <BR>Høgelund, J. (1999) Reintegration Policies in the Netherlands and Denmark: The Role of Employers. Working paper. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. Revised version published in International Journal of Health Services, Vol. 32, no. 3. <BR>Publications in Danish: Geerdsen, P.P., Høgelund, J. &amp; Larsen, M. (2004) Lukning og indskrænkning af virksomheder. Konsekvenser af globalisering. (Downsizing and plant closures: consequences of globalisation). Report 04:20. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research.<BR>Boll, J., Pedersen, J.G. &amp; Høgelund, J. (2004) Langvarige sygedagpengesager in: Bengtsson (eds.): Kommunestørrelsens betydning. Resultater af analyser for Strukturkommissionen. (Long-term sick leave cases)  Rapport 04:1. København: Socialforskningsinstituttet.<BR>Høgelund, J., Filges, T. &amp; Jensen, S. (2003) Langvarigt sygemeldte - Langvarigt sygefravær – hvad sker der og hvordan går det? (Long-term sick leave – what happens and how does it end?) Report 03:20. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. <BR>Filges, T. &amp; Høgelund, J. (2003) Begrænsning af sygefravær og sikring af de sygemeldtes arbejdsmarkedstilknytning. Resultater fra en survey blandt langvarigt sygemeldte. (Reducing Sickness Absenteeism and Ensuring the Labour Market Attachment of Sick-listed Persons. Findings from a Survey of Long-Term Sick-listed Persons). Working paper 03:2003. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. <BR>Kruhøffer, A. &amp; Høgelund, J. (2001) Virksomheders sociale engagement. Årbog 2001. (The Social Responsibility of Enterprises. Yearbook 2001). Report 01:12. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. <BR>Høgelund, J. &amp; Kruhøffer, A. (2000) Virksomheders sociale engagement. Årbog 2000. (The Social Responsibility of Enterprises. Yearbook 2001). Report 00:13. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. <BR>Bengtsson, S. &amp; Høgelund, J. (1999) Reformer af førtidspensionen - hvad kan vi lære af erfaringerne fra Holland og Sverige? (Disability Benefit Reforms - Lessons from the Dutch and Swedish Experiences). Report 99:15. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. <BR>Høgelund, J. &amp; Modvig, J. (1998) Langtidssygemeldte med rygproblemer - en forløbsundersøglse i 24 kommuner. (Long-Term Sick-Listed with Low-Back Problems - a Prospective Study in 24 Municipalities). Working paper. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. <BR>Høgelund, J. (1996) Orlovsordninger i Norden. (Leave Schemes in the Nordic Countries). The Nordic Council of Ministers, 1996:612. The Danish Institute of Social Research, report 96:20. Copenhagen: Nordic Council of Ministers. <BR>Andersen, D. &amp; Høgelund, J. (1995) Arbejdsgivernes betaling af dagpengegodtgørelse for 1. og 2. ledighedsdag (Employers' payment of unemployment allowance for the first and second day of unemployment). Working paper. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. <BR>Høgelund, J. (1993) Ungdomskontrakter - en forsøgsordning. (Contracts with Juvenile Delinquents - an Evaluation of an Experiment). Report 93:8. Copenhagen: The Danish Institute of Social Research. <BR>Høgelund, J., Langager, K., Jacobsen, L. &amp; Jagd, L. (1992) Iværksætterydelsen. (The Enterprise Allowance Scheme). Report 92:3. Copenhagen: The Danish Institute of Social Research. <BR>Høgelund, J. &amp; Rosdahl, A. (1992) De nye rotationsordninger - nogle foreløbige erfaringer. Working paper. Copenhagen: The Danish National Institute of Social Research. Hosts:<BR>Jan Trøjborg, Minister for Research and Information Technology, Denmark<BR>Robert Verrue, Director General, European Commission DGXIII<BR>Thursday April 23 - Chairmen, panel and witnesses<BR>SurnameFirstnameInstitutionCountryCategory<BR>De Soete Marijke Smart Card Applications &amp; Security Europay Int.BelgiumChairman<BR>Amery Chris UKPanel<BR>Elgamal Taher Netscape Communications CorporationUSPanel<BR>Holahan Paddy Baltimore TechnologiesIrelandSession 1<BR>Kobashi Masaaki Ministry of International Trade and IndustryJapanSession 1<BR>Aucsmith David Intel Corporation USSession 1<BR>Kurth Helmut IABG, Dep. CC33GermanySession 2<BR>Wrede Rabbe L.M. EricssonSwedenSession 2<BR>Sundt Chris ICLUKSession 2<BR>Landrock Peter Cryptomathic A/SDenmarkSession 3<BR>Puhakka Jari Data Fellows OyFinlandSession 3<BR>Lamiaux SylvesSagemFranceSession 3<BR>Berg Bengt Arthur AndersenSwedenSession 4<BR>Christoffersson Per E. TeliaSwedenSession 4<BR>d’Arbonneau Stanislas Secretariat General de la Defence NationalFranceSession 4<BR>Rapporteur: Helmut Kurth, IABG, Dep. CC33, Germnay<BR>Friday April 24 - Chairmen, panel and withnesses<BR>SurnameFirstnameInstitutionCountryCategory<BR>Bryde Andersen Mads Copenhagen UniversityDenmarkChairman<BR>Reed Chris University of LondonUKPanel<BR>Paloc-Taury Gabriel BullFrancePanel<BR>Kersten Heinrich Debis IT Security ServicesGermanySession 5<BR>Medina Manuel Polytechnical University of CatalaniaSpainSession 5<BR>Schlechter Richard European Commission, DG13BelgiumSession 5<BR>Dumortier Jos University of LeuvenBelgiumSession 6<BR>Eis Larsen JaneMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmarkSession 6<BR>Furberg Per HovrättSwedenSession 6<BR>JacobsSamoera BelSignBelgiumSession 7<BR>Baker Stewart Steptoe&amp;Johnson LLPUSSession 7<BR>Rapporteur: Joan Remsu, Department of Justice, Canada<BR>Delegations<BR>SurnameFirstnameInstitutionCountryCategory<BR>FleersMartinEuropean Parliament<BR>Peters Teresa OECD<BR>Eckert DetlevEuropean Commission DGXIIIHead of delegation<BR>Lennox GordonEuropean Commission DGXIII<BR>Veer Joep van derEuropean Commission DGXV<BR>Fröhlinger MargotEuropean Commission DGXV<BR>Servida AndreaEuropean Commission DGIII<BR>Sattler HugoEuropean Commission DGIII<BR>BareschDenisEuropean Commission DGXIII<BR>De TemmermannDannyEuropean Commission DGXIII<BR>Pribitzer Herbert Ministry for Science and TransportAustriaHead of delegation<BR>Singer Christian Ministry for Science and TransportAustria<BR>Brenn Christoph Ministry of JusticeAustria<BR>Reissner Christoph Chamber of CommerceAustria<BR>Stuckler Hans-Peter Federal Ministry of the InteriorAustria<BR>Kotschy Waltraud Federal ChancelleryAustria<BR>Goddard Phillip CMinister for International Trade and BusinessBarbadosHead of delegation<BR>Gill Peter Data Processing DepartmentBarbados<BR>Van Eecke Patrick Ministry of JusticeBelgium<BR>Degavre Philippe Ministry of Economic AffairsBegium<BR>Boulet Jean-Cristophe Ministry of JusticeBelgium<BR>Delos Olivier BelgacomBelgium<BR>Witmeur Renaud Ministy of TelecommunicationsBelgium<BR>McDonald Helen Task Force on Electronic Commerce IndustryCanadaHead of delegation<BR>Lavigne Guy Quebec GovernmentCanada<BR>Gagnon Jean-Pierre Quebec GovernmentCanada<BR>Reu Joan Department of JusticeCanada<BR>Redden Wynn Task Force on Electronic Commerce IndustryCanada<BR>Lorentz Nielsen PeterMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmarkHead of delegation<BR>Larsen KnudMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>Sørensen Per HelgeMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>Kønigsfeldt TomasMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>Wright MichaelMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>BritzeJesperMinistry of DefenseDenmark<BR>Palonen Vesa Ministry of CommunicationsFinlandHead of delegation<BR>Ihonen Hanngle Ministry of Trade and IndustryFinland<BR>Korvola Kaarlo Ministry of FinanceFinland<BR>Anttila Tapio University of HelsinkiFinland<BR>Lagarde PascalMinistere de Léconomie des Finances et de LíndustrieFranceHead of delegation<BR>Schmidt-Pariset Florence Ministry of JusticeFrance<BR>Vodzislawsky LionelMinistere de Léconomie des Finances et de LíndustrieFrance<BR>Campana Ms.Premier Ministere Service Centrale de la Securite des Systemes D`InformationFrance<BR>Blancher Mr.Ministere de L´InteriurFrance<BR>Sornet Mr.Ministere de la DefenseFrance<BR>Sandl Ulrich Federal Ministry for Economic AffairsGermanyHead of delegation<BR>Nowotsch Barbara Federal Ministry of JusticeGermany<BR>Bielfeldt Maike Deutscher Industrie- und HandelstagGermany<BR>Heitland Horst Federal Ministry of JusticeGermany<BR>Engel-Flechsig Stefan Federal Ministry of Education, Sience, Research and TechnologyGermany<BR>Keus Klaus Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der InformationstechnikGermany<BR>KempfMrDatevGermany<BR>Happe Dr.Claus-MichaelBundesministerium für WitschaftGermany<BR>SchomburgBerndFederal Ministry of the InteriorGermany<BR>RupprechtReinhardFederal Ministry of the InteriorGermany<BR>Towey Fintan Department of Public EnterpriseIrelandHead of delegation<BR>O’Conghaile Eanna Department of Public EnterpriseIreland<BR>Baldwin Peter Department of Enterprise, Trade and EmploymentIreland<BR>BonanniMaurizioMinistero delle Communicazioi-VialeItalyHead of delegation<BR>WolfowiczWilliamFondazione Ugo BordoniItaly<BR>AcciaiRiccardoAutorita Garante Dati PersonaliItaly<BR>TerranovaMrAIPA-Autorita per L´informatica delle PubblicaItaly<BR>BuonomoG.AIPA-Autorita per L´informatica delle PubblicaItaly<BR>Shinozuka Takashi Ministry of Foreign AffairsJapanHead of delegation<BR>Sakuta Kenji Ministry of JusticeJapan<BR>Kaneko Naofumi Ministry of JusticeJapan<BR>Morimoto Masaki Ministry of Foreign AffairsJapan<BR>Higoki Shigetomi National Police AgencyJapan<BR>Nakaya Toru Mission of Japan to the European Union, BruxellesJapan<BR>Kang Dong-KyungSeoulKoreaHead of delegation<BR>Blau Anne Ministry of CommunicationsLuxembourgHead of delegation<BR>SgrecciaMarcoMinistry of CommunicationsLuxembourg<BR>de Lange EdgarMinistry of Transport and Public Works, Telecommunications and Post DepartmentNetherlandHead of delegation<BR>Buys MartinMinistry of Economic AffairsNetherland<BR>van Dulm MaartenMinistry of the InteriorNetherland<BR>Brunetti M.L.Ministry of the InteriorNetherland<BR>Bos J.J.Ministry of JusticeNetherland<BR>Håøy JosteinNæringsdepartementetNorwaySIZE="1"Head of delegation<BR>Erikson Amund NæringsdepartementetNorway<BR>Sæther Knut ErikJustisdepartementetNorway<BR>Riisnæs RolfUniversity, OsloNorway<BR>Nørve Jens Ministry of Administration and LabourNorway<BR>Barros Manuel Instituto des comunicacoes da PortugalPortugalHead of delegation<BR>López Crespo Francisco Ministry of Public AdministrationsSpainHead of delegation<BR>Guzmán Cristobal Ministerio de FomentoSpain<BR>Pita Jesús Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y TimbreSpain<BR>Alonso Revilla José Manuel Comisión Nacional del Mercado de ValoresSpain<BR>Essen Fredrik vonMinistry of Transport and communicationsSwedenHead of delegation<BR>Mandergrehn Kenneth Ministry of JusticeSweden<BR>Malmström Lennart Sweden PostSweden<BR>Törnqvist Peter Federation of Swedish IndustriesSweden<BR>Axelsson GöranThe Swedish Agency for Administrative DevelopmentSweden<BR>Hafen , Dr.Tomas Federal Office for Foreign Economic AffairsSwitzerlandHead of delegation<BR>Jean-Maurice Geiser Federal office for CommunicationsSwitzerland<BR>Hickson Nigel DTIUKHead of delegation<BR>Rue Derek CESGUK<BR>Smith John DTIUK<BR>King Mark CESGUK<BR>Mooney Michele BT/Electronic Business AllianceUK<BR>Hart Timothy BT plcUK<BR>Wright Trevor BT/Electronic Business AllianceUK<BR>Nugent PatriciaU.S. Department of CommerceUSHead of delegation<BR>Bohannon MarkU.S. Department of CommerceUS<BR>Milliken KarenU.S. Embassy CopenhagenUS<BR>Hansen SørenU.S. Embassy CopenhagenUS<BR>Eksperts<BR>SurnameFirstnameInstitutionCountry<BR>Minassion Mr.BelsignBelgium<BR>Van Luchem Anthony Europay International SABelgium<BR>Kuner Christopher VISA InternationalGermany<BR>AndersenOleRigspolitichefenDenmark<BR>Messer Dr.JohannesIBM EuropeGermany<BR>RooneyFrankBaltimore TechnologiesIreland<BR>Meche, Monique Intel Corporation EU Affairs ManagerBelgium<BR>Leistenschneider Michael DATEV egGermany<BR>Dare PeterAlliance for Electronic BusinessUK<BR>European organisations<BR>SurnameFirstnameInstitutionCountry<BR>Fahs Raimer European Institute for Computer Anti Virus ResearchBelgium<BR>Oosterloo Hylko EurochambresBelgium<BR>Dean Roger European Electronic Messaging Association - EEMAUK<BR>WajsAndrewAEPOC<BR>BIAC<BR>Press<BR>SurnameFirstnameInstitutionCountry<BR>Slater MatthewEuroinfotechBelgium<BR>M. Olsen Jan The Associated Press Denmark<BR>Bindslev Jesper AspektDenmark<BR>Hyldegaard Johansen Karen AspektDenmark<BR>Westh Nielsen Kurt Ingeniøren/Engineering weeklyDenmark<BR>Hansson Leif IngeniørenDenmark<BR>Egeskov Lisbeth ComputerworldDenmark<BR>Stougaard Max Berlingske TidendeDenmark<BR>Føhns Henrik DR Radio P1 HarddiskenDenmark<BR>Snedker Steven Alt om DataDenmark<BR>Sørensen Lars Michael PC WorldDenmark<BR>Lysemose Lars Terje PolitikenDenmark<BR>Poulsen Ernst PolitikenDenmark<BR>Mejlvang MetteMorgenavisen JyllandspostenDenmark <BR>ChristensenPeterPROSA BladetDenmark<BR>Møller ChristensenPeterBørsenDenmark<BR>Celarie Christelle Science et VieFrance<BR>Dahllöf Staffan Ny TeknikSweden<BR>Video Room<BR>SurnameFirstnameInstitutionCountry<BR>Thornby CharlotteSun Microsyste Inc.Belgium<BR>Gobert Didier CRID – center de recherches informatique et droitBelgium<BR>KerriganArthurEuropean Commission DGXXIBelgium<BR>Von Haller Grønbæk MartinC/o Fabritius Tengnagel &amp; HeineDenmark<BR>K. Aage Peter Setec Danmark A/SDenmark<BR>Storm Petersen MortenTele DanmarkDenmark<BR>Hjortnæs LarsMinistry of JusticeDenmark<BR>Larsen SvendMinistry of JusticeDenmark<BR>LindblomLennartMinistry of JusticeDenmark<BR>Nellemann JesperNovo Nordisk A/SDenmark<BR>EriksenRasmus RaskNovo Nordisk A/SDenmark<BR>Brigsted EbbeTelestyrelsenDenmark <BR>PetersenOle MagnusErhvervs- og SelskabsstyrelsenDenmark<BR>OlesenJesperDanish Ministry of FinanceDenmark<BR>MykenStigMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>CarlquistArlyDigitalDenmark<BR>Samman ThaimaBusiness Software AllianceFrance<BR>Osterloh Detlev Industrie- und Handelskammer Frankfurt am MainGermany<BR>Weber Arnd CEPIS – SEMBER <BR>Council of European Professional Informatics Society Legal Security IssuesGermany<BR>Suden Tom Datev egGermany<BR>Mayerhofen Martina Deutsche TelecomGermany<BR>Peuckert Dr.HeribertSiemens AGGermany<BR>Walsh Dermot Novell SoftwareIreland<BR>De Schrijver StefaanICI – Smartpen NVNetherland<BR>DixonKeithOrigin IT Syste ManagementNetherland<BR>Nilsen Leif Alcatel Telecom NorwayNorway<BR>LeijonJörgenID2 Technologies ABSweden<BR>Zihlmann Rita R3 Security EngineringSwitzerland<BR>Dorey Paul Barclays Bank plcUK<BR>van Someren Alex Ncipher Corporation LtdUK<BR>Szalavitz Sarah Business Software AlianceUK<BR>Cohen Tod Business Software AlianceUK<BR>McCallum WendyAlliance for Electronic BusinessUK<BR>Secretariat<BR>SurnameFirstnameInstitutionCountry<BR>BachCleaMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>Gundertofte JeanetteMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>Nalecz LouiseMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>Pape RebekkaMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>FelterNajaMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>BakKirstenMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>Organiser<BR>Møllmann ErikMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>Overgaard TinaMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>Ilve LisbethMinistry of Research and Information TechnologyDenmark<BR>TOP MISSIONSHOTELLET NEBO
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